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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 6 Something Wrong With The Perfume

He straightened himself up and asked coldly, "What"s going on?"

He had only been gone for two years. How could he be married?

"Two years ago, Mr. Sam married you to the girl who saved his life. She is now your wife. Mr. Sam took care of all the details. He has the marriage license and everything."

Sam told Henry about this after Henry became his assistant. He also told Henry to stop John from cheating on his wife.

Truthfully, it seemed that John was more interested in his wife these days.

So Henry had basically succeeded in that mission.

With a frown, John came to an appalling conclusion. He gritted his teeth and said, "So he traded me like property."

Henry opened his mouth and wanted to explain, but he just couldn"t get the words out.

It might not seem like it but Sam had John"s best interests in mind. He thought that John might not ever find a wife so he was going to do his best to find his son one. The father was confident that Nina would be the best choice for his son. Henry was never going to tell John what Sam had said, not in a million years.

He finally understood why he couldn"t pry too much into Nina"s life. Sam must have done something not worth talking about.

The Shi family villa was located at No.1, SQ Road.

As soon as John got out of the car, he stormed towards Sam"s study and asked, "Why am I married?"

Sam stopped writing. He raised his head and looked at his son, who was inexplicably energetic.

"What"s wrong with him? He couldn"t even greet me. His first reaction is to interrogate me before anything else.

What a bastard!"

Sam wasn"t a very patient man. If someone treated him poorly, he"d give it directly back to them. Since John was being a bit rude, Sam answered, "I was worried you wouldn"t be able to find a wife, so I found one for you."

"Does he think that nobody wants me?

Ridiculous!" John thought furiously.

He was part of the Shi family, the CEO of the Time Group, the famous Mr. John, and one of the most eligible bachelors.

Just a few days ago he had a woman drooling all over him.

How could no one want him?

What a joke!

"I want a divorce, right now." He didn"t want to marry a woman just because he had to.

He was only going to marry a woman he deemed fit. At the very least, she had to be good-looking.

Sam"s blood boiled. He raised his voice. "How dare you!"

John very rarely listened to his father.

So this time, he wasn"t going to obey his father as well.

Since John came back, he"d been battling his father at almost every moment. It was really taking a toll on their relationship.

Jake, who was standing aside and watching, was thinking a lot about the past few days. John had just come back, but had already made Sam more frustrated than ever before.

Then Jake turned around and took out a photo. He handed it to John and stood up to try and help this situation. "Young master, why don"t you get to know the girl first before making a decision?"

He believed that the married couple would gradually fall in love with each other after they spent some time together.

Besides, the young mistress Nina was quite beautiful and had her personal charisma.

Most men would have a crush on her, and John shouldn"t be an exception.

It was said that Nina had a lot of admirers in L University.

The photo was of Nina. She had delicate eyebrows and a bright smile. Her skin was fair and warm, shining in the sun. Her hair was casually tied up with a pencil, and a few strands of long hair fell to her cheeks.

The photo was a little blurry. Somebody else had taken the picture and posted it online. Jake just printed it, waiting for the day that John would need to see her.

This was the only pho

to he had, though.

John was suddenly captivated by this radiant girl in the photo. He hesitated, wanting to take the picture and look closer at her.

A gust of wind blew into the room. The photo was blown out of the window, floating, and soon disappeared!

Sam kept quiet.

Jake said nothing as well and watched the picture float away.

Even Henry, who was standing to the side, quietly looked out of the window into the dark night and felt the chilly spring wind blow into the room.

"Oh, that"s too bad," John said calmly, with one hand in his pocket.

Sam was so angry that his eyebrows twitched.

He knew that John was intentionally trying to aggravate him.

"Master, that was the only photo we had." This was hardly what Sam wanted to hear. He was tired of this meeting already.

Taking a glance at his father, John stretched his hand out, suggesting that he wanted him to hand over the divorce agreement

"What are you doing? Do you want some money or something? Why are you asking me for money?" Sam pretended he didn"t know his son"s meaning and even misinterpreted it.

"Old man..."

John was mad and couldn"t stand his father"s behaviors.

He picked up his coat, turned around and left.

"Where are you going? We are to have a family dinner tonight. You can"t leave!" Sam shouted.

"I haven"t attended it for the past two years. It doesn"t matter if I am there or not." With a wave of his hand, John strolled out.

"Come back!" blared Sam angrily.

"I will come back when you"re ready to give me the divorce papers."


Sam was admittedly disappointed. The family gathering ended up being a rather gloomy event. Everyone sat in an awkward silence not daring to say anything.

On Monday, Nina passed her dresser and realized something abruptly.

She stopped and stared at a bottle of perfume.

She distinctly remembered Isabella spraying some perfume on her before handing the bottle to her that evening.

Nina held the perfume bottle with her slender fingers and gently opened it.

"It"s the Pheromone Perfume!

No wonder that man said I set him up." Nina narrowed her eyes, threw the perfume into her bag and set off for school.

Coincidentally, she met Isabella in the canteen.

"Nina, how was your weekend?" Isabella asked as if nothing had happened.

In reality, she kind of knew how her weekend was.

When she woke up in the morning in the Four Seasons Garden Hotel, she happened to see Nina leaving in a bit of mess.

Unexpectedly, her plan was actually a success.

Thinking that she was the one who got Nina to lose her virginity made her quite proud.

She was sure that Nina was no longer the perfect girlfriend for Albert Song after being defiled by some man.

Nina didn"t respond to Isabella"s greetings. Instead, she stared at the millet porridge in her bowl with a rather blank expression.

She felt that something was off with Isabella.

"I got taken advantage of," Nina said, trying to get a reaction.

Unexpectedly, Isabella stood up and shouted, "What? Are you okay? What did he do to you?"

She shrieked so loudly, and it seemed she had forgotten that they were in the crowded canteen.

Her reaction was so sudden and intense that Nina was actually stunned.

Isabella began checking Nina"s body, but didn"t see any trace of her being taken advantage of by some man. Her heart sank and she felt nothing but disappointment.

She tried to remain poised though.

Nina glanced at her and just smiled. "I took revenge on him. I know kung fu. You know that."

Isabella smiled, pretending to feel relieved. "Yes, yes!"

"What was she on about? Is she hiding what happened?

I did see her walk out of the hotel in men"s clothes."

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