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“Isn’t this worth a lot of money?” Gunnar asked as he pulled off a fang of a ghoul and then showed it to Rozan.

“We are here not for money though, it’s only going to drag you down if you bring so many loots with you. Mykel might crush them if he finds out that you bring those with you,” Rozan said while he was looking at Mykel.

“Damn, what a shame,” Gunnar said as he threw the fang on the ground.

“We already got paid more than ten million zeny. Why do you still care about getting thousands of zeny loots?” Agnez asked with her sword rested on her shoulder.

“Money is money,” Gunnar answered as he stood up, and then he looked at Mykel who was busy talking with Edith. “What is he doing, by the way? He has been doing that ever since we left the first floor,” he asked while he wiped his hands from the ghoul’s saliva.

Rozan turned his head and looked at Mykel. “It has something to do with Edith’s skill called Oracle. Mykel said that there’s a secret room on each floor inside a tower and he’s just making sure if she sees it with that Oracle skill of hers,”

Gerrard wrote something on the small note he brought with him and then showed it to Rozan. “Why are we revealing our skills to him while we don’t even know Mykel’s skills?” Rozan read it out loud for him. “Maybe he’s afraid that we might betray him and sellout his skills, but to be honest, after experiencing that pressure, I would rather follow him quietly,” Rozan answered as he burned the note in his hand.

Gunnar raised his eyebrows in agreement while Gerrard nodded with understanding.

“That’s one of the reasons but I don’t think I would betray him,” Agnez said as she looked at Mykel.

Gunnar scoffed with a smirk on his face. “Why? Because he’s handsome and you fell for his charm?”

“That’s also one of the reasons but the main reason is that he really gives what’s the best for us. You guys should notice it when he trained us for the past week. He paid us plentifully, he gave us what we need, and he genuinely want to make us the best Awakeners. I have no reason to betray him and I will follow him wherever he goes,” Agnez answered as she sheathed her sword.

All of them nodded in agreement.

Mykel stared at them as he walked past them. “Are you guys done talking about me? Let’s move,”

All of them pursed their lips and immediately follow him to the fourth floor.

They entered the uncleared floor, and they were amazed that they saw a small castle on top of the hill with a small pathing to reach the castle from where they were. Mykel looked down and there was nothing else but lava, everyone was a bit nervous since there was no information related to the fourth floor.

“So, what are going to deal with on this floor?” Gunnar asked as he walked to the front and looked back at Mykel.

“Just keep your head facing forward, you might not know what will show up,” Mykel answered as he lit his cigarette.

All of them were on guard and Edith kept holding Mykel’s hand.

As they walked the small path, they heard screams and screeches that come from the castle. They immediately readied their weapons and looked at the castle, then a bat-like creature flew up in the air from the castle. They couldn’t tell what it was but it was slowly flying toward them.

Gerrard immediately put an arrow on his bow and shot it at the creature, but he missed.

“What is it?” Gunnar asked as he raised his shield and looked at Gerrard.

Gerrard let out a long whistle.

“It’s big?” Gunnar asked.

Gerrard nodded and let out short whistles three times rapidly.

“It’s really strong?” Gunnar asked again.

Gerrard nodded as he kept shooting his arrows at the creature.

“Shit, I don’t like this!” Gunnar said as he held his shield tightly.

After dozens of arrows were being shot, Gerrard managed to hit his arrow on the head of the creature and it landed right in front of them. They looked at a bat-like creature with big and long fangs and claws.

“Shit, you weren’t lying,” Rozan said as he looked at the creature.

“What is that thing?!” Gunnar asked as he kicked the head of the creature to make sure it was really dead.

“It’s a gargoyle,” Mykel answered as he walked to the front with Edith following behind him.

Mykel pulled off the wings of the gargoyle and tore the skin as he put it inside a bag on Edith’s back. “You guys might want to loot the skin of their wings, it’s the best leather you will ever get,”

All of them nodded and then they heard screams and screeches that became louder.

“Seems like they’re mad that their friend is dead,” Agnez said as she kept her hand on the handle of her sword.

“Should we make a run for it? We are in a dangerous spot right now and with a single wrong move we will be fried by the lava down there,” Gunnar asked as he looked down.

“No need, this is the best way to level up,” Mykel said as he walked to the back and use earth magic to make a dome around them with a big opening at the front. “Kill that try to enter and you know what to do, Gunnar,” he said as he leaned on the wall he made while smoking.

Gunnar smirked. “You got it, boss!”

Mykel just smiled as he smoked his cigarette.

Hundreds of gargoyle flew toward the dome and it wasn’t big enough for them to enter with their wings spread open. They had to walk into the dome and that was when Gunnar showed the result of his training.

Gunnar pushed all the gargoyle that tried to enter with his shield and brute strength. He managed to push them a few feet away but immediately got pushed back since there were a lot of them that tried to get in. He didn’t have any armor on him so the gargoyle scratched his arms, shoulders, back, and legs.

Gerrard gave him support from behind with Rozan and Agnez dealt with the gargoyle that managed to get inside the dome and killed it.

“Come on you fuck!” Gunnar said as he kept trying to push the gargoyle out.

[Fever has been activated!]

[All skills level is tripled!]

Gunnar laughed and immediately removed his shield and used his both hands to chop off the heads of the gargoyles with his axe. He went berserk and swung his axe relentlessly, even though he was covered with open wounds, he didn’t feel a thing and kept killing all the gargoyles.

Gunnar’s [Herculean] skill was the only skill that could bring Asmond and his companions to the top of the towers. He was the best frontliner in the story since he could withstand all kinds of physical attacks.

In the story on the second break out, a skyscraper collapsed on top of him but her survived with no scratches. He got himself a title and people called him a Walking Bastion and not just that, but the further the story, his [Fever] skill that came with the [Herculean] made him the most destructive Awakener. His Walking Bastion title changed into a Walking Calamity.

After an hour full of fighting, they managed to kill every single gargoyle on the fourth floor.

[Congratulation you have cleared the fourth floor of Azazel Tower!]

[The portal to the fifth floor is now open!]

[You are the first to clear the fourth floor]

[Please enter your name]

“Uhh, that’s it?” Gunnar asked as he threw the head of a gargoyle to the lava.

“I’m not complaining though, I got two levels just from this floor alone,” Agnez said as she looked at her status screen that her level rose to level 10.

Gerrard looked at Agnez and gave her a thumbs up because he also reached level 10, Agnez looked at him and gave him a thumbs up too as she smiled at him.

“I reached level 8 now, that’s really nice,” Rozan said as he looked at his status screen.

“Level 9 here!” Gunnar said as he raised his hand and looked at his status screen.

“How about you, Edith? How many levels did you get?” Mykel asked as he looked at Edith.

“I’m level 6 now and for some reason, my Oracle skill leveled up as well and now it’s level 2,” Edith answered as she looked at her status screen with disbelief.

Mykel nodded with understanding. “That’s great,” he said as he walked forward.

“So, Mykel, what name we should put on the leaderboard?” Agnez asked as she looked at Mykel.

“I already have something in mind,” Mykel said as he write the name on the leaderboard.

[Is GOD the name you want to put on the leaderboard?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel tapped on the [Yes] button as the others were looking at him with shocked expressions.

“Oh, I fucking like that name!” Gunnar said as he laughed.

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