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Don't Heal the Others

Chapter 10 Run Wild in the Novice Village

Chapter 10 Run Wild in the Novice Village

He also had two green suits and no whiteboard. These were definitely the reward for the first killing of BOSS in the game.

One of them was jewelry. You should know that in the introduction of Myth, jewelry was the most precious equipment. Although the attribute was low, the value was very high, because the drop rate was the lowest, and players could equip with many pieces. For example, the players could equip with four rings.

In addition, there was also a staff that seemed to be composed of a few wolf thigh bones. After all, it was a green suit, so its attributes were normal and it had no attack ability. But this was the official weapon of the priest.

Xiaofeng equipped himself with all of these, including the armguard dropped by the white wolf guard earlier. In this way, he changed all his equipment and opened his attribute panel which was completely different.

Character: Dad

Level: 5

Profession: trainee priest

Health Points: 165/165

Mana Points: 171/171

ATN: 62-70

INT: 46-48

DNF: 43-48

MGD: 32-36

Basic attributes:

Strength: 56

Constitution: 45

Agility: 54

Intelligence: 48

Spirit: 48

The remaining free-allocated attribute points: 2

Professional Skills: none

Life Skills: none


“Horrible” was the only word to describe the attributes of Xiaofeng at this time! Even Xiaofeng himself was shocked and didn’t believe that he was so powerful.

You must know that the players at this stage just came out of the Novice Village a few hours ago. Most of them were still in the stage of novice suits. The stronger ones only had several whiteboards and the player who had a green suit was a one-in-a-million lucky dog.

While Xiaofeng was wearing a full set of green suit. What did this mean?

It was no exaggeration to compare him as a billionaire in the slums.

At this moment, the attributes of Xiaofeng were more than three times higher than before and definitely more than 4 times that of the ordinary players in the same class. It was no exaggeration to say that Xiaofeng could run wild in Novice Village with his current attributes.

“It’s too horrible! 70 points of attack! If there is another Bloody Wolf King, I can kill it in several minutes!”

It took a long time for Xiaofeng to recover from his shock and he was still amazed. Then he thought of something and opened the backpack again.

“It seems that there’s still a piece of equipment.”

The Bloody Wolf King dropped 9 pieces of equipment and 8 of which had been equipped by him, but there was something in the corner of the backpack that was not equipment, and it was quickly discovered by him.

Lost quiver

Quest items

Introduction: Xiao Ma, the son of hunter Ma of the Novice Village was lost a few days ago. This quiver was the one that he brought before his departure.

“Is this a quest item?”

Xiaofeng was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect that the Bloody Wolf King had dropped this item. It seemed that he had to go back to the Novice Village.


However, at this moment, a strong wind suddenly hit the back of Xiaofeng and he instantly turned around.


The knife brushed past Xiaofeng, followed by a thin black figure.

Night Cooer!


Night Cooer wanted to make a sneak attack but he missed. He was surprised but also took back his knife instantly. He changed the direction and tried to cut Xiaofeng’s neck.

“It’s you! You don’t learn from your mistakes!”

Xiaofeng also saw who was attacking him and frowned. Since Night Cooer attacked him first, he didn’t want to say anything. He waved the Wolf bone staff like a stick and whipped at his waist.



With the crisp sound, a fatal damage figure immediately appeared on the head of Night Cooer. The Health Points were instantly cleared and he was seckilled. He fell down with his eyes full of hatred and then became the white light and was sent back to the bind.

With his horrible attributes, average players were like paper dolls in Xiaofeng’s eyes.

“Hey! You maliciously kill the player Night Cooer, sin value +1!”

Xiaofeng didn’t pay any attention to the name that had turned grey. He turned and went to the Novice Village. The black wolf on the way had already been refreshed, but the wolves which were in the way were solved by Xiaofeng quickly and they were not the barrier to him.

“Hall boss, he’s out of the forest!”

