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Don't Heal the Others

Chapter 16 Equally Honest with Aged and Child Customers

Chapter 16 Equally Honest with Aged and Child Customers

The numerous cuspirostrisornis covered the entire cliff like locusts, which was spectacular and made people terrified.

Cuspirostrisornis was the 5th-level creep which could actively attack the player. There were probably thousands of them and anyone who was surrounded must be killed by them.

These cuspirostrisornis could not break the defence of Xiaofeng, whose DNF had already reached over 40. But if he was overwhelmed by the groups of birds, he would definitely die even with the 1 point of force damage.

So Xiaofeng did not dare to climb up at this moment. The only thing he could do was to stand in the same place and wait.

The players on the plain were also attracted by the spectacular scenes here, but no one of them dared to approach.

After waiting for half an hour, more than half of the birds disappeared, and the left hundred of them were also scattered. Then Xiaofeng walked up.

A small number of cuspirostrisornis posed no threat to him. After all, it was the 5th-level little monster and had low defence. On average, Xiaofeng could kill them easily, so he arrived at the growing area of the White spirits flowers quickly.

“Hey! You have collected White spirits flowers, the primary acquisition skill +1!”

“Hey! You have collected White spirits flowers, the primary acquisition skill +1!”

Xiaofeng had mastered the acquisition skill, so he was faster than the female priest. Actually, he collected the flowers successful only by touching them and got ten White spirits flowers in a second.

However, he changed his mind after thinking for a while. With the acquisition skill, he collected all of the White spirits flowers in the cliff.

There were not many refresh points of the White spirits flowers in the cliff and Xiaofeng only got over 100 of them in total.

After confirming that there was no flower left, Xiaofeng left. But he walked to the mountain wall and kicked another stone out before leaving.


Numerous cuspirostrisornis blotted out the sky and covered the sun once again. The entire cliff was covered by them. Xiaofeng nodded with satisfaction after seeing this.

However, when Xiaofeng returned at the feet of the cliff, he saw a large number of players walking towards him.

“The bastard just disturbed all the cuspirostrisornis. Now there are about hundreds of them hovering above, and we can’t collect the quest items. But we can’t find the flowers in other places of the Novice Village. All guilds have priests and we need to work together and kill the cuspirostrisornis. Otherwise, no one can finish the task.”

There were about hundreds of players. Except for the dozens of players who had been killed on the cliffs, Xiaofeng didn’t know the others. He met many of them when he was killing the Bloody Wolf King and they were onlookers at that time. Now all of them had the prefix of the certain guild and they also took some female priest to help.

“There are a lot more birds than you’ve told us! Are you fucking kidding me? We are courting death!”

“Don’t worry, more than half of the cuspirostrisornis will return to their nest after a while... Fuck! Why do they come out again? Who did this?”

The leading player was a warrior with a horned helmet. He was called Gentle Stab and whose laughter was the loudest when they laughed at Xiaofeng on the cliff.

Gentle Stab was shocked. Looking at the distance, he saw that most birds flew away and why they came back when he walked forward?

At the same time, he found Xiaofeng who had just walked down and he understood immediately.

“You bastard! You did it! Fuck you!”

Hundreds of players looked at each other with puzzle and the new arrivals did not know what had happened, so they watched them with doubts.

“Gentle Stab, what are you doing?”

“You don’t know it. It is this bastard who attracted the cuspirostrisornis. Thanks to him, we were killed and my weapons also dropped.”

Gentle Stab screamed wildly. He was holding the novice wooden sword and looked at Xiaofeng with hatred.

“Aren’t you embarrassed? If you didn’t laugh at him, we would have already finished the tasks and leveled up.”

A female player said. She was also irritated. She had collected 9 flowers and after Gentle Stab had laughed at the healer, she was killed and all the flowers were dropped.

She also looked at Xiaofeng with bitterness. The healer didn’t want to suffer losses and sought revenge without delay.


Gentle Stab was speechless. It was true that he laughed at Xiaofeng first, so he could only continue to denounce Xiaofeng.

“Are you a little too wicked? You don’t want others to do the task, right?”

“It’s weird. This cliff doesn’t belong to me and how can I prevent you from doing tasks? You can go if you want.”

Xiaofeng got out of the way generously. However, looking at the numerous birds behind him, no one dared to walk forward.

A group of players looked at Xiaofeng silently and they nearly wanted to shout abuses.

“You attracted so many monsters! Who dares to climb up and pick the flowers?”

Gentle Stab was irritated.

“There are also other choices. You can get the White spirits flowers without having to climb up the hills.”

“What? Can you find the White spirits flowers in other places?” Gentle Stab was puzzled and the other players were also curious.

