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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 30 You Are So Stupid

Wherever John went, Henry would always be there.

James stood up, wiping the water from his face.

He saw Henry staring back at him.

Henry nodded at James, then turned to John who was in the back seat. "Mr. Shi, Miss Lu is with Mr. James Shi and he has spotted me."

John raised his eyebrows, but it didn"t wipe the exhausted look from his face. His eyes were bloodshot and it looked like he hadn"t had much rest.

He regretted leaving Nina by herself in the middle of nowhere last night. That place was essentially deserted with no life in sight, let alone a taxi. She was such a beautiful girl. What would have happened if she met some bad guy?

He had asked Henry to drive back and send Nina back home. However, as soon as they returned, John saw her get in a taxi.

It was so late though, how were there still taxis around in this remote place?

Seeing the taxi leave with Nina in it made John"s head feel hot. He had an urge to buy the taxi company and fire the taxi driver.

When he finally got home and went to bed, he tossed and turned all night long.

He was riddled with the thoughts of their meetings—the romantic night, the slap, the arguments and even the violence.

She called him "Uncle" in a soft voice and even called him "honey" once. His heart pounded in his chest just thinking of Nina.

The room was a mess. The rising sun revealed the cigarette buds scattered over the floor. This was the first night in his life that he didn"t even get a wink of sleep.

As soon as John arrived at the company in the morning, Amelia, the chairman of Fang Group, was waiting at the door to apologize. She begged him to give the Zhang family a chance and explained to him why Isabella used James.

John, however, was angrier upon hearing what she had to say.

He didn"t like the fact that James was used, but the thing made him fuming mad was Amelia slandering Nina.

All in all her attempts amounted to nothing but failure. The Zhang family couldn"t be saved, and John was still going to deal with Fang Group. However, the Fang Group didn"t belong to Amelia alone, and the other shareholders would try to save the group. The Zhang family, on the other hand, was going to be bankrupt in a few days.

John did all of this for Nina.

Knowing that John hadn"t slept the entire night, Henry reminded his boss that he might be in love with Nina.

John initially took it as a joke, but the more he thought about it, the more he realized it was true.

John then went to L University and happened to see Nina spit water on James" face.

She was really something else. She had no fear.

For a moment, John seemed to be rejuvenated.

"Mr. Shi, should I call Miss Lu over here?" Henry"s voice brought him back to reality.

"Not yet." He was hesitant because he wasn"t really sure what to say to her.

He wanted to make out with her.

But she was on her period, so it was better that he didn"t meet with her.

Henry was a little surprised. John left all his work and took a trip to the university just to look at Nina?

What happened?

He should just take her to his place, right?

However, it seemed that James was about to come here with Nina anyway.

"Senior, let"s go. I"ll treat you to dinner today!" James said excitedly, forgetting what Nina had just done.

He had to create an opportunity for John and Nina to see each other.

"Dinner? Bring me with you too," Michelle replied quickly. As long as there was food involved, she was always the first to respond.

"Dinner?" Nina asked. What was wrong with James? Why did he want to buy her dinner? It was never a good idea to entertain his antics.

Since last night where James snatched John"s phone, Nina was on her guard. She didn"t trust him and shot glances at him, doubting his every move.

She looked at his wet face and said, "Are you out of your mind?"

James was a little embarrassed now.

He wasn"t expecting that type of reaction.

Some people around

them burst into laughter. They were all very familiar with Nina and James. They didn"t believe that Nina and James were a couple, but now they thought they were wrong.

Who would dare spit water on his face? Who would disrespect him like that?

It could only be Nina.

What she said made sense. James was probably out of his mind. Even though she clearly had no respect for him, he still invited her out.

"Why are you laughing?" James couldn"t be angry with her. She would be his aunt in the future.

He could yell at these other bystanders though. They meant absolutely nothing to him. He was doing them a favor by just gracing them with his presence, in his eyes anyway.

Everyone stopped laughing and lowered their head timidly.

"Oh, don"t worry about them. Let"s go to have dinner. Mr. Shi, what do you want to get?" Michelle asked.

"You have to ask Nina. I"m inviting her."

"Nini likes seafood. That is her favorite I think. We can go eat some crabs. What do you think, Nini?" Michelle walked up to Nina and held her arm. She smiled, revealing her white teeth.

Nina really felt a warm feeling creep over her heart as if it was about to melt. She had friends before like Isabella that had no idea that she loved seafood. Even Albert, who had always been considerate and gentle, didn"t know that she liked seafood.

How did Michelle know?

"You"re not Nina. How do you know she likes seafood?" James asked Michelle, annoyed.

Michelle said confidently, "Of course I know. Every time I have dinner with Nini, she has to have some form of seafood on her plate, sometimes lobster, sometimes squid, and sometimes scallop. Anyway, the point is that she loves seafood.

Well, she only order a kind of seafood each other because..." Michelle turned to look at Nina with tenderness in her eyes. She thought, "Because Nini is poor, so she always tries to save money."

She stopped herself because she couldn"t tell James that. He would probably look down on her for it.

With her right hand holding Nina"s arm and her left hand clutching James" clothes, Michelle was ready to leave. "So we"re going to eat seafood. We can go to the seafood buffet."

Seeing Michelle"s expression, Nina knew what she was thinking. She knew that Michelle thought she was too poor. She made that sympathetic face quite often.

She didn"t know what to say for a moment. She was a bit flustered.

"Alright, let"s go." Nina walked arm in arm with Michelle gleefully. She knew that she probably wanted to eat seafood too.

James was elated. He took out his phone and began dialing someone.

"I"ll make a call and book a table at the Seafood Restaurant for us."

"Great! Apparently all their seafood is imported from C Island. It"s possibly the freshest in the city, and the chefs are incredible. We have to go there. The interesting thing about the Seafood Restaurant is that it is owned by the Shi family. Hurry up and make the call!"

Just talking about the C Island stunned Nina. For a moment she was in a complete daze.

When James dialed the number, John"s low and hoarse voice came from the other end of the line. "What"s up? If you"re going to waste my time, I"m going to hang up."

"Oh, Uncle John, please don"t. Nina wants seafood so we want to go to the Seafood Restaurant. Please may you book us a table?" With his back to Nina, James smiled sinisterly.

He covered his mouth and whispered into the phone, "Uncle John, don"t say that I never help you."

A glimmer of light suddenly appeared in John"s eyes. He said to Henry, "Go to the Seafood Restaurant."

James was relieved. They hopped in his dazzling Ferrari and drove to the Seafood Restaurant.

As soon as the car stopped at the door of the Seafood Restaurant, they met John who got out of his Bentley.

"Nini, your uncle is also here!" Michelle pressed her face against the window and pointed at the man in a black suit.

His steely and charming profile was difficult to miss.

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