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“You’re Gerrard, right?” Gunnar asked as they all followed Lyneth from behind.

Gerrard looked at him and nodded.

“You were not bad back there I tell you that,” Gunnar said as he patted Gerrard on the shoulder.

Gerrard only smiled as looked at Gunnar and patted his shoulder as well.

“Can you at least say something? I feel like I have been talking to myself,” Gunnar said as he furrowed his forehead.

Mykel stared at Gunnar from behind. “He’s mute, he can’t speak. You should have known by now,”

Gunnar was shocked and looked at Gerrard with disbelief. Gerrard then started to use sign language to him but Gunnar had no idea what those hand gestures meant.

“This guy seriously, he’s brain-dead I tell you that,” Zoran said as he sighed and stared at Gunnar.

“Can you shut up? There’s a kid in front of us, don’t use those kinds of words,” Agnez said as she stared down at Zoran from the corner of her eyes.

“You shut up, tall woman,” Zoran replied as he looked at Agnez.

Agnez chuckled. “Is that supposed to be an insult?”

“You’re lucky there’s a kid here so I can’t use insults,” Zoran said and then walked next to Gerrard.

Agnez turned her head and looked at Mykel smoking his cigarette. “So, who are you exactly? You’re not a Ranker, you don’t have a guild, and you said that you don’t even belong to the Guild Association,”

Everyone turned their heads and looked at Mykel because they were curious about him as well.

“Lyneth will explain everything, so just keep walking,” Mykel said as he stared at her.

Agnez shrugged her mouth as she looked forward.

Lyneth brought them to the top of the floor of the building and put them in the meeting room. Lyneth sat down at her desk while the rest of them were sitting on the round table except for Mykel who leaned on Lyneth’s desk.

“Now that everyone has experienced and seen what he’s capable of, are you still unwilling to cooperate?” Lyneth asked as she looked at every one of them.

“We will cooperate and work for you but we need to know who’s this guy first,” Agnez answered and then the others nodded in agreement.

Lyneth stood up and walked toward Mykel. “He’s someone that you have heard before or even seen his name,” Lyneth answered.

All of them were looking at each other and they were so confused about what Lyneth was talking about.

“He’s Mykel Alester, the guy who killed the demons in District 14 during the breakout, and he’s also the one that cleared and defeated the demon lord on the tenth floor of the Azazel tower. He cleared all ten floors on his own if you’re curious about it,” Lyneth explained as she wrapped her arm around Mykel’s shoulder.

They looked at each other with surprised expressions. “No wonder he’s so strong,” Gunnar said as he raised his eyebrows.

“Also, you misunderstood something,” Lyneth said as she walked back to her chair. “You’re not working for me, but you’re going to work for him,” Lyneth continued as she looked at Mykel.

“Can I ask something?” Agnez asked and raised her hand while she looked at Lyneth. “What’s the reason he wants us to work for him? By the look of it, he seems fine on his own,” she continued as she pointed her hand at Mykel.

“You’re right about it. I can easily clear the tower on my own, but that’s not the reason why you guys are here,” Mykel answered. “The reason is that I’m looking for talented Awakeners and become my underlings. I can offer you something that no one else can, and that is I will make you the best Awakeners as I said earlier,” he explained with a serious expression.

“What if we don’t want to be your underlings?” Zoran asked as he crossed his arms and stared at Mykel.

“The answer is simple,” Mykel said as he walked toward the round table. “I will kill you right here and right now since you have heard everything,” he answered and activated his newly evolved skill called [Tyrannize] from [Intimidate].

All of them were frozen in their seat as they glared down with their whole body trembling. The atmosphere was so heavy that it made them hard to breathe, even Lyneth was trembling in fear and her eyes started watering.

“Now, who’s here that doesn’t want to be my underlings? Agnez? Gunnar? Zoran? Gerrard?” Mykel asked calmly as he walked toward them. “I don’t hear any answer, so you guys want to die that badly?” he continued as he stared down at them.

