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Mykel felt something heavy and he opened his eyes to see Lyneth was on top of his body. “Good morning,” Lyneth said as she smiled and stared at Mykel.

Mykel sighed and looked at Lyneth fully dressed. “Going somewhere?” he asked as he rubbed his face.

“Yes, I have a meeting with my dad and the other managers from all the branches,” Lyneth answered as she get off the bed and tied her hair. “I won’t be coming home tonight and will stay in my apartment in District 1,” she continued and grabbed her purse.

Mykel sat down and looked at the time which was still 6 in the morning, he then stood up and went to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth.

Lyneth stood in front of the bathroom and watched Mykel wash his face. “I heard that they will attempt to clear the tenth floor of the Azrael tower today. Are you going to go there and watch them?”

“How many Awakeners that they’re bringing?” Mykel asked as he wiped his mouth and face.

“I don’t know exactly but I heard my father has prepared at least two hundred Awakeners. The average levels of those Awakeners are 9 so they can be called a high ranker Awakener,” Lyneth answered as she looked at her wristwatch.

“They’re going to die,” Mykel said with confidence. “I just hope Caesar will be fine since he’s a nice kid,” he continued as he left the bathroom.

“Well, we will see until they send the report on the attempt,” Lyneth said as she put on her stocking and high heels.

“Are you going to be alright on your own over there?” Mykel asked as he put on his shirt and trouser.

“Oh?” Lyneth said as she approached Mykel and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Are you worried about me? But I will be fine since Kastor won’t be around,”

“If there’s anyone you don’t like, just tell me and I will get rid of them,” Mykel said seriously as he put his blazer on.

Lyneth was so happy when she heard it and immediately pulled Mykel’s head and kissed him. “I will be fine, who do you think I am? Anyway, I have to go now, see you the day after tomorrow,”

Mykel nodded and then Lyneth left the room.

“So, why are we here again? Aren’t we supposed to be leveling up in Asmodeus tower?” Gunnar asked as he looked at the buildings in District 14.

“There’s someone that I want you guys to meet,” Mykel said with a cigarette in his mouth.

The reason Mykel brought all of them to District 14 was to bring Jeanne with him. It had been a while since he contacted Jeanne and the reason was he broke his phone after he went unconscious and Lyneth bought him a new phone so he lost her contact.

Mykel was a bit surprised with Jeanne’s growth since the last time he checked on her status screen.

[NAME: Jeanne Dvar]

[LEVEL: 13]




[Keen (Active): Allows the User to see a weak spot of a target for once and predict the target’s movements. (Current level is 3. 25% chance success rate of success and exhaust more stamina when activated)]

[Critical (Passive): Every attack the User deal has a chance to double the destructive power of the attack. (Current level is 3. 9% chance of activating [Critical])

[Puissant (Active) (Benefactor Exclusive): The User is blessed by Goddes of War, Bellona. Double the destructive power of attack for 10 minutes and can only be used once a day]

“So who’s the person you want us to meet?” Agnez asked as she fixed her leather sailor octagonal hat since the sun was too bright for her.

“You will see soon enough,” Mykel said as he tracked Jeanne’s position and she was coming toward the airport.

Mykel knew that Jeanne was participating in the attempt to clear the tenth floor from the document that Edith gave him a few days ago which was not supposed to happen in the original story. He wanted to stop her from joining because it might have a chance they would be able to defeat the first demon lord with her in the team, and also he wanted to bring her to his team.

A taxi stopped right in front of Mykel and he knew who was inside that car, then Jeanne came out of the car and paid for the taxi with all of her equipment on her back.

“Long time no see, Jeanne,” Mykel said.

Jeanne was surprised when she heard Mykel’s voice and immediately turned around to look at him. She looked at Mykel with his cigarette in his mouth and stood in the front while Gunnar and the others were standing behind him.

Jeanne looked at Agnez who wore black sunglasses, a leather sailor octagonal hat, a military trench coat that she put over her shoulder, and a long sword on her waist. Gerrard standing next to Agnez with his man bun and an earring on his left ear with his white turtle neck sweater and a trouser. She then looked at a muscular guy with a tank top and military pants, he crossed his arms as he looked at her. Lastly, Rozan with his leather jacket and jeans was busy checking the people around him. All of them wore the same boots as if they were from the military.

“Mykel?!” Jeanne said as she approached him with a huge smile on her face.

Mykel looked at the equipment on her back and started to chuckle softly. “I see that you’re still using the armor and the sword that I bought,”

“Yeah,” Jeanne shyly answered as she tried to hide it from him since the armor was full of scratches.

“You should have enough money to buy a new one though,” Mykel said as he kept staring at the armor on her back.

“I’m still comfortable with the armor that you bought me and it has been saving my life countless of times so I trust the armor you bought me more than any armor in the store,” Jeanne replied and chuckled nervously. “Oh, why are you here, by the way?” she asked as she looked at Agnez and the others.

“To see you, of course. I broke my phone and lost your contact, also because I have been busy lately so I came here to find you,” Mykel answered as he smiled at her.

Agnez and the others were looking at each other because they had never seen Mykel acting so nice in front of anyone ever. It was so weird but they didn’t want to say anything or they might get beaten up by him later.

“Oh…” Jeanne smiled with relief since she thought that Mykel didn’t want to talk with her anymore.

“So, what’s with all that stuff? Are you going somewhere?” Mykel asked as he pointed at the things on her back.

“I’m getting an invitation to join the team that will clear the tenth floor of Azrael tower. So that’s why I’m bringing all my stuff since I’m going to District 5 to join them,” Jeanne answered as she fixed her backpack.

Agnez and the others were looking at Jeanne weirdly and it made her feel uncomfortable.

“I see…” Mykel said as he nodded his head and sighed. “I thought we could spend time together since it’s been a while, and also I was planning to introduce you to these people behind me,” he continued as he smiled gently.

“Well then, I don’t want to take your time,” Mykel said as he pointed his left hand at the airport.

Jeanne felt bad and she started to think that she should stay and spend her time with Mykel. “So who are these guys? Are they your friends? They all look so strong, like you,”

Gunnar was hiding his smile by pursing his lips while the others were looking away since they couldn’t hold their smile.

“No, they’re the people I recruited and they’re in my team, you can say that they’re working under me,” Mykel answered as he turned around and looked at them. “I’m training them to be the best Awakeners in the world. I was planning to recruit you as well since I know that you’re as talented as them,” he continued and looked at Jeanne.

Jeanne was surprised to hear that. “You want to recruit me to your team?” she asked as she pointed at herself.

“Yes, but after listening to why you’re in the airport, it seems that you have joined the other team,” Mykel said with a bit of disappointment in his voice.

“Eh? No, I’m not joining their team or their guild. I’m just getting an invitation that’s all,” Jeanne explained while she was panicking.

Mykel raised his eyebrows. “So that means you’re…” he said and before he could finish his sentence, Jeanne interrupted him.

“Yes, I’m not part of any team or guild since I have been leveling up on my own,” Jeanne answered.

“Then, do you want to join my team instead?” Mykel asked.

“Yes! I would love to!” Jeanne immediately replied with excitement.

Mykel smiled and he wasn’t happy that she joined his team but because his acting was on point that it was enough to convince her.

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