“I have a lot of them!”

Xiaofeng patted his backpack, sat down, opened the stall function, and then shouted, “Come on, look at the fresh White spirits flowers! Only 10 silver coins for each! High-quality and low-price! I’m equally honest with aged and child customers!”


There were about hundreds of male and female players, including some top managers of major guilds or masters. They nearly staggered and looked at Xiaofeng who shouted immediately.


Gentle Stab was also stunned. He pointed at Xiaofeng and opened his mouth for a long time without saying anything.

He had never seen such a shameless person who sealed the task point and sold the quest items.

“Please get out the way and don’t affect my business if you can’t afford it! Look at my flowers! Fresh White spirits flowers! You can buy some and give them to your girlfriends as a gift!”

Xiaofeng waved at Gentle Stab who was standing in front of him to drive him away and then he continued to shout.

“Really? How many flowers do I need to buy before you can give me a girlfriend?”

An honest player asked.

“Shame on you!” Gentle Stab was furious and then he turned around to face a large number of players and said righteously, “Everyone! I propose to send this shameless person back to the Novice Village! Send someone to block him and prohibit him from getting closer to this mission point! Otherwise, we can’t do the task! This is not my own business, it also affects the progress of the major guilds!”

Maybe he was for justice, maybe he was for the support of the major guilds. But in any case, he brought everyone to his side by saying this.

But no one answered him, which made Gentle Stab very embarrassed. He searched around and looked at a player immediately.

“Leader of the War Spirit Hall, what do you think? You and your man also need to do the task, right? But you can’t with him standing here and you are justing wasting your time.”

The man he asked was War Spirit Knife. There were about 5 or 6 players from the War Spirit Hall, and the female player was the priest.

“That sounds good.”

War Spirit Knife looked at Xiaofeng and stepped forward.

“Then we immediately send him back to the Novice Village! How dare he...” Gentle Stab turned complacent but War Spirit Knife interrupted him.

“I mean, the price of 10 silver coins for one White spirits flower sounds good.”

The face of Gentle Stab froze while War Spirit Knife was walking toward Xiaofeng.

“I want 10 White spirits flowers, but I don’t have so many game coins. Can I pay with real money? Don’t worry, I’ll pay you four times the current prices and you will not suffer losses.”

War Spirit Knife said to Xiaofeng. He was not blind and the novice suit worn by Xiaofeng was exactly what he wore when he killed the Bloody Wolf King and he could definitely recognize him.

“No pay no goods!”

Xiaofeng looked at him with suspicion.

“Don’t worry. Give me your account. War Spirit Hall doesn’t need to lie for a few hundred yuan.”

War Spirit Knife laughed. He had a high position and didn’t need to lie for money.

However, he also inferred from this that Xiaofeng had no online game experience, otherwise he must have heard his name. But he was also confused and thought that Xiaofeng must be a hidden master, for he was so outstanding without experience.

Soon, he received 400 yuan just after he had given the account. Xiaofeng, who was happy, gave 10 White spirits flowers to War Spirit Knife.

He didn’t expect that he had earned 400 yuan so quickly. He became more and more affectionate to this game.

“I still have a small request and I don’t know if you can grant it?”

War Spirit Knife who had received the White spirits flowers sold it to the female player followed him. Her name was War Spirit Healer. But War Spirit Knife did not leave, instead, he continued to talk with Xiaofeng.

“Just say it!”

Xiaofeng was in a good mood and he answered quickly.

“Can you add me as a friend? If you have something good to sell in the future, please first contact me.”

War Spirit Knife was sincere, which made Gentle Stab stunned.

Why was the leader of War Spirit Hall so polite to a healer?

“No problem! Wait for a moment!”

Xiaofeng agreed without hesitation and he sent a friend application to War Spirit Knife.

“Hey! Dad asks to add you as a friend, do you accept?”

War Spirit Knife froze for a while. He looked at the name on the head of Xiaofeng and the corner of his mouth moved and he chose to accept.

“Warm Blood also wants to buy ten flowers, can we add you as a friend?”

“Iron Cross also wants to buy! Add me as a friend!”

After War Spirit Knife took the lead, the players behind him started to surround Xiaofeng immediately.

The priests such as War Spirit Healer looked at each other with doubts. All of them were young and beautiful female players and they ought to be happy if the guilds spent money to buy quest items. But what happened this time?

It seemed that the senior managers of the guilds spent money to buy the friend application while their quest items were just giveaways.

They were priests and didn’t watch Xiaofeng killing the wolf king. So they didn’t know him and looked at him carefully.

Who was this healer? Why did all these managers of guilds try to please him?

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