Nobody could speak as they were trembling in fear.

“Well then, let’s kill you first, Zoran, since you have such a filthy mouth,” Mykel said as he approached him.

Zoran started to cry with his eyes and mouth trembling as he tried to speak but he couldn’t. Mykel gently put his hand on Zoran’s jaw from behind. “Should I tear this mouth open? You might look good without a jaw,”

Mykel approached Gunnar and put his hand on Gunnar’s head. “How about you? Do you want me to pull off all your limbs that you’re so proud of?”

Mykel approached Gerrard and gently tapped on his shoulder. “You’re a good kid, you will die last and painlessly,” he said as he walked past him.

Mykel grabbed Agnez’s cheek and forced her to look up and stared at Mykel’s eyes. Her eyes were red and tears were falling down like a waterfall as she stared at a shadowy figure of the devil behind Mykel’s body that would torture her for eternity.

After Mykel had his fun terrorizing them, he deactivated the [Tyrannize] skill and everyone immediately fell to the ground since their whole body went weak as they had turned into liquid. He walked toward Edith and helped her sit down then he helped Lyneth sit on her chair.

“So I will ask you again, who’s here doesn’t want to become my underlings?” Mykel asked as he leaned on the desk with his arms crossed.

All of them tried to stand up but they couldn’t so they all could do was shake their heads with tears falling down their cheeks.

“Good, I will be waiting for you at the training ground tomorrow morning. Don’t be late,” Mykel said as he left the meeting room.

Mykel saw Merlin playing with Lyneth’s assistant at the end of the hallway. He approached them and played with Merlin while he was waiting for them to recover.

After an hour of waiting, they all came out of the room with their red eyes and nose. Merlin approached Edith and asked why she was crying but Edith just smiled and told Merlin that she was happy so she cried.

Mykel stared at every single one of them and nobody dared to look in his direction, they kept walking and went inside the lift hurriedly. He noticed that Lyneth was still in the meeting room so he decided to check up on her.

“Why are you still here?” Mykel asked as he approached Lyneth.

“What was that? That felt so real and it was terrifying,” Lyneth asked back as she wiped her nose with her trembling hands.

Mykel smiled gently and grabbed Lyneth’s hands. “I will not use that skill anymore, at least not when I’m with you,”

Lyneth took a deep breath and exhaled deeply as she nodded in agreement then they both left the room and rest for the day.

Lyneth came out of the bathroom in her towel and stared at Mykel who was smoking on the balcony. She felt the same feeling that Jeanne felt, she couldn’t forget the experience that she had earlier but it didn’t make her scared of him since she knew he did that just to scare those Awakeners.

Mykel turned around and looked at Lyneth. “You’re done taking a bath?”

“Yes, my body feels so refreshed now,” Lyneth replied as she grabbed a lace nightgown from the wardrobe and wore them in front of Mykel. “What’s wrong? You seem to have a lot in mind,” she asked as she sat on the bed and put a lotion all over her body.

“Do you know the people that defeated the demons during the breakout?” Mykel asked.

“I do, Caesar was one of them,” Lyneth answered as she lay down on the bed and made herself comfortable. “Why?” she asked with her head rested on her hand.

Mykel lay down next to Lyneth as he furrowed his forehead and then looked at her. “Then you know about the keys that they got after killing the demon?”

Lyneth raised her eyebrows as she tried to remember. “Yes, I think Caesar mentioned a key after he defeated a demon,”

“Then can I ask you a favor?” Mykel asked as he put her hands behind his head.

“You want those keys?” Lyneth asked back as she rested her head on Mykel’s chest.

“Yes, I need all of them if you can,” Mykel answered as he stroked Lyneth’s hair.

Lyneth yawned and hug Mykel. “I will see what I can do,”

Mykel looked at Lyneth and she fell asleep already, he slightly smiled and turned off the light then went to sleep.

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