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Sampson stood straight up. Hearing the voice, he didn"t even raise his head to see who it was. He raised his eyebrows defiantly and asked, "What do you think?"

He was smart enough to guess what she had misunderstood.

He wouldn"t explain.

There was no need to explain. After all, she had always known that he was not a good man. Then just continue to misunderstand. He didn"t care.

"You!" Sound was so angry that she was rendered speechless.

Sampson ignored her. Instead, he pointed at Keyla and looked down at the crowd. "Who did it? Stand out. Don"t let me investigate. You can"t afford it."

Several girls hesitated for a long time and finally stood out under the pressure of Sampson.

Sampson looked at them coldly and ordered, "Apologize."

At school, no one dared to provoke Sampson. A stare from him could make people tremble, not to mention that he was ordering.

"I"m sorry!"

"I"m sorry."

"I"m sorry." These girls apologized reluctantly to Keyla and left.

After all the people left, Keyla looked at Sampson and asked in a low voice, with hopes in her eyes, "Sampson, why ... why do you help me?"

Sampson raised his chin. He didn"t look at her, saying coldly, "I"m not helping you. I"m helping Mr. Yang. The college entrance examination is coming. I don"t want to see so many trouble. Get out! Annoying!"

The glimmer of hope in Keyla"s eyes was extinguished. She thought Sampson helped her because he liked her...

But wasn"t it normal? There were many girls in the school who had a crush on

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d to protect Sound.

And they could see that Sound also had feelings for Sampson.

Maybe what Sound didn"t like was just the fear of being controlled.

They hoped that Sampson could set Sound"s mind at rest.

In the fragrant garden, Sound was angry. She gently thump Sampson on the chest and said, "How can you do this?"

Obviously, Sampson"s attitude had changed a lot. He grabbed her fist, gently pulled her into his arms, bent over and whispered in her ear, "I just don"t want you to be coveted by other men. Give me a chance to love you!"

Sound"s face turned red when feeling his breath. Embarrassed and annoyed, she said, "Why do you think I will agree? Who do you think you are?"

"Of course..." Sampson chuckled, his eyes filled with tenderness and affection. "I am your fiancé!"

Sound raised her chin. "Humph, I haven"t agreed yet."

"I"m not in a hurry." Sampson smiled mischievously and said, "Anyway, many girls also like me. My schoolbag is stuffed with love letters from them. I"m afraid that those girls in college will go even further!"

Sound became anxious. She kicked Sampson"s ass and snapped, "How dare you? Your grandfather has sold you to me. My name is on the betrothal letter. You are my man. If you dare to flirt with other women, I will kill you!"

Sampson comforted her at once. His white T-shirt was blown by the wind, which was mixed with the fragrance of flowers. He looked more handsome and stunning. He said in an incredibly gentle voice, "Yes, my dear fiancée! I only love you!"

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