Soon, Xiaofeng returned to the refresh point of the gray wolf outside the forest. There were already many players who were killing the wolves. But most of them belonged to the team of several players and worked together to resist the damage of the grey wolf. He didn’t find any masters who could kill the wolf alone.

And just as Xiaofeng came out of the forest, some players immediately watched him.

“Keep an eye on him and I’ll bring some people to come soon!”

Of course, Xiaofeng noticed them, but he didn’t care about them and continued to go out. But he was stopped by more than a dozen whiteboard players before he walked out of the periphery of the forest.


These dozens of players all had the Doomsday prefix on their heads. Their leader was Doomsday Law God, who greedily looked at Xiaofeng’s red armor and did not hide his desire.

“What’s the matter?”

Xiaofeng stopped and he recognized this group of people. They were onlookers when he was killing the Bloody Wolf King. However, he did not pay much attention to these people because he was focused on playing BOSS. Besides, although there were many players around him at that time, no one had the guts of grabbing BOSS, so he was not very impressed.

“Dude, the set of equipment you are wearing are dropped by the Bloody Wolf King, right? I like it and tell me your price.”

Doomsday Law God didn’t even look at Xiaofeng and he was staring at the wolf king suit from beginning to end.

“Do you want to buy my equipment? How much would you be willing to pay for this?”

Xiaofeng did not refuse him, instead, he was curious.

“It seems that this is a set of equipment, right? These are definitely the reward for the first killing of Boss! So, I give you 500...No! 800 silver coins for each piece of equipment!”

“800 yuan for each?”

Xiaofeng’s voice was louder. He lacked the understanding of the values of Myth and thought that 800 silver coins were already a high price. By this way, he could get 4800 yuan by selling these 6 pieces of wolf king equipment. This was his previous salary of one and a half months.

“Dude, this price is not low. 800 silver coins equal to 800 yuan based on the exchange rate of the game currency. But now, the exchange system has not yet been opened, so at this stage, the price of the game currency is at least three times that of the real currency.”

But Doomsday Law God thought that Xiaofeng wanted a higher price, so he said impatiently.

3 times? That is close to 15,000 yuan!

Xiaofeng was moved immediately. He didn’t expect that the equipment of Myth was so valuable. It was only the low-level equipment of the 5th grade, but it was worth the salary of half a year. He nearly agreed.

However, behind Doomsday Law God, a man named Doomsday Arrow poured a splash of cold water on him.

“Dude, don’t be self-righteous with little strength. To be honest, we Doomsday League like your equipment and you must sell it to us, whether you are willing or not.”

Doomsday Arrow was arrogant. He was the one who watched Xiaofeng in the periphery of the forest.

The players of the Doomsday League left earlier, and they did not see the Bloody Wolf King being killed, and they also didn’t know that Xiaofeng and Night Cooer had fought with each other. They just heard from other players that BOSS was robbed by the healer.

Xiaofeng swallowed his words. He looked at this group of players from the Doomsday League, who abused their power and bullied other players. Then he opened his mouth and said, “I know, you want to grab my equipment. Right?”

“Dude, don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit. We Doomsday League can protect you if you hand the drops of the Bloody Wolf King over actively. Although experience will not fall if you die in the Novice Village, we can kill you dozens of times to loot all the equipment, which is simple.”

Doomsday Arrow was still shouting and while they were talking, dozens of players of the Doomsday League already surrounded Xiaofeng.

Alright, he was happy for nothing.

Xiaofeng shook his head with resignation and said, “Forget it. Kill me and loot.”

“Hey, you are asking for trouble. Kill him.”

Doomsday Law God snorted and waved his hand and dozens of attacks fell on Xiaofeng immediately.





However, what floated on Xiaofeng’s head was 1 point of forced damage or a complete miss. After a round of attack, they didn’t even reduce 10 percent of Xiaofeng’s Health Point.

“What? Can’t disrupt?”

