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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 941 Being Bullied

The lab building where Sound was about to clean the bathrooms was very old, with mottled marks all over its body, like an old man with spots and wrinkles.

It stood in a lush forest.

It didn"t have the tendency to fall after a long time, but stood still.

When Sound, Keyla and Onyx came to the front of the building, Sound looked up at it and asked with melancholy, "There is a bathroom on every floor. Do we need to clean them all?"

"No, just the bathrooms on first two floors." Onyx said, "Occasionally, some students do experiments in the labs on the first two floors. And there are no labs on other floors. Most students go to the new lab building."

With a "task" at hand, Keyla was very nervous. She looked around and subconsciously leaned towards Sound. When she opened her mouth and wanted to say something, she saw a figure running towards them. She immediately shut her mouth and lowered her head with a guilty conscience.

It was Reyna.

"Onyx, Mr. Yang wants to see you. He asked you to go to his office." Reyna waved her hand at Onyx.

She was running in a hurry. She stopped and gasped, a

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yla heard footsteps again. She thought those girls came back, so she hid in the stall again, afraid that her lie would be seen through.

When there was no sound, she walked out again. But she didn"t expect to see Sampson.

He was recognized as the most handsome boy in No. 3 High School. And he was also a straight A student. Many girls were infatuated with him, and Keyla was no exception.

But thinking that her terrible look with drenched hair and clothes were seen by Sampson, Keyla felt extremely awkward.

She covered her face with shame.

Outside the lady"s room, Sampson had seen the drenched Keyla and frowned. He soon realized that it was a trick played by Bertha and those girls.

Sampson didn"t like to meddle in other people"s business, but he also didn"t want his classmates to be bullied.

After a moment of silence, he asked, "How many times?"

Without hearing an answer, Sampson asked again, "How many times have they done this to you?"

Keyla slowly walked out and shook her head with her head down.

"Sampson! What are you doing?" Suddenly, Sound"s angry roar broke the silence.

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