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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 3 Divorce Agreement

When he didn"t hear anything else from his assistant, John lifted his gaze. "That"s all?"

Henry nodded. "The information before her entrance to college is blank, so I couldn"t find anything else."

"Even you can"t find anything?" John gazed at him thoughtfully.

Henry nodded again. "All her information was deliberately erased."

How could a person"s information be completely erased? Even if he was one of the best hackers in the world, Henry would still not be able to find it. It seemed that this woman wasn"t that simple.

Or her husband wasn"t that simple to go against.

In that case, only fate could bring Nina into his life again.

Maybe last night was the only time that they could ever meet.

Seeing the thoughtful look on his boss"s face, Henry felt that John was actually interested in this Nina. Knowing that she was married must have disappointed him.

It was a pity that she was actually taken.

"Don"t let her get pregnant with my child," John said coldly as Henry turned away.

He hated for him to encounter any trouble.

"It seems that he"s not only cold but unforgiving," Henry thought.

After all, they just had a one night stand. How could John be so indifferent to that woman?

Henry glanced at the data once again.

Suddenly, her information reminded him of who Nina actually was.

She was......

Henry stiffened.

No wonder she was incredibly familiar!

Wasn"t she John"s wife who had gotten married to him secretly?

In fact, the man himself didn"t know that he was actually married.

It seemed that they had flirted with each other before they even knew that they were meant to be with each other.

"Mr. John..." Henry raised his head, stopping the man from entering the elevator.

John turned around and glanced at him, as if silently telling him that if it wasn"t important, then he shouldn"t bother him at all.

A part of Henry didn"t want to say anything,

but a part of him was also frightened that if John knew about this and knew that he was hiding it from him, John might as well scorch him alive! Taking a deep breath, Henry calmed himself.

"Mr. John, Miss. Nina is actually your wife..."

"When you applied to be my assistant, didn"t anyone tell you to keep silent when I ask no questions?"

Henry was about to continue when John interrupted him harshly.

Taken aback by his harsh words, Henry straightened his back and bowed his head, nodding. "Yes, Mr. John. I won"t do that again."

"Deduct your salary for one month. That"s your punishment," he said indifferently, waving his hand as if he was a king ordering his subjects.

Henry froze as if he had just been struck by lightning. He opened his mouth, but no words came out.

He had just been working for less than a month, and the salary that he had worked so hard to earn was now gone! What the hell?

Henry was so angry, but he didn"t dare speak again.

At three p.m.

Although Nina was still sleepy, she answered a call that requested her to come to a dinner party at six o"clock at No. 1 SQ Road. She had agreed without hesitation. In fact, she couldn"t wait.

Nina was actually planning to get her divorce today, and now, the opportunity came just in time.

No.1 SQ Road was a terrace house. In fact, they were the only family living along the road, so it was very quiet.

She touched her bag subconsciously,

knowing that it held a freshly written divorce agreement.

As soon as she stepped into the outer courtyard, a deep voice sounded behind her. It was her husband"s father, her father-in-law. He smiled at her arrival.

Sam Shi was around 60, so Nina guessed that his son must"ve been 40 by now.

However, he was still unmarried at that age, and he even needed his father to find a wife for him. It only meant that the man was either u

gly or mentally ill.

Therefore, she was even more encouraged to hand over the agreement.

"Nay, you came!" Sam Shi"s hair was already grey, and the wrinkles on his face were clearly visible whenever he smiled. Although he looked old, he was still pretty energetic.

Nina walked up to him, bowing her head. "Uncle."

He frowned at the way she had addressed him.

She was his daughter-in-law! How could she call him Uncle as if he was just any other older person?

"Nay, I believe you"ve addressed me wrongly." Sam reminded her kindly.

She shuffled awkwardly.

Of course.

"You"re still my son"s wife. How can you call me Uncle?"

"I won"t be your daughter-in-law soon."

However, the sentence held her back. She didn"t want to say it in fear of frightening the old man.

Why not just get it over with now?

Sam had organized a family dinner today, and the person who she was married to would definitely come. What if he saw Nina right then and there? What if he refused to divorce her after that?

She might as well cut all ties immediately!

"Uncle, I actually came here today to tell you something." Without adding anything more, she pulled a divorce agreement from her bag.

Given that she had printed it out earlier that day, the ink was still fresh.

She handed the agreement to Sam Shi. "Uncle, this is the divorce agreement. I"ve already signed it. Please give it to..."

What was her husband"s name?

She blinked, stunned that she didn"t even know his name before continuing, "Please give it to my husband and urge him to sign it."

Divorce agreement?

Sam"s expression changed abruptly. He glanced at the papers before glancing back at Nina, analyzing her features.

From the looks of it, she must"ve really wanted this to happen.

She even drew it up herself.

"Would you like to think this through?" he said gently.

She had already made up her mind.

It would always lead to this no matter what solution she tried to come up with.

If she didn"t cheat on her husband, then she wouldn"t have been this anxious to divorce him. The twenty million dollars were weighing her down like a boat.

She didn"t even want her husband to show up right now.

What if he suddenly found out? She didn"t want to die!

Nina rubbed her aching forehead, seeing the disappointment written all over Sam"s face. "I"ve already made up my mind. I"m willing to give up all of the properties under my name."

"Really?" She didn"t even want the Shi Family"s protection?

Others didn"t even know her. Sam was the reason behind all of this.

If he hadn"t erased all the information about her, then her past would"ve caught up to her.


As long as she didn"t need to pay for the twenty million, then she was fine.

It wasn"t that she didn"t have the ability to pay, but she didn"t want to be wronged.

Besides, she had her own ability to hide from her family.

Sam thought about this for a while and figured out that the reason she wanted divorcement was because she hadn"t seen his son.

"Nay, I"m responsible for your marriage. It"s my fault that you haven"t seen each other," he explained.

Then he took out a faded one-inch photo from his coat pocket before handing it to her. "This is a photo of my youngest son. You can decide after seeing him."

Nina glanced at the photo. Due to its faded color, she could vaguely see the outline of the young boy. In fact, he looked like he just got out of the university.

He looked handsome.

It was just that since she didn"t see his recent pictures, she didn"t know what he looked like now.

"Uncle, I don"t want to delay him," she said. She also didn"t want to waste any more time.

When Sam saw that she was still unmoved, he had to compromise for another plan as taking over the divorce agreement.

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