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Jeanne was still trembling in fear even though Mykel already walked away from her but his presence was still lingering around her. She looked at the goblin who couldn’t crawl away as he cried and screamed for help or what she thought.

Jeanne gulped and slowly stood up with her knees trembling, she had to use the sword to help her stand properly. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she started to calm down a bit then she walked toward the goblin and stabbed it on the nape of the goblin.

Mykel watched from the distance with another goblin in his hand, he looked at the goblin and decided to cripple the goblin then threw it at Jeanne. “There, another one, kill it,” he said calmly since he went overboard and almost blew his acting.

Jeanne pointed her sword at the goblin and swung it down vertically, but the sword stuck on top of the goblin’s skull. She was panicking because the goblin was panicking as well and screeching in pain. She tried to push it down but it won’t budge so she pulled the sword then swung it vertically again at the goblin and it finally cracked the head open.

Mykel kept feeding her the goblins by crippling them but slowly he only crippled one limb so the goblin could fight back.

After two hours of feeding Jeanne, she finally managed to kill a goblin with all his limbs attached. Mykel deactivated his [Intimidate] skill then activated his [Stealth] skill, and the goblins immediately charged at Jeanne while they were running past Mykel as if he was invisible to them.

Jeanne was a bit terrified and she was exhausted as well after nonstop fighting for two hours.

“Don’t be scared, Jeanne,” Mykel said. “Your armor could protect you so keep calm and try to kill as many as you can. I will protect you if something bad happens,” he continued as he stood at the other side of the field.

Jeanne swung her sword and she started to understand how to kill the goblins on each swing. She started to feel confident with her strength and skill that she didn’t need Mykel’s help at all.

[NAME: Jeanne Dvar]

[LEVEL: 3]




[Sword-Rookie (Passive): When the User uses a sword, adds the basic skills [Strength], [Dexterity], [Agility], and [Stamina] by 1. Reduce the stamina usage when using a sword by 10%]

“How lucky,” Mykel said as he stared at Jeanne’s status screen.

[Congratulation you have cleared the first floor of Azazel Tower!]

[The portal to the second floor is now open!]

Mykel was surprised when he saw the notification, he then looked at Jeanne who stood in the middle of the corpse of goblins with her sword stabbed on the ground and rested his hands on it.

“Do you want to keep going or go back?” Mykel asked as he walked toward her.

Jeanne didn’t respond to his question and just stood there as she breathe heavily. Mykel could tell that she was exhausted since she stared blankly at nothing as she caught her breath.

“Let’s leave, we are done for today,” Mykel said as he walked past Jeanne.

Jeanne followed him from behind as she dragged the sword to the ground.

Mykel opened the door for her and she walked past him as if he was invisible to her. “Come here, let me remove the armor,” Mykel said as he entered the hallway.

Jeanne stopped walking then Mykel started to remove the armor on her body and the sword from her hand. “Okay, let’s go,” he said as he looked at Jeanne.

They left the tower and the guards were looking at them, and the guard that Mykel talked to earlier immediately approached them. “Let me hold them for you!” he said as he offered his hands to Mykel.

“No need, just lend me a car,” Mykel replied.

“Okay! I will bring the car here!” The guard said then walked hurriedly to grab the car.

Mykel drove the car and he looked at Jeanne who fell asleep as soon as she sat down. He decided to bring her to the hotel since he had no idea where Jeanne’s house was and he didn’t want to bring her to Asmond since he would be suspicious of them.

Jeanne felt a breeze on her feet and it made her awake, she slowly opened her eyes and looked around. She had no idea where she was, but she could tell it was a fancy hotel by the look of the interiors. She suddenly panicked and removed the blanket, she looked at herself and she was still wearing the same clothes when she left the house and there was no sign of them being removed.

“Do you really think I would do something like that?” Mykel said as he leaned on the glass door of the balcony with a cigarette in between his fingers.

Jeanne was startled since she didn’t notice that Mykel was there. “No, I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s fine, I guess that’s a normal reaction when you’re with a stranger that you just met. It’s my fault but I have no idea where you live and I can’t bring you to Asmond’s house since he would be suspicious. So I decided to bring you here without your permission, sorry about that,” Mykel explained as he walked to the counter.

“No, don’t need to apologize. I should be thanking you for bringing me here and for yesterday,” Jeanne said as she looked at Mykel checking the fridge.

“Also, I’m sorry about yesterday, Jeanne. I bet you were terrified when you see that side of me,” Mykel said as he looked at Jeanne who was staring at the whole room.

Jeanne looked at Mykel and she immediately remembered how terrifying he was back there. She still couldn’t remove that image of him that gave her a chill down her spine.

“That was unpleasant, but I think you did that to help me overcome my fear and nervousness. I believe that it was the only way and since it worked, you don’t have to apologize. I’m grateful that you did that but I hope I don’t see that again,” Jeanne answered as she slightly smiled and rubbed her nape to comfort herself.

“That was a skill of mine, and it made everyone around me fear my presence,” Mykel explained.

“Wow, that’s really nice. I bet it’s very useful since you can get out of trouble with that skill,” Jeanne said as she stared at nothing.

“So, what’s your level now? Did you get a new skill from yesterday’s training?” Mykel asked even though he already knew the answer.

“I’m level 3 now and I never thought I would level up that fast since I heard that it was difficult for Awakeners to level up. I believe it’s because this skill of mine called Maverick that helped me level up faster if I’m alone, and I also got this Sword-Rookie skill that gave me extra skills if I’m using a sword,” Jeanne explained as she looked at Mykel.

“Isn’t that nice?” Mykel said as he ate an apple from the counter. “Are you ready for another round later? Your goal is to reach level 5 and that should be possible knowing that you have that Maverick skill,” he continued as he put food on the plate.

“Yeah, I’m ready, I think I will do better this time after I have experienced it,” Jeanne answered as she looked at Mykel who seemed busy on the counter.

“That’s great! Here, I ordered you some food, you must be starving,” Mykel said as he brought a silver plate with a variety of foods on it. “Don’t worry, I didn’t put anything in there,” he continued as he chuckled and smirked.

Jeanne closed her eyes and felt embarrassed for speculating that Mykel would do something to her in her sleep and for thinking he was that kind of a guy.

“Anyway, you can go back to sleep once you’re done since I have to go somewhere right now,” Mykel said as he put on his blazer and gloves.

“Where are you going?” Jeanne asked as she chewed the soft bread.

“To the tavern, I feel like having a drink right now,” Mykel answered as he fixed his collar,

“Drinking in the morning?” Jeanne asked with her eyebrows raised.

“I got habits,” Mykel answered with a smirk.

Jeanne just smiled as she enjoyed her food.

“I will be back in the evening then we can go back to the tower again to raise your level. Oh, and you can use all the services in the hotel since this is an exclusive room with exclusive services,” Mykel said as he put on his shoes. “I will see you later, then,” he continued as he stood in front of the door.

“Okay, see you later, Mykel,” Jeanne replied with a smile on her face.

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