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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 943 Thank You Note

Hi?guys.?Happy?ending!?Thanks?for?staying?with?us?the?whole?time.?All?these?interesting?stories?are?first?released?on?MoboReader / ReadNow / WeRead.?You?guys?can?find them in APP Store and Google Play.Here,?I?would?like?to?highly?recommend?some?more interesting?ones?to?you.

1,?Trapped?with?the?CEODrugged one night by her ex-boyfriend, a mysterious man took advantage of her in an ecstatic night filled with sex.To take her revenge, she married the man, and used him."As long as I"m alive, I"m still his legal wife, while all of you are just his mistresses.”She remained adamant even when he was involved in scandals with other women.Eventually she stormed off after she learned that he had betrayed her again. But life brought her back to him a few years later, to his astonishment. The man had already got what he wanted from her, but she couldn"t understand why he still wanted to torture and haunt her.--------------2,?Take My Breath Away"Drive this woman out!""Throw this woman into the sea!"When he doesn’t know Debbie Nian"s true identity, Carlos Huo cold-shoulders her."Mr. Huo, she is your wife," Carlos" secretary reminded him. Hearing that, Carlos gives him a cold stare and complained, "why didn"t you tell me earlier?"From then on, Carlos spoils her rotten. Little did everyone expect that they would get a divorce.--------------3,?My CEO DaddyAfter being framed by her boyfriend and best friend, Nicole ended up spending the night with a mysterious stranger. She thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected rendezvous, but when she woke up the next morning, she couldn"t help but feel bad about what she did. All of her guilt, however, was washed away when she saw the face of the man lying next to her."He"s... beautiful," she whispered, awed by what she was seeing. Her guilt quickly turned into shame, and it drove her to leave the man a bit of money before she left.Kerr was astounded. "Did that woman try to pay me? Like a prostitute?" he thought, offended. "Ask the hotel manager for the surveillance video," he commanded his assistant authoritatively, his eyebrows furrowed. He had a determined expression on his face. "I want to find out who was in my room last night.""And when I find that woman, I"m going to teach her a lesson!"--------------4,?The Substitute Bride"I"m in desperate need of money to pay Grandmother"s medical fee. I will marry Charles instead of Yvonne as soon as I get the money."When her sister Yvonne ran away from the wedding, Autumn was forced to pretend to be Yvonne and marry Charles. Her only wish was to get a divorce after a year. Charles is rich and powerful. His name had been linked to innumerable ladies. He had different girlfriends for every day of a year. Neither of them had expected that they would fall in love with each other.--------------5,?My Wife is an Aloof Beauty"You"re my wife in name only, on paper only. My heart and love will never be yours."Edward made it clear to Daisy that she was nothing to him. They were both victims of family greed -- the marriage was arranged for them.Six years passed. She remained quiet, gaining a reputation in the army as a tough-as-nails colonel. When she walked into his life again, Edward fell in love with this woman, unlike any he had known. She surprised and delighted him. But will Daisy take him back? Can their son keep them together? Can the rift between them be healed? Pick this one up and find out!--------------6, The Spoiled GirlEmily, was a just simple girl living a simple life when one day she received a call from the police that changed her entire life. Everything that happened since then was nothing short of a roller-coaster ride.She soon found out that her long-time boyfriend, Jack Gu, was cheating on her with her best friend. As if things weren’t bad enough, she accidentally ended up in Jack’s uncle’s car, where they ended up – doing it. Soon, Emily found herself in a tug-o-war between her ex, Jack and his uncle, Jacob.--------------7,?Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy"s LoveNancy"s face was tangled. She had taken the life-changing decision of carrying the baby for a strange man, to meet her mother"s surgical expenses, oblivious to what the future had in store for her.Five years had passed and she had become a famous pediatrician. As she stepped out of the airport with big goals and dreams, fate greeted her in the form of a little boy – whose father was none other than the strange man, Charles, the one had helped Nancy save her mother.Even before Nancy could swallow the truth, she was flummoxed by the unexpected arrival of a man with a baby girl, claiming it as her daughter.What would Nancy do? Were there more secrets from her past waiting to take her on a topsy-turvy ride?--------------8,?Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To MeTwo years ago, Nina married a man she had never met. She didn"t know his name or his age; she knew nothing about this person she was married to. Their marriage was nothing more than a contract with conditions, and one of the clauses was that she should not sleep with another man. Yet, Nina lost her virginity to a stranger when she knocked at the wrong door one night.With the compensation she had to pay weighing her down, she decided to draw up a divorce agreement on her own.When she finally met her husband to hand over the papers, she was shocked to find that her husband was none other than the man she had “cheated” on him with!--------------9,?Billionaire"s GiftMandy is young, beautiful, and rich. She has the perfect life and the perfect boyfriend. But one night, her whole world turns upside down--she catches her boyfriend, Daniel having an affair; she goes to bar

where she gets drugged and loses her virginity to Nathan, a man who forces her to have a one-night stand with him; and her father gets arrested by the police.Then, she has no choice but to agree to be Nathan"s mistress for a month so that he would protect her and her family in return. But unexpectedly, Mandy falls in love with him and even agrees to be his girlfriend. However, another girl who likes Nathan is jealous and tries every means to separate them. Can Nathan and Mandy get through this? Don"t wait any more and start reading Billionaire"s Gift!--------------10,?Trapped In LaceRachel was a brilliant doctor with her whole life ahead of her. After five years of being stuck in a loveless marriage, she finally decided that it was time to get a divorce. By some cruel twist of fate, Rachel also found out that one of her patients was actually her husband’s mistress."Mr. Fu, the least you could do is wait until we"re formally divorced before you go around cheating on me!""Mrs. Fu, am I sensing some jealousy here?""Just sign the divorce papers!"

