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“This guy has a screw loose in his head,” One of the guys said as he hold the bottle in his hand with blood on it. “He came to us and then made our friend fall unconscious now he just stood there and doing nothing?” he continued as he held the bottle tightly.

“I don’t fucking care, just keep beating the shit of this guy!” The other guy said as he ran toward Mykel and punched him in the face really hard. “You’re messing with the wrong people, fucker!” he continued as he threw punches at Mykel.

Mykel got pushed back and smirked as he glared at them all, his forehead, nose, and mouth were bleeding and he just casually wiped them off. He hadn’t landed a single blow ever since he picked up a fight with those drunkards.

His goal was simple and that goal was the skill he saw in front of him, [Pain Resistance (Lv.2)]. Mykel was satisfied with the result because it wasn’t the only skill that he got from fighting the drunkards. He got another skill which was [Recovery (Lv.1)] and that was something really valuable for every Awakeners.

Mykel cracked his neck and knuckles as he stared at them, it made those drunkards feel a bit nervous since they knew how hard his punch was. Mykel put his hand in his trouser pocket and grabbed his wallet. “Here take these, I’m done playing with you guys,” Mykel said as he threw a 1.000 zeny on the ground then walked away as if nothing happened.

“Hey, asshole!” The guy said as he threw the bottle of beer at Mykel from behind but Mykel dodged it without even having to look back.

Mykel looked at those bunch of drunkards who ran toward him then he throw a crescent kick at all of them. They fell to the ground and Mykel barely used any power in his kick but that was enough to make most of them fall unconscious.

“You should have taken the money and fuck off,” Mykel said as he grabbed the guy’s shirt and glared with killing intent. Mykel then slammed the guy’s face on the concrete road then left and left those guys on the street unconscious.

The morning came and Mykel opened his eyes, he rented a room in a luxurious hotel after he beat those drunkards on the street. He looked at the time and decided to go to the gym to train his body again.

As soon as he arrived at the gym, he saw Lyneth talking with a group of people near the entrance. He looked at those people and noticed those guys were Awakeners, Lyneth seemed to be bored with the conversation that she wandered her eyes and noticed that Mykel was in the gym.

Lyneth with her black hair tied and that sexy tight black shirt that showed her cleavage and the light brown short skirt made those Awakeners couldn’t resist her sex appeal. “I understand, I will tell my father later. Now, will you excuse me? I have an important thing to do now,” Lyneth said to them and then left to see Mykel.

Mykel watched those Awakeners leave the gym and they were staring back at him.

“You’re here,” Lyneth said as she stood in front of Mykel. “Are you going to train today?” she asked as she looked at the bruises on Mykel’s face.

“You have made the call?” Mykel asked as he put the cigarette in his mouth.

Lyneth grabbed the cigarette in his mouth and put it in his shirt pocket. “No smoking in the building,” she said. “And yes, I have made the phone call and now you can use the VIP facility in the building. Come, I will show you the way,” she continued as she walked toward the lift.

Mykel watched Lyneth press the 77th floor and act professionally which was weird for him to look at. He looked at the corner of the lift and saw a camera and a recording audio device next to it, he then realized why she was acting like that.

They reached the 77th floor and Lyneth left the lift with Mykel followed her from behind.

Mykel looked at the room with advanced machines and tools for working out that was surrounded by see-through glass. The room was twice the size of a basketball court, he only saw two people in the room and one of them was training while the other one was collecting data.

“This facility can only be accessed to Awakeners with extraordinary skill and talents, so that’s why this place looks empty,” Lyneth explained.

A red-haired guy that seemed younger than Mykel was standing in front of some kind of device that looked like a punching bag. The guy punched the bag so hard that the see-through glass shook by the impact of his punch. There was a screen next to the punching bag and it showed the power of the guy’s punch, it was 4.122 Psi.

“Who’s that guy?” Mykel asked as he stared at the red-haired guy.

