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“Fuck!” Gunnar screamed as he tried to push Mykel’s hand down in arm wrestling.

Mykel just smirked as he lit his cigarette in his mouth while the others were cheering for Gunnar because if he could move Mykel’s hand, they would get a million zeny.

“What the fuck! I already have Fever on me but I still can’t move his hand at all!” Gunnar said and then he used both of his hands and his body weight to push Mykel’s hand that it wasn’t arm wrestling anymore.

“Is that it? All your training for a whole week doesn’t give you any result?” Agnez asked as she raised her eyebrow and looked at Gunnar in disappointment.

“Bitch, shut up!” Frank screamed his lungs out.

“Alright, time’s up,” Mykel said as he pushed Gunnar’s hands down with zero effort.

Everyone was kicking Gunnar’s butt as he laid down on the floor.

“Is Mister Mykel here?” Edith asked as she took a peek at the gym.

Mykel turned around and looked at Edith that became his personal assistant. “Yes?”

“Here’s the document that you’re asking for,” Edith said as she gave the document to Mykel. “Also, Miss Lyneth is looking for you in her office,” she continued as she looked at Gunnar and the others then started to smile.

“Thank you, I will see her now,” Mykel replied and read the document as he walked toward the lift.

Mykel entered Lyneth’s office and kept reading the document.

“Checking my dad’s progress?” Lyneth asked as she removed her glasses.

“Yes, it seems that he’s already desperate to find the right people for this,” Mykel said as he sat down on Lyneth’s chair.

Lyneth sat on Mykel’s lap and took the document away from him. “Enough with that, and look what I got for you,”

Mykel looked at the chest in Lyneth’s hand. “Is that what I think it is?” he asked as he looked at her.

Lyneth smiled and raised her eyebrows. “Open it,”

Mykel opened the chest and he saw ten keys inside the chest, he was a bit surprised because Lyneth managed to get ten keys in a week. He was thinking that she might get four keys at most but it seemed that he underestimated her skill for the second time.

“So we got all the keys except for the Azrael and Astaroth key,” Mykel said after he checked all the key’s descriptions. “Which one that Caesar possesses? he asked as he put the keys back in the chest.

“Caesar is holding the Azrael’s key and I couldn’t get the Astaroth’s key because my dad is the one who’s holding it. I believe he’s going to give it to Kastor as a gift or as an apology,” Lyenth answered and looked at the keys.

“What do you want from me in return?” Mykel asked and looked at Lyneth.

“I don’t want anything, I just want to be useful to you,” Lyneth answered as she stroked Mykel’s hair. “So what are you going to do with those keys? Are you going to enter the towers and use those keys like back then?” she asked as she grabbed the document on the desk.

“No, I don’t think I will do that right now. There’s a reason why I almost died back then since I wasn’t supposed to be there or at least not yet,” Mykel answered while he thought about what happened to him in Azazel tower.

Lyneth stood up and kept reading the document. “I never thought that my dad would bring these two together. This should be interesting to watch since Kastor and Caesar aren’t on good term with each other,”

“Yes, I can’t wait to see it as well. Did your father inform you in which tower and when is he going to attempt on clearing the tenth floor?” Mykel asked while kept staring at the chest.

“No, my dad keeps it a secret from me and I think the reason why is because he already knows that we are trying to sabotage him. I believe it’s either the Azrael tower or the Astaroth tower since they have the key for those towers,” Lyneth answered as she sat down on the couch and massaged her nose bridge. “Oh, I also have prepared you the permit for tonight. It’s in the drawer next to you,” she said as she pointed at the desk.

Mykel opened the drawer and grabbed the card. “You know that I own the Abaddon Tower since it’s in District 2 and you don’t have to need a permit for that since you can just walk in, but why do you want to go to Asmodeus Tower instead?” Lyneth asked while she rubbed her forehead.

“Asmodeus Tower is filled with demons that are superior in magic, but with Zoran, all of those demons can’t use magic so it will be easier for them to gain level,” Mykel answered.

