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26 Chapter 25: Secret room.

Mykel checked the castle and it was empty with nothing inside but old furniture with nothing good to take. He knew that a secret room of the fourth floor in the Asmodeus tower was inside the castle, but the problem was it was randomly generated by the system every time Awakeners entered each floor so it could be different from what he knew in the story.

"Why did I have to make it like that," Mykel said quietly under his breath.

Gunnar came out from one of the rooms in the castle and looked at Mykel. "Is this place really have nothing good in it?"

"Same here, nothing good not even a single weapon," Agnez said as she came out from the corner.

"I guess we should keep going then?" Rozan said as he walked toward the portal.

"Wait!" Edith said loudly and it startled everyone. "I"m having an enlightenment right now," she continued with her eyes closed and her eyebrows furrowed.

The enlightenment looked like a projector on a wall, she needed to close her eyes to be able to clear it clearly or it would be overlapped by what her eyes saw.

Mykel and the others approached her and let her concentrate as they waited patiently. They were looking at Edith"s head which kept turning to the right and left repeatedly. Gunnar and the others were looking at each other and they just shrugged their shoulders.

Edith slowly opened her eyes and immediately looked at the hallway. "Follow me!" she said as she started running while her memories were still fresh.

They followed her without asking any questions, everyone looked so excited about it and wondered what kind of thing they would see on the secret room. Then Edith suddenly stopped and looked to her left as she mumbled to remember the pathing.

"This way," Edith said as she started to run again.

Edith stood in front of a wall and she looked at her surroundings to make sure it was the same as in the enlightenment she saw earlier.

"I believe this is it," Edith said as she looked at Mykel. "I saw myself go through here and walking down the stairs, but there was no wall in my vision," she continued as she touched the wall in front of her.

"Is there some kind of hidden handle that we need to find to open this wall?" Rozan asked as he looked at the others.

"I don"t have time for that," Mykel said as he walked toward the wall. "Can you take a few steps back, Edith?" he asked as he looked at Edith.

Edith walked back and stood next to the others, and then Mykel punched the wall and it broke immediately like glass even though the wall was so thick that it seemed impossible to break. They were just raising their eyebrows as they followed Mykel down the stairs as what Edith saw in her enlightenment.

[You have entered the secret room on the fourth floor]

[Your reward awaits]

"So, did you see a demon in your vision?" Gunnar asked.

"No, there"s no demon down there and the only thing inside is a chest in a small room," Edith answered as she followed Mykel from behind.

A secret room where Awakeners could get themselves a skill scroll or item that related to the demons on the floor they got the chest. Since they got it on the fourth floor, the skill scroll should be one of the skills that the gargoyle possessed.

Based on the [Demon Information] in the command system, the gargoyle had four basic skills and one skill called [Gravekeeper"s Skin] that protect the gargoyle from physical and magical attacks. Mykel knew it would be impossible to get it on the first try since there were so many skills that the gargoyle possessed.

"Oh! So this is the chest!" Gunnar said as he ran toward the chest and looked at it up close.

Mykel grabbed the chest and opened it, everyone immediately surrounded the chest and saw a scroll. Mykel was a bit excited since it was a skill scroll and not an item, he then grabbed it and opened it.

[[Strength Skill Scroll] is obtained!]

Mykel sighed in disappointment and then raised his hand with the scroll in his hand. "This is a Strength Skill Scroll, it will instantly raise your Strength by 1 level. Anyone wants it?" he asked as he looked at Gunnar and the others.

Gunner shrugged his mouth and shook his head. "No, I"m good, I don"t want to cheat with that kind of thing. I want to use my own strength to increase my skills,"

Mykel looked at Zoran and he shook his head because he didn"t need Strenght in the first place. He looked at Gerrard and he shook his head as well because of the same reason, then he looked at Agnez and threw the scroll at her. "It"s yours, you"re the only one left that needs this stat,"

Agnez took the scroll happily and looked at it with a grin on her face. "Alright, I will use this now then,"

"I suggest you use it when your strength reaches level 8 or 9 since it will be hard for you to progress your skill once reached that level," Mykel said as he stared at Agnez.

"Then I will keep it for later," Agnez said as she put the scroll in her pocket.

Gunnar and the others were checking the small room and see if they would get anything else other than a scroll.

Mykel was staring at Edith who was amazed at her own skill and he started to smile because he will monopolize all the secret rooms on each floor. Without her, no Awakeners could get their hands on all these scrolls, and without these scrolls, Asmond wouldn"t be able to be as strong as he was in the original story.

Mykel started to chuckle because he was so excited about something and everyone glanced at him with confusion. He couldn"t wait to see the hero of the story would become the weakest Awakener in the world without his luck and companions. He could imagine that Asmond would beg on his knees while he stood on top with no contenders.

"So, what do you think? How much money we can make from selling that scroll?" Zoran asked as he looked at Agnez"s pocket.

"Who knows, but it"s worth more than equipment though since stat is more important than gears. I mean just look at Mykel, he has nothing on him but he managed to kill a demon lord with his bare hands," Gunnar answered as he nodded up at Mykel.

Agnez raised her eyebrows. "Shit, this thing must cost a fortune then, and a fortune I mean at least hundreds of millions zeny or a billion zeny,"

Gerrard whistled with a surprised expression.

"Enough with the chit-chat, we are here not to get profit," Mykel said as he looked at them. "Let"s move to the fifth floor and be ready to fight a servant of the demon lord," he said as he walked past them with a cigarette in his mouth.

All of them started to feel nervous because it was the first time for them to fight a servant of a demon lord. They couldn"t stop thinking about what kind of demon they would face that they didn"t realize they already stood in front of the portal.

"Let"s go," Mykel said as he entered the portal.

All of them teleported to the fifth floor and they were shocked that the whole place was nothing like what they expected. It was just a big hall that looked like an audience room in a castle, and while they were busy checking the area, a notification appeared.

[Your first trial is beginning]

[The servants of the first demon lord Thazaon of Asmodeus have been waiting for this moment]

Three demons that looked like a servant wearing a tuxedo appeared from the shadow. All of them looked the same with their glowing red eyes and sharp claws that were shining under the red moonlight.

"Now is the real training that you will have to do on your own," Mykel said as he walked to the side with Edith. "Think and let me see if you"re all really as talented as what I think. I don"t mind if you all die here since you can be easily replaced," he continued as he lit his cigarette and disappeared into the shadow.

"Alright, let"s show him that we are the best Awakeners he will ever see," Gunnar said as he readied his shield and axe.

Agnez smirked and stood next to Gunnar with her hand ready on the scabbard. Gerrard walked to Gunnar"s right side and started to whistle as he readied his bow and grabbed an arrow from his quiver.

"Just protect me, guys, I got your back," Zoran said as he stood right behind Gunnar and stared at the three servants in front of them.

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