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Don't Heal the Others

Chapter 15 I’m Ill-tempered

Chapter 15 I’m Ill-tempered


The secret cave zombie was two meters high and the distance of attack reached 3 meters with its iron chains. Moreover, players under the 10th level didn’t have the antidote to its skill of corpse poison. Even the shield warrior who added all his constitution points could not resist the damage without transferring his profession.

The highest level of Novice Village was level 10, which meant that this secret cave zombie was already the most advanced monster.

Xiaofeng did not know how this naughty boy had attracted this zombie, but he would never give up. The secret cave zombie was indeed powerful, but it was only a minor obstacle to Xiaofeng and Xiaofeng was not afraid of it at all.


After dodging another chain attack of the secret cave zombie, Xiaofeng walked forward and hit on it with his wolf bone staff. But he only saw miss damage on its head.

Xiaofeng was only at level 5, and the secret cave zombie had already finished its first profession transferring. The hit rate under level suppression was obviously not very high.

In addition, Xiaofeng was afraid of the thick corpse poison on his body, so he didn’t hit it very hard, and the wolf bone staff slipped against its body.


The secret cave zombie groaned and swept the iron chain at Xiaofeng once again.

Xiaofeng squatted down immediately and the chain swept over his head. At the same time, he jerked forward and held the wolf-bone staff with his hands, and then he slammed it into the abdomen of the zombie.


A quite damage floated on the head of the zombie. After all, Xiaofeng’s current equipment was luxurious, and the strength attribute was extremely high. Even under the level suppression, the damage was still considerable.

The secret cave zombie was furious and madly whipped at Xiaofeng. But Xiaofeng was extremely disgusted with the mucus on its body, so he was more careful than dealing with the Bloody Wolf King and the zombie didn’t touch him from start to finish。

The Health Point of the secret cave zombie fell constantly. Despite that Xiaofeng’s Health Point also dropped by attacking it, his attack ability was too high and he caused great damage by each effective hit. Soon, the Health Point of the secret cave zombie was nearly emptied by him.

“Hey! You’ve killed the 10th-level elite monster secret cave zombie and gained 102 points of experience.”

Finally, the Health Point of the secret cave zombie was cleared, and its body fell on the ground like the melting ice, contributing a lot of experience.

“Wow! Warriors you are so amazing! These elite monsters are no match for you!”

The naughty boy Xiao Ma greeted him with a look of worship. Xiaofeng ignored him. Just now he noticed that Xiao Ma was ready to run when he was fighting with the secret cave zombie.

“Let’s go, I will send you back to the Novice Village.”

Xiao Ma was at the 7th level, but he could move fast. Although he had no problem going back alone, Xiaofeng was still worried about the black air surrounding him, so he escorted Xiao Ma back to the Novice Village.

The wild monsters in the forest posed no threat to Xiaofeng. He sent Xiao Ma back at the village entrance and nothing special happened in this process, so he parted with Xiao Ma and went to the east of the Novice Village.

He also had a test task for the trainee priest. Since he had come out, he decided to finish all these tasks before coming back and handing them in.

The north part of the Novice Village was the forest, where Xiaofeng came from, while the east was the plain full of creeps, including the insects like rainbow butterflies, and he could see hordes of players everywhere.

In the middle of the plain, there was a place rising up. This was the cliff which produced White spirits flowers.

It was like a broken soil slope. It was not big, but a little high. When Xiaofeng climbed up, he also found other players here.

“Hurry up! Be careful and quiet and don’t let the cuspirostrisornis find us.”

There were several teams on the cliff, all of which were composed of male players and female players. Among them, the female players were all priests, and they crouched on the ground to collect a rare white flower.

White spirits flowers!

Xiaofeng was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect that many players had reached level 5 in the morning when he was offline and these female players were obviously doing the test task.

There should be big organizations behind them because the upgrading of the priest was very difficult and they were all female players. It was impossible that they leveled up by themselves.

However, the big guild was also willing to devote resources to cultivate the priest group. After all, whether they wanted to brush the instance zone or attack the wild BOSS, the shield warrior and the priest were always the two most important professions.

There was a well-known saying in the online game: As long as you can resist, there is no BOSS you can not kill.

This was also the case at the moment. These female priests must be protected by the male players when they were doing the test task, or they could not deal with the creeps. Xiaofeng saw many teams prefixed with major guilds.

But the collection speed of these female players was too low. Because they did not know the skill of acquisition, it took them 1 minute to collect a White spirit flower and the male players who were vigilant around were anxious.

Xiaofeng quickly climbed onto the cliff, but it was strange that he did not see any monsters. He remembered that the priest had said that he should be careful about the cuspirostrisornis.

Soon Xiaofeng found that something was wrong. When he stepped on the cliff, he finally realized what the cliff was in the middle of the plain.

This was a huge bird’s nest!

In addition to this slope which the players could walk on, another steep side of the mountain wall was full of dense, honeycomb-like caves.

Besides, the male players also looked at the caves on the mountain wall vigilantly from time to time.

Xiaofeng suddenly understood, and he also stepped far away from the mountain wall.

“A male priest. It’s ridiculous.”

There were not many players on the cliff, who immediately noticed Xiaofeng who arrived here. And then the male players who had nothing to do started to make comments on him.

“Ha, I find a male healer. Interesting.”

“He’s a pervert! Why does a man choose a female profession?”

“It’s not fair to say that. There are also male nurses in the hospital, so it’s not rare.”


“Why do you do your task alone? I’m sure that no one wants to help you.”

“Do you want to help a man? Anyway, I won’t!”

“Me too. It’s disgusting.”

To his surprise, everyone was looking at him when he arrived. A group of nervous players seemed to have found a laughing stock and they all laughed at Xiaofeng who was wearing the novice clothes.

Xiaofeng felt strange and his face darkened.

“Dude, are you a gay? Do you want me to help you do the task?”

Some players talked with him directly.

“Oh, I’m ill-tempered.”

Xiaofeng was angry and he went straight to the edge of the mountain wall without saying anything.

“Haha, dude, are you sad? Do you want to jump off the cliff?”


Xiaofeng gave them a bright smile and then gently kicked a stone out by his feet.

“Wait! Don’t do that!”

“Dude! Let’s talk! Don’t be impulsive!”

Suddenly, all the male and female players present became terrified and they stared at Xiaofeng with panic. All of them deeply regretted what they had said.

“Fuck you!”

Xiaofeng ran down the cliff as fast as the rabbit.

The stone that was gently kicked out by Xiaofeng rolled down the steep mountain wall. The dense caves were like numerous steps, and the stone kept on making sounds.

“Tok tok tok...”

Dead silence.

All the players on the cliff froze and all they heard was the toking sound of the stone, which was rolling down the mountain wall.



It seemed that someone had poked a hornets’ nest and a large number of them were flying out of the nest! But what Xiaofeng poked was the bird’s nest, which was the only difference.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

Numerous of cuspirostrisornis flew out of countless caves. They were huge in size, and the wings were 1 meter wide. They were in groups and there were hundreds of thousands of them. They blotted out the sky and covered the sun.

For a moment, the entire cliff turned black as if it was covered by a cloud.

“Fuck! Run!”

“The bitch brought out all the cuspirostrisornis!”

A group of players panicked and ran away, but they were not as fast as the cuspirostrisornis. Soon these players were overwhelmed by the cloud-like birds and disappeared.

“Oh, God, forgive my sin.”

There was only Xiaofeng, who escaped and stood under the cliff. He looked at them with sorrow.

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