Lyneth looked at the guy through the glass. “Him? That’s Caesar, our Awakener superstar,” she answered as she kept walking. “He’s the second stronger Awakener we have at the moment,” she explained.

Mykel hummed with understanding, he knew who Caesar was in the story but he never knew he would look like that. Caesar lost half of his face in the future because a demon werewolf scratched his face and had to cover half of his face with a mask to cover the scar. Caesar was one of the people that made Asmond become strong in the future.

Lyneth opened the glass door and held it for Mykel. “Come in, this is where you will be training from now on,” she said as Mykel walked past her.

Mykel looked around and saw the machines and tools that would help him become stronger. He was satisfied with the facility and would use it every day until he could no longer progress with those machines.

“Thank you for today, Caesar, you have improved quite a lot compared to last week,” The assistant said as she wrote the data on the clipboard.

Caesar nodded and focused on wiping the sweat on his body. “Thank you for today, Miss Enma, I will do my best tomorrow as well,”

Enma nodded and then she looked at Lyneth who was staring at them from the distance. “Oh? Miss Lyneth?”

Caesar looked up and saw Mykel and Lyneth standing next to each other, he then stood up and smiled at her. “Miss Lyneth? It’s rare to see you coming in here, is there anything you need from us?” he asked.

“I’m here not for you guys, I’m just bringing this new guy here, that’s all,” Lyneth said as she pointed her hand at Mykel.

“Oh? You got a new high-rank Awakener, Miss Lyneth?” Caesar asked as he looked at Mykel who was busy checking the machines and tools.

Lyneth smiled as she crossed her arms. “Something like that, he will be working out in here from now on, so why don’t you guys get to know each other first since you will be seeing each other often?” she said as she looked at Mykel.

Mykel just stared at Lyneth from the corner of his eyes while Caesar and Enma walked toward them.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Caesar as you heard,” Caesar said as he offered his hand for a handshake.

“Mykel,” Mykel replied as he shook his hand.

“Nice to meet you, Mykel,” Caesar said but then Enma whispered something in his ear. “Such a shame that I have to go now even though I want to know your strength, Mykel,” he said as he grabbed his phone from Enma’s hand.

“Don’t worry about it, there’s always next time,” Mykel said as he put his hands in his trouser’s pockets.

“Alright, I will see you around, Mykel, Miss Lyneth,” Caesar said as he bowed his head at them then he left the room with Enma walking next to him.

Lyneth clapped her hands and then pointed her hands at all the devices. “Everything in here is free for you to use,” she said as she walked into the middle of the room.

Mykel walked toward the machine that Caesar just used, he looked at it for quite a while.

“Oh, are you interested in that device? That’s a device to measure your brute strength and to be honest, Caesar’s score earlier was a tiny bit disappointing compared to the other guy,” Lyneth said as she crossed her arms and looked at the device.

Mykel ignored her blabbering and immediately removed his blazer and fold his shirt. Lyneth smirked as she looked at him. “That’s right, you don’t need to hold back and show me how strong you are, Mykel,”

Mykel took a deep breath and transferred all his strength to his fist then punched the bag as hard as he could.

The lift shook gently and Caesar immediately furrowed his forehead and looked at Enma. “Did you feel that?”

“Hmm?” Enma hummed as she looked at him with her eyebrows raised. “Feel what?” she asked back.

“Nothing, maybe I’m just a bit tired,” Caesar replied as he shook his head.

Lyneth’s eyes were wide open with her tied hair loosened up then her hair fell onto her shoulder and back. All the glasses on the 77th floor just shattered into pieces the moment Mykel punched the bag. The strong wind from outside hit them in the face really hard as Mykel looked at the score on the machine.

“17.841 Psi,” he said as he raised his eyebrows. “Is that good enough?” he asked as he looked at Lyneth who was dumbfounded and frozen still.

“I think you’re on another different level,” Lyneth said as she breathed heavily and glared at Mykel with disbelief.

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