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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 4 How Dare You Set Me Up

As for whether his son would sign it or not, Sam didn"t know.

So proud and arrogant, his son might think that no woman in the world deserved him. He probably would sign it, wouldn"t he?

But he didn"t know yet that he had such a beautiful wife.

"Uncle, I have something to do. I have to go now." Nina made up an excuse and ran away.

Needless to say, she was surprised that Sam agreed so readily. But when she thought that she could be single again and didn"t have to pay twenty million, the air around her became sweet.

Once she got divorced, she could find a boyfriend whom she really liked.

When Nina left, Jake looked at the divorce agreement in his hand and asked, "Sir, do you really agree with the divorce?"

"What divorce?" To be honest, Sam was displeased.

How hard it had been for him to get a daughter-in-law! How could he let her go?

"Then, the divorce agreement..." "Should it be given to Mr. John or not?" Jake wanted to ask but swallowed the words back.

A shrewd look flashed through his eyes when Sam glanced at the divorce agreement. "You find a place where you could keep it. I"m too old to remember things."

As he was a bit too old already, it was normal for him to forget things.

"Yes, sir." Jake immediately understood that Sam didn"t want to give the divorce agreement to John at all.

A cunning look appeared on Sam"s face.

At that time, he swore in his heart that he would remind and reproach his youngest son when he came back. However, he didn"t expect this kind of thought would make John sneeze on his way home.


The sudden sneezing made John confused.

Through the rear-view mirror, Henry glanced at his boss while driving. "Sir, are you okay? Do you want me to turn off the air conditioner?"

Instead of answering his question, John coldly said, "Focus on your driving."

"Yes, sir." Although Henry was ignored, he just slightly raised his brows.

After the car turned into a corner, they entered the SQ Road.

With the turn light on, Henry turned the steering wheel. He also honked the horn before turning to avoid any accident.

As soon as the car entered, a figure suddenly appeared in front of them.

Shocked, Henry quickly honked the horn and stepped on the brake.

A burst of noisy horn made Nina, who was immersed in the happiness of being single, suddenly raised her head.

A Maybach was coming at her, and she was lost for a moment.

She couldn"t move her feet as if they were filled with lead.

"Stop. Stop the car!" Her heart was beating fast and her eyes were wide open, but she just couldn"t move her feet.

At the critical moment, Henry managed to stop the car.

Suddenly, there was a burning smell on the asphalt road.

There was only a little distance between the car and Nina. If the car stopped half a second later, she would be hit and would probably be in heaven now.

After being frightened, she lost her balance and fell to the ground.

Due to shock, she accidentally skinned her hand.

The two men were also shocked in the car. They both rushed forward due to the inertia of the sudden brake.

Henry held the steering wheel and was able to quickly steady himself.

While John was not so lucky. He leaned against the back of the seat, and his ironed shirt was wrinkled.

"Henry!" John shouted angrily. The wrinkles on John"s eyebrows were not less than those on his clothes. His tight frown indicated he was extremely furious.

All of a sudden, Henry felt a chill down his spine.

It was his first day working for his boss and accidents occurred frequently. What did he do wrong?

Preparing to get scolded, Henry gritted his teeth and explained, "A woman rushed out just now. I"m sorry, sir!"

But John only glared at Henry and sat back slowly. He straightened his clothes and glanced at the woman sitting on the ground in front of the car.

Only her black hair and half of her place face showed, but it really made him feel sick.

Being a cold man that he was, John looked away. "Let"s go."

Henry was stunned. Shouldn"t he ask

about this lady"s condition?

He knew the answer was no. His boss had always been heartless.

It was more important for Henry to keep his job.

So, he turned the steering wheel and was about to leave when Nina came back to her senses.

The moment she saw that the car was about to leave, she thought of what she had suffered last night and her aching palm. She suddenly got angry.

Enduring the pain in her palm, Nina quickly stood up and stretched out her hand to stop the car.

For the second time, Henry slammed on the brakes.

Annoyed, John closed his eyes, and when he opened them; his eyes were grimmer and colder. "Sir, she stopped the car."

Without tidying up her hair, she strode to the car and knocked on the window. After the window was rolled down, she immediately said, "You just hit me. Don"t you know?"

Because she was dressed in white and her hair was disheveled, Nina looked like a ghost who came to ask for a payment for his debt. To Henry, she was a little terrifying.

"Miss, are you okay?" Henry swallowed with fear.

Did she look fine? His question made her want to ridicule him.

She reached out to tuck her black hair behind her ears, which revealed her whole face. Then she stretched out her injured hands, which were bleeding.

"Take me to the hospital."

As it happened, she hadn"t taken a taxi yet after leaving that house.

At the sight of her whole face, Henry"s eyes widened.

"Isn"t she boss"s wife?"

Subconsciously, Henry turned his head to look at John, only to find that he was already staring at her.

Her features without any make-up were very delicate, and her amber pupils were shining with unshed tears. Her almond eyes were full of inadvertent seduction.

"Hey, little girl!" Strange to say, John was in a good mood when he saw the girl who begged for his mercy last night.

It was as if fate made them meet for the second time.

But he didn"t know if it was coincidence or her trick.

He hated being tricked the most. With this thought, the smile on his face gradually disappeared.

Following his voice, Nina saw the man who made her likely to pay twenty million. Her lips went dry as she got angrier.

After slightly licking her lips, she asked, "Uncle, why are you here again?"

She looked so helpless.

Last night, she was unlucky enough to meet him and even be bullied by him. She had thought that she would never meet him again, but why did she have to see him again now?

He almost killed her last night, and now what? Did he want to kill her at all cost?

After Nina called him uncle, John became sulky in an instant. However, he had called her little girl just now. He was already thirty years old. There were three children of his family who called him uncle. So it seemed normal for him to be called uncle.

"Little girl, are you unhappy to see me?" There was a hint of disappointment in his voice. Countless young women were obsessed with him and even chasing after him because of his status, talent and appearance.

Yet, why was she so eager to avoid him?

Was she afraid that he would eat her alive?

Oh. He had already done that.

Nina didn"t want to say anything.

Why should she feel happy?

Was he insane?

Yes, he was handsome but unfortunately, in her opinion, he turned out to be a rogue who escaped from a mental hospital.

"Goodbye." Since she found out that this man in the car was the same one she met last night, she would rather take a taxi than go to the hospital.

"Stop!" Yesterday, she didn"t listen to him.

Now, the same thing happened again!

At the moment, John"s face grew dark and cold. He opened the door and pulled her in until she fell on the seat.

Because of his tall figure, Nina felt a sense of condescending pressure, especially in such a narrow car.

"What do you want to do?" As Nina stared at his cold face, she got a little scared.

With a faint smile, John pinched her jaw. "Little girl, tell me, who gave you the courage to set me up?"

He deliberately prolonged his voice with irrefutable deterrence.

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