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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 29 My Uncle Likes You

Did James do something to the Zhang family?

It didn"t come as much of a surprise to Nina. It could be because James figured out that Isabella was trying to use him and he wanted to get even. He might have gotten furious from embarrassment, and wanted to save face.

"Mimi, you are wrong." Nina couldn"t help but roll her eyes. "James dealing with the Zhang family has nothing to do with me."

After all, she didn"t hold that much influence on him.

Michelle puffed up her chubby cheeks in defeat and looked regretful. "Nini has no one to rely on. It would be great if James could serve as her backer.

He is rich, powerful and very good-looking."

"Nini, do you know how miserable the Zhang family is right now? They are on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, and Isabella will soon be a penniless girl. Serves her right for having offended James," Michelle gossiped. At the mere mention of the miserable situation the Zhang family was in, she looked elated, as if she had a deep grudge against Isabella.

And of course, there was indeed a deep animosity between them. Isabella and Michelle used to be members of the same club. At that time, Isabella would order Michelle around like a servant, asking her to do endless things for her every day. And whenever Isabella was unhappy, she would vent it all out on Michelle and scold her in front of the whole club.

Had her parents not imbibed in her not to lower herself to the same level as the impolite and uncultured people, Michelle would not have been able to bear the humiliation.

When she saw the post that Isabella had been beaten up in the street, she laughed to her heart"s content. Finally, someone had helped her vent her anger and take her revenge. Now, seeing the Zhang family in dire straits, she even felt more euphoric and she grinned from ear to ear with pleasure.

"They are going bankrupt?" The Shi family might have gotten rid of the Zhang family easily with the flick of a finger, but that was not the case with Isabella"s mother"s family. After thinking for a while, Nina said, "Isabella"s mother is the chairman of Fang Group. Running the Zhang family into bankruptcy would take some time."

Michelle was still laughing and couldn"t keep her happiness in.

"Stop laughing. The