Doomsday Law God suddenly opened his eyes and was unbelievable. He immediately knew that he met the master.

Of course, Xiaofeng’s defense had reached more than 40 points and they definitely couldn’t disrupt him with their whiteboard suits.

But Xiaofeng didn’t want to talk anymore. If he was attacked first, he would not get sin value when he fought back. He waved the wolf-bone staff and knocked and killed them one by one. Even if they added all their points of constitution, they still couldn’t resist the second knocking of Xiaofeng.

And a bowman with a wooden bow who was standing far away wanted to run away, but his agility was lower than that of Xiaofeng and was caught up by him easily.

Soon, more than a dozen bodies were lying in the ground, including Doomsday Law God.

“We just wait and see! Those who dare to offend Doomsday League will come to no good end!”

Doomsday Law God who had already become corpse was still shouting. He and other players turned into white light and returned to the bind.

Xiaofeng completely ignored him. He continued to go to the Novice Village while other players who were fighting with grey wolves looked at him fearfully.

Then he met Night Cooer at the mouth of the forest.

Night Cooer was still decisive and determined. He rushed toward Xiaofeng when he appeared. However, this time he calmed down and didn’t rush to him directly, instead, he used a zigzag position to approach Xiaofeng. It seemed that he became serious after being killed by Xiaofeng twice.



But it was still useless. Xiaofeng killed him easily with the stick as if he could see through his position.

Night Cooer dropped the knife in his hand, which was a whiteboard of level 3. But Xiaofeng didn’t pick it up because its level was too low for him.

The assassin was still too brittle, especially for the horrible attack of Xiaofeng.

Finally, all the noises disappeared. Xiaofeng also saw the outline of the Novice Village, but the first thing he saw was the refresh point outside the Novice Village. There were novice players everywhere, which was spectacular. It was lively and noisy as if a big party was gonna be held.

“Gee, look at his equipment!”

“Wow! Red armor! Handsome! Is it the NPC?”

“No, he’s a player. Scouting can recognize him.”

“It’s impossible! The equipment must be of high quality. But it just opened service several hours before and no one can get this kind of equipment!”


“Master, don’t leave! Please bring me!”

“Bro, can you help me to level up?”

“Dude, where do you get this equipment? Can you take us there?”

“Dude, do you want to sell your equipment? Money is not a problem!”


Xiaofeng was wearing a wild red armor and a wolf king helmet like the head of the wolf. He passed through a crowd of players and suddenly caused a huge sensation. Many players came to watch and he was almost drowned by the crowd, so he suddenly left.

Thanks to his high agility, no player could catch up with him. However, there were more players when he reached the Novice Village and the sensation caused by him was bigger.

And at the entrance of the Novice Village, Xiaofeng found Night Cooer once again. He didn’t hold weapons this time and just stood in the same place and stared at him. The desires of killing Xiaofeng in his eyes were obvious.

But Xiaofeng didn’t show any mercy. He walked forward and in his unbelievable look, he killed Night Cooer with a stick as if he was fanning away flies.

“Hey! You maliciously kill the player Night Cooer, sin value +1!”

The name on Xiaofeng’s head turned greyer, but the effect was obvious. The nearby players who saw that Xiaofeng killed other players maliciously no longer dared to approach, and they were just watching and talking about him.


In a dormitory of girls in Xia University, a beautiful girl with unkempt hair picked off the game helmet and screamed wildly.

“What happened? Jingjing? What happened to you?”

On her opposite bed, Su Tingting who wore little was scared and sat up and exclaimed.

“I! Want! Kill! Him!”

Although her hair was unkempt, it was still obvious that the mad girl was very beautiful. But at the moment, her pretty face turned blue and she said with anger.

“Ah? Who offended you? Is someone inside the game? You are the master of the Hall of Fame and you can send him back to the Novice Village if he did something wrong.”

Su Tingting was puzzled, and it was the first time she saw Jingjing was so mad.

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