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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 940 Get Him Away

Hearing his words, Keyla bit her mouth and peeped at the corner of the classroom, only to find that Sampson was looking at them. She was so frightened that she looked away.

Sound looked at Sampson and showed a friendly but alienated smile. "There are 46 students in class nine, not only you."

As soon as she finished speaking, the few students in the classroom burst into an uproar. They nervously looked at Sound and Sampson.

All the students in the No. 3 High School didn"t dare to go against Sampson. For one thing, he was a top student. For another, he was good at fighting. As soon as he entered the school, he defeated the most rebellious guy of the No. 3 High School. Now that guy even wanted to be Sampson"s subordinate, but Sampson just refused and focused on studying.

In other words, no one dared to offend Sampson.

How could Sound say such words to offend Sampson? Was she insane? Or was she too stupid?

Some wanted to watch the show, while some were trembling with fear.

Keyla dragged Sound"s arm and said softly, "Stop it. Let"s go and clean up."

"Nothing." Sampson was the person that Sound feared the least.

Reid sat on the desk

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ction. "Sound is too bad. She was late and reported to Giacomo that you were late. We must teach her a lesson. As for Onyx, is he crazy? Does he want to be a hero and save the girls? How dare he go against us? I have never seen him so righteous before."

Sampson seemed to be irritated by Reid"s words. A wicked idea came to his mind and his eyes flashed.

In less than a second, he returned to normal. He crooked his finger at Reid and said in a light voice, "Get Onyx away."

"What?" For a moment, Reid didn"t understand it. After he figured out what Sampson was talking about, he was overjoyed and snickered, "No problem, Sampson."

It was not convenient to beat a person in public, but they could take Onyx to the woods and teach him a lesson.

Sampson knew that Reid had misunderstood, but he didn"t explain.

Sampson had never thought that Onyx was so daring and stupid.

How could he have the audacity just after he became Sound"s desk mate several days ago?

"Sound and I slept on the same bed before five years old, and after that, we had been playmates. We have been friends for so many years.

What the hell is Onyx? I will kick him away!"

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