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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 7 Selling Her Body

Isabella saw Nina sitting in front of her, safe and sound. She couldn"t believe her own eyes.

"Nina, you should eat more," Isabella said, smiling awkwardly.

Nina took note of Isabella"s facial expression and studied it carefully.

Her psychological training had given her quite the talent for reading people.

Nina put down the spoon, took out the Pheromone Perfume from her bag and put it in front of Isabella.

Isabella"s heart skipped a beat and her face seemed to freeze. "What"s wrong, Nina? Why did you bring the perfume I gave you?"

"Did Nina figure something out?" she wondered.

"Her jaw is drooping, and her mouth is slightly open.

She is surprised, but more than anything, she is scared."

After noticing her expression, Nina stared at her quietly and smiled. "Isabella, do you know how much danger this perfume put me in?"

This was almost like a warning for Isabella. Her whole body seemed to crease a little and discomfort crept in.

This was always her subconscious reaction when she wanted to get out of a situation.

"Nina, what are you talking about? I don"t understand." Isabella couldn"t look Nina in the eye, fearing that her friend would find out the truth.

She took a sip of water to hide her nervousness.

"Isabella, do you know that when someone is lying, their throat dries up?" Nina exposed her without hesitation.

Isabella was slightly annoyed and asked, "Didn"t you say that you wouldn"t analyze your friends by reading their expressions?"

She narrowed her eyes and stiffened her brow with her muscles tensing up. Her lips were pursed, and the corners of her mouth were dipping into a frown.

She was obviously angry.

Shame only turned into anger when a person was found out.

If they got angry, more often than not, they were in the wrong.

"Isabella, why are you lying? You know how I hate being betrayed."

"Nina, let me explain. I didn"t think anything of that perfume. I just thought that it smelled good, so I gave it to you. Why would I hurt you? We are such good friends." Tears flooded Isabella"s eyes.

Isabella knew Nina well. Nina was always quite arrogant because she knew how beautiful she was. Few girls liked her.

Isabella knew that she was her only friend for that exact reason. Nina couldn"t really do anything because she couldn"t afford to lose her as a friend.

Besides, there was no evidence that she had something to do with what happened on Friday night.

The more Isabella thought, the more relieved she became. She wiped her tears and explained, "Nina, think about it. If I really did it on purpose, why would I give you the perfume? That"s like giving myself up instantly. Nina, trust me. I would never do that to my friend."

That sounded like it made sense.

If Isabella really wanted to be discreet, she should"ve destroyed the evidence.

Nina"s expression softened. They were really good friends at the end of the day anyway.

She couldn"t stay mad at Isabella.

"Well, I am okay after all." Nina calmly glossed over the whole affair.

Isabella could finally breathe. She felt so relieved.

At the same time, she was enraged because nothing had happened to Nina.

She had to make sure that she"d make a perfect plan to destroy Nina in the future.

They kept talking and laughing, and then split when they went to their different classes.

Once she was gone, Isabella stopped smiling and looked absolutely livid. After a while, she burst into laughter realizing she just got away with her plan.

As soon as Nina sat down in the classroom she got a notification on her phone.

Her phone rang

and it showed that ten thousand dollars had been transferred to her bank account.

Before she figured out what was going on, Isabella called her.

"Nina, bad news! Check the school forum right now. Something is wrong."

Nina opened the campus

forum and saw the top post. It was difficult to miss in all honesty.

"Amazing! Nina Lu, our campus queen, sells her body for cash!"

There were two photos on the post. One showed her coming out of the Four Seasons Garden Hotel, with her clothes in tatters.

The other photo showed the ten thousand deposit in her account.

What was going on?

This post had been forwarded ten thousand times in just a matter of minutes.

It was obvious that most of her classmates had seen it by now. Almost all of them stared at her in disgust. Girls were insulting her, and some boys even whistled at her frivolously.

She was always an arrogant girl and few people would even dare cross her path. She was lorded as somewhat of a goddess by boys around campus. Most were too intimidated to even talk to her. Now, not only did they whistle, but they flirted with her like it was nothing.

A girl sarcastically remarked, "Nina, you don"t have to pretend to be so high and mighty. We know you sold your body. Don"t pretend to be innocent now."

"That"s my business. I don"t need you to judge me," Nina glanced at her and said nonchalantly.

The girl shut up instantly.

Ignoring the strange gazes and comments around her, Nina remained poised and took out her laptop from her bag.

She opened the website and saw several outrageous comments.

"Bah, the bitch pretends to be pure and innocent." The comments were mainly from girls who were looking down on her. She was held in such high esteem for so long, and now the girls finally had an opportunity to take her down.

"Only ten thousand for one night? Come with me. I"ll give you ten thousand and one," commented a boy. Everyone"s kindness seemed to fly out the window when it came to Nina. They had no remorse in insulting her.

"Hello, I"m a student from the information school. Do you need me to check the poster"s IP for you?" This comment was also very popular, not because anyone liked it but because many were calling the person"s names.

Looking at the person whose nickname was "MiMiMichelle", Nina smiled and wrote, "Thank you. But it"s a piece of cake for me to check the poster"s IP."

Nina quickly typed on the keyboard of her laptop with her slender fingers. She looked calm with a faint smile delicately placed on her face.

"Done." Within a minute, the IP of the anonymous poster appeared, showing that it was in the school.

The details also popped up.

"Isabella? She is the poster!"

Now Nina understood everything.

Isabella had sprayed the perfume on purpose, which would make Nina lose her virginity to any man that she was close to.

Were the two photos taken by Isabella as well?

Nina was reluctant to accept it and checked everything again, carefully. But all the evidence, even the phone model, pointed to Isabella.

"It"s true.

Why did she do that?

What was the point? Does she hate me because of my face?"

For a moment, Nina felt as if everything was a lie.

Suddenly, a gentle voice came to her ears. The sound was powerful but somehow soothing.

"Feeling sad?"

As soon as Nina turned her head, a person appeared beside her. He was dressed in a white basketball kit. The beads of sweat wetted his chestnut-colored short hair and dripped onto his face.

He was clearly tired from playing basketball, but he still looked presentable.

The boy, Albert Song, sat beside Nina, tilted his head and told her, "I saw the post."

Nina was distraught. Not by the comments or even the post, but by the fact that Isabella posted it.

"What"s wrong? Are you sad about this thing?" He knew that Nina never cared about anything anyone had to say. Otherwise, the rumors over the past few years would have destroyed her by now.

"Yes." Nina leaned back and closed the computer. In a defeated tone, she said, "A friend did that."

"A friend?" He frowned.

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