“You really have thought about this, huh?” Lyneth asked.

Mykel raised his eyebrows and stood up. “Of course, since I have a goal to achieve,”

Mykel left the office with the chest in his hand.

The night came and Mykel with the others got off of the private jet, they arrived at District 6 where the Asmodeus Tower was at. They came with nothing but their weapons, Edith was so nervous since she never thought she would enter a tower but Mykel convinced her and that was why she was there with them.

“Hey, look at those people,” An guy elbowed his friend as he watched Gunnar and the others walked in between the crowds. “What the hell are they thinking? Do they think they can just walk in like that?” he continued as he kept watching them.

“Maybe they’re just newly awakened Awakeners so they don’t know how things work. You can just look at them and you can tell they have nothing with them, not even a piece of armor,” The friend replied.

Gunnar pushed all those Awakeners with his massive body and muscles so Mykel and the others could walk without being blocked by those people. Of course, those Awakeners glared at him but they didn’t want to mess with him because of his massive body, and not to mention that Mykel was walking in the middle with his black sunglasses and scarf to cover his neck tattoos to avoid being noticed by anyone.

Mykel showed the permit and they immediately went inside the tower and it made those Awakeners furious at the guards.

The entrance was the same, it was an endless hallway, it was Edith’s first time entering a tower so she was so cautious about everything. Mykel immediately removed the scarf and put the sunglasses in his pocket. “You don’t have to worry, I will protect you so just stay close to me,” he said as he looked at Edith.

Edith nodded and kept close to Mykel that she unconsciously wrapped her arms around Mykel’s arm.

“Alright, Zoran, you know what to do,” Mykel said as Gunnar opened the gate. Zoran nodded with understanding.

They entered the first floor and were immediately welcomed by the heat. The place looked like a cave inside a volcano, and all of them started to sweat because of it.

[You have attained a new skill!]

[Open your status screen to check it out!]

[NAME: Mykel Alester]

[LEVEL: 100]





Gunnar walked at the front with his shield and axe ready in his hands, they walked to the middle of the cave and they couldn’t find anything inside but magma rocks. Gerrard was paying attention to his surroundings and suddenly he whistled and everyone immediately looked at Gerrard.

Gerrard pointed at something on his right and Rozan proceeded to walk and cast water magic on the area where Gerrard was pointing at. A wave of water hit the magma rocks and they could hear screeching and started to see demon imps coming out from their hiding spot.

“It’s show time!” Gunnar screamed as he banged his axe on the shield.

Rozan used [Anti-Magic] to all the imps that he saw then Gunnar charged at them while Gerrard gave him cover and shot his arrows at the imps that tried to attack Gunnar from the back and sides.

Mykel glanced at his left. “On your left, Agnez,”

Agnez turned her head a bit and stared at the imps that tried to lurk at them. Zoran was about to cast [Anti-Magic] at those imps but Agnez stopped him. “Don’t, let me handle those on my own,”

Rozan raised his hands as he took a few steps back.

Agnez walked toward dozens of imps that flew in front of him. The imps used fireballs at her but she dodged them so easily with her hand ready to unsheath her sword.

The moment the imps flew toward her, she stopped walking and used [Sleight of Hand]. As soon as the imps were in the range of her sword, she unsheathed her sword and slashed vertically at the imps. The imps dodged it but Agnez smirked since it was just an illusion and then she immediately unsheathed her sword again but this time diagonally and cut them all into half.

Mykel stared at her using her famous move, Thousand Slashes and One Cut which she invented a year after the story begin. Mykel taught her that move now since she could be more terrifying in the future since she got herself a title as the Demoness Swordsman who was the deadliest and strongest swordsman in the story.

[You have cleared the first floor!]

[The portal to the second floor is now open!]

“Let’s move to the second floor,” Mykel said as he walked toward the portal and then all of them were following him from behind.

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