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Demon Lord's Reincarnation

Chapter 636 I LOVE THIS!!!

Despite Ren's body having incredible defensive properties, and his regenerative abilities that were nothing less but ridiculous, he is not immortal, he can be hurt and killed. Ren's defense can be penetrated and his regenerative abilities can be exhausted.

The group of Demi-Gods were very much capable of breaking through Ren's defense and over-taxing his regeneration. Each strike of the Demi-Gods was strong enough to destroy a small planet, and their speed is something that constantly created sonic booms.

The battle between Ren and the Demi-Gods was destroying everything in sight. If they weren't in the upper planes which have distances measured by light-years and were in the lower planes instead, they would have destroyed numerous planets already.

Most of the Demi-Gods were elemental bodies, some of them even have physiques that could travel through time but only for a few seconds which was enough in a fight. Still, the more difficult the battle was the more excited Ren became.

Ren's Qi burst out and it was like a tsunami flooding the Demi-Gods. For the first time in the entire fight, the crazed Demi-Gods actually stopped attacking. They looked at Ren whose Qi was flooding out of him, normally Qi could not be seen with the naked eye but with how thick and pure Ren's Qi was and it was concentrated near him making it visible to everyone present.

Ren's Qi was at first crimson red then it was slowly turning black, in this form, Ren's Qi was like pure chaos itself. Ren's Qi flowed out of his body like a raging torrent and burst into the sky like a pillar connecting the heavens and the earth.

"I haven't tested out how strong my current limit is, it's a good thing you guys are here to help me check. Come on then little Godlings show me more! Show me if this is were I fall! Let this battle burn our very souls and scream out our existence!"

The dazed Demmi-Gods roared after hearing Ren's statement it was like their madness had doubled. Their attacks became even more intense but unlike before Ren was no longer struggling as much. Ren was now manipulating thousands of weapons using his mana strings.

Manipulating so many weapons was a difficult thing to do, as he needed to be aware of the entire battlefield and he needed to react to every movement not to mention his opponents were Demi-Gods with incredible speed and strength.

Ren was still able to kill a couple of Demi-Gods despite his situation, but instead of things getting easier, it became even harder.

Now that he killed the weaker Demi-Gods what remained were the truly strong ones. Ren didn't even notice that it has already been a full day since the battle began. It was a good thing he had eaten so much in that restaurant.


A Demi-God who had been chanting since a while ago finally finished and raised her hand. Ren who was in the sky using Air Walk suddenly felt an invisible force pushing him down. Ren plummeted to the ground creating a huge crate. Ren's entire body was heavy, if it was anybody else who received such an attack they would have been meat paste by now.

'Oh, this is... Somebody is controlling the gravity around me. Heh, a similar move but stronger than the one used against my disciple.'

Ren scanned the area using his mana sense and was able to quickly detect the one who was manipulating gravity. Ren wanted to quickly kill the Demi-God controlling gravity but he could not concentrate as the attacks aimed at him were getting harder to block. If it wasn't for the madness in their eyes, Ren would've thought that these guys were still somewhat sane, since their coordinated attack was better than most.

Ren decided to take a few attacks head-on so he can kill the Demi-God that controls gravity. Ren took out his favorite sword and a powerful sword intent came flowing out.

"Snertal, ROAR!" 𝐢𝓷n𝗿e𝙖𝑑. 𝘤om

It takes two seconds for Ren to accumulate enough energy to attack the enemy from this distance, normally that two seconds wouldn't be a big deal, but in this kind of battle against opponents that are so fast that they create sonic booms just from moving those two seconds were fatal.

The Demi-Gods did not miss this opportunity and used their strongest techniques, Ren simply increase the strength of his barrier but because of the pressure from so many attacks, it broke in a second. Ren quickly used a breathing technique to slightly move his internal organs barely dodging the fatal strikes that got past his barrier. Ren was pierced in various parts of his body and he even coughed out blood, but he did not fall and continued his attack.

The slash Ren made sliced the clouds above the ground below, everything in its path was sliced in half. This was a variation of the Godslayer sword technique of the original incarnation. Even now Ren was still inspired by the sight of that one slash that sliced apart countless stars in the night sky.

Ren was able to kill the Demi-God that controls gravity as well as those that were near the sword slash. Still, Ren's body was now full of holes, and even with his regenerative abilities, it was taking longer than usual.

'Heh, so this is the limit of my body.'

"HAHAHAHA! I LOVE THIS, NOW THIS IS A FIGHT! The taste of blood in my mouth, the feeling that any second I could die, Death is close to me that I feel so alive!"

Ren shouted in bliss as he dodged each attack coming his way, he then picked up a nearby spear and threw it at full power. Wherever the spear passed by the ground shattered and the shockwave was so intense it changed the weather. A couple more Demi-Gods fell to this move.

Despite killing a lot of Demi-Gods, it still felt like there was no end in sight. Any other person would have felt despair in this situation but not Ren, what he felt now could not be described. Even his battle against the New God was not as enjoyable as this one, it was euphoria like no other.


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