Rachel thought that everything would be fine after the divorce. However, they ended up in the same bed again after her father insisted that they live together for another year. What happened after Rachel rolled back into the arms of her ex-husband?--------------11,?ApotheosisFalling?from?nobility,?Zen?Luo?became?a?humble?slave?and?served?as?a?human?punchbag?for?his?former?cousins.?Inadvertently,?he?found?a?way?to?refine?himself?into?a?weapon?and?a?legend?started?because?of?that.?With?a?strong?belief?in?never?surrender,?he?strove?for?revenges?and?pursued?big?dreams.Warriors?from?various?clans?contended?for?hegemony?and?the?world?was?stirred.?Relying?on?the?body?that?was?comparable?to?a?powerful?weapon,?Zen?beat?his?numerous?enemies?on?his?way?to?the?immortality.?Would?he?succeed?eventually?--------------12,?Mighty?Soldier?KingFormer?special?forces?soldier?Peter?Wang?is?tasked?to?serve?as?a?security?guard?in?one?of?Golden?City"s?top?firms?to?protect?his?beautiful?employer,?Bella?Song.As?a?fighter?who?survived?the?grueling?life?in?the?military,?he?dismissed?the?job?as?menial?and?simple.?Little?did?he?know,?he?gravely?miscalculated.At?the?heart?of?a?seemingly?peaceful?city,?Peter?found?himself?treading?dangerously?through?vicious?gangs?and?atrocious?personalities?while?winning?the?hearts?of?several?beautiful?women?along?the?way?--the?elusive?Bella,?esteemed?Amelia,?sweet?Elaine,?youthful?Shelly,?gentle?Lisa,?and?more.Who?can?defeat?our?Mighty?Soldier?King?--------------13,?Rebirth?of?Martial?GodTraversing?back?to?the?ancient?Prime?Martial?World?from?modern?age,?Austin?finds?himself?in?a?younger?body?as?he?wakes?up.Yet,?the?young?man?he?possesses?was?a?miserable?dimwit,?what?a?bummer!But?it?doesn"t?matter?as?his?mind?is?sound?and?clear.?Possessing?this?younger?and?stronger?body,?he?will?fight?his?way?to?become?the?God?of?martial?arts,?and?rule?the?whole?Martial?World!--------------14,?The?Legend?of?Innate?Mage"Brotherhood??Clan??It?is?utterly?ridiculous!"They?had?been?bosom?buddies,?almost?like?blood?brothers.?The?two?young?talented?masters?of?Nan?Clan?enjoyed?great?respect.?However,?everything?was?completely?different?now.Ricky?Nan?was?not?a?young?talented?master?anymore,?but?a?jerk?in?everyone"s?eyes.?All?this?was?Nate"s?fault,?despite?their?close?friendship,?right?from?childhood.?Nate?Nan,?set?as?the?successor?of?Nan?Clan,?now?treated?him?like?a?stranger."Father,?I?will?take?revenge?for?you?and?get?back?everything?we?should?have?deserved!"--------------15,?Lord?Of?Martial?ArtsIn?Lothlann?Continent,?talent?in?martial?arts?won?cultivators?respect.Darren?Chu,?a?mediocre?talent?in?martial?arts,?was?deemed?a?loser?by?everyone.?His?status?changed?when?a?fireball?fell?from?the?sky?and?hit?him?on?the?head.He?cheated?death.Empowered?with?the?ability?to?assimilate?other?creatures"?talent,?Darren?sought?to?better?himself?and?seek?vengeance?against?those?who?had?wronged?his?family,?including?his?little?sister."You?will?kneel?in?front?of?me?one?day,"?swore?the?future?lord?of?martial?arts.--------------16,?Ascent?of?Hero?on?the?Dragon?ThroneRocky?Bai,?a?young?and?talented?scholar?in?the?field?of?gene?study,?ranked?number?one?among?his?peers.?While?he?was?on?the?flight?headed?for?the?venue,?an?aircraft?accident?occurred?right?before?he?passed?out....Rocky?Bai?is?reborn!It?is?not?until?he?saves?a?dragon?that?he?becomes?a?spirit?manipulator?in?the?Holy?Dragon?Empire.?To?his?surprise,?the?dragon"s?saliva?has?a?magical?effect,?which?can?cure?disease?and?even?bring?people?back?from?death.With?the?dragon,?Ricky?starts?a?new?life.Let"s?join?in?their?adventure!--------------17,?Treasure-hunting:?Into?the?UnknownZachary?Zi?traveled?through?time?and?space?with?the?help?of?his?Treasure-hunting?Compass,?which?led?him?to?the?Olden?World?where?he?took?over?the?body?of?a?young?man?with?the?same?name.?The?old?Zachary"s?clan?was?slaughtered?three?years?ago?and?his?fiancee?had?gone?missing?ever?since.?Although?he?managed?to?survive?the?ordeal,?his?injuries?had?taken?away?his?ability?to?cultivate?anymore.?Will?the?new?Zachary?be?able?to?fit?into?his?new?life?The?Treasure-hunting?Compass?was?a?mythical?artifact?that?could?be?used?to?release?many?quests.?Each?time?Zachary?finished?a?quest,?he?would?receive?a?reward?more?desirable?than?the?last.?However,?that?wasn"t?all.?With?the?help?of?the?compass,?he?also?met?a?variety?of?beautiful?and?exotic?women.?Will?they?fall?in?love?with?him?---------------------------------------------------------------------Right,?time?to?wrap?it?up.?I?will?still?be?waiting?for?you?here.?See?you?around?guys!

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