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“What are you doing here?” Kastor asked and furrowed his forehead as he looked at Caesar and his guild members showing up at Azazel tower.

“I want to see the Awakener that defeated the first demon lord. What are you doing here?” Caesar asked back as he raised his eyebrow.

Kastor scoffed and smirked then ignored Caesar’s question as he watched the tower with his assistant.

Caesar walked past Kastor to ask the guard. “Don’t waste your time asking them, the Awakener is still inside the tower since they haven’t seen the guy who entered the tower come out of that door,”

“Did they tell you who that Awakener is?” Caesar asked as he looked at the crowds around him.

“No, they didn’t know who entered the tower,” Kastor replied as he crossed his arms.

Caesar turned around and looked at Kastor with confusion. “Huh? They didn’t know who entered the tower? How’s that possible? Did the person snuck and entered the tower without them noticing?”

“It is what it is. Maybe it’s the same guy who killed that ogre from back then,” Kastor shrugged as he answered. “Anyway, this is a waste of time since I have been standing here for three hours and there’s no sign of a person leaving the tower. I’m leaving,” he continued as he walked away with his assistant.

As Kastor walked through the crowd he saw a dozen black SUVs enter the area, he noticed those cars and who those cars belonged to. He stood there as he watched Marvin and Lyneth get out of the car, they both were escorted by trained Awakeners that worked for the Guild Association.

“Chairman? Lyneth?” Kastor asked as he approached them.

Lyneth ignored him and walked past him as if he didn’t exist, he turned around and saw Lyneth walking hurriedly to the tower.

“Are you here to see the Awakener that defeated the demon lord, Kastor?” Marvin asked and looked at the crowds around the tower.

“Yes, but I believe the person who entered the tower is still inside,” Kastor replied as he kept staring at Lyneth.

Caesar was standing in front of the barrier with his assistant and then he saw Lyneth walk past him. “Miss Lyneth?”

Lyneth once more ignored him and she went straight to the barrier and talked with the guards. Caesar watched her and he was a bit suspicious about her but he couldn’t do anything but watch.

Lyneth was the one who told the guards to keep their mouths shut and she was the one who came up with an idea that an Awakener snuck into the tower. She wanted to make sure that everything went according to her plan, and so far, the people believed her made-up story.

After a week since the notification appeared, they didn’t see the one who defeated the demon lord. Everyone waited all day and all night but nobody came out from the tower so they gave up and everything went back to normal.

“Ma’am, we have an appointment today with the investors, should I tell the pilot to prepare the plane?” A woman asked Lyneth who had been staring at the tower while she was biting her thumbnail.

“Cancel all the appointments. I don’t want to be bothered right now,” Lyneth answered without hesitation. “Also, can you not bother me right now? I want to be alone and I will call you if I need you,” she continued as she glared at her assistant from the corner of her eyes.

The assistant nodded with understanding and left the room.

Lyneth walked to the sofa and sighed as she pressed all her fingers onto her mouth. “Mykel, where are you?”

(Inside Azazel tower)

The demon woman choked Mykel with her right hand as she slowly lifted him up in the air. “How can you still be alive?” she asked as she squinted her eyes and stared at Mykel who barely had any energy in his body.

The demon woman threw Mykel onto the wall as she walked back to the pile of corpses in front of a giant door. “You won’t be able to take the thing behind this door as long as I’m in here,” she said as she sat on top of the pile with her legs crossed.

Mykel scoffed as he tried to sit straight by leaning on the wall. “Who said that I came here to get whatever is behind that door?”

“You should know by now that I can see people’s minds, and I can see that you’re here for the treasure behind this door,” The demon woman said as she pointed her finger at her right eye.

Mykel chuckled as he shook his head and it made the demon woman squint her eyes with suspicion. “Read people’s minds?” he asked as he lifted his head and glared at her. “You’re not Lucifer, and he’s the only one who can read people’s minds,” he continued as he smirked.

The demon woman smirked and chuckled then she laughed mischievously. “How interesting!” she said as she grabbed something on her back, it looked like a spine as if she took her own spine out.

The demon woman whipped the spine-like whip and then she swung it at Mykel but Mykel grabbed it with his left hand. The demon woman was surprised that he could grab it and was strong enough to match her strength that it won’t budge no matter how hard she tried to pull the whip.

“How?!” The demon woman asked as she glared at Mykel.

Mykel kept holding the whip with his left hand while his right hand opened the shop and bought Health Potion and Stamina Potion with his last Arcana Coin. He drank them and his body felt refreshed then he grabbed the whip with both hands and pulled it as hard as he could.

The demon woman was pulled toward Mykel and then he choked her. “You should have killed me while you can,”

The more she struggled, the tighter Mykel’s grip was, then Mykel decided to use both of his hands as he pushed her down to the ground.

“Impossible…” The demon woman said as she gasped for air.

Mykel had been meditating and fighting the demon woman for a whole week and it raised all of his skills level except [Admin]. He maxed all four basic skills and it evolved into a new skill called [Body Enhancement] which combined all the effects of the four basic skills and made it a lot stronger.

Mykel spent a total of 9,000 Arcana Coins and bought 7 Health Potions to keep him alive which cost him 7,000 Arcana Coins then he spent the last 2,000 to buy the last Health Potion and Stamina Potion.

The moment the table had turned, dozens of notifications appeared around him and they were giving him a lot of Arcana Coins.

The demon woman chuckled and her whole body turned into black smoke and disappeared.

“I underestimate you, human,” The voice of the demon woman echoed throughout the big hall.

Mykel glanced to his right and then he swung the whip into the air. The whip wrapped on something that was invisible and Mykel pulled it as hard as he could and grabbed the invisible demon woman on the neck again.

“It seems that you’re still underestimating me, Zherlthsh,” Mykel smirked as the demon woman slowly revealed herself.

“How… do you… know my name…!” Zherlthsh asked as she tried to free herself.

“Because…” Mykel said as he pulled Zherlthsh closer to him then he whispered something in her ear.

“No! It can’t be!” Zherlthsh said as she glared at Mykel with fear written on her face.

Mykel threw Zherlthsh on the wall. “Now you understand why I know everything about you demons,” Mykel said as he glared down at her.

Mykel used the opportunity to enter the room behind the pile of corpses while Zherlthsh was still in shock. He closed the door behind him and saw the small chest in the middle of the room. He immediately grabbed it and ran to the other side of the room where it lead him back to the tenth floor.

“I won’t let you!” Zherlthsh screamed as she whipped the spine-like whip at Mykel but he dodged it and entered the room.

Mykel closed the door behind him and extremely loud bangings could be heard from behind that door. No matter how hard Zherlthsh tried to break the door, it couldn’t be opened again. Mykel laid down with the chest in his arms, then he started to chuckle with disbelief.

After taking a short break, Mykel stood up and walked to the exit shirtless with scars and wounds all over his body. He had no idea that he could survive with Zherlthsh as his opponent since Zherlthsh was the tenth demon lord that reside on the 100th floor of the Azazel tower and the daughter of Azazel himself.

Mykel entered the hallway and he immediately fell down because he used all his strength and stamina already and not to mention that he had nothing to eat so he starved for a whole week. With an empty stomach, his stamina depleted really fast and that was why he didn’t want to spend his Arcana Coins for Stamina Potion until it was necessary.

Mykel grabbed his phone in his pocket and saw the whole screen cracked but it could operate perfectly.

“Can you pick me up?” Mykel asked weakly.

“Mykel?! Where are you?! Where have you been?!” Lyneth asked.

“Tower… hallway…” Mykel said and then fell unconscious.

“Mykel? Mykel!” Lyneth’s voice could be heard from the phone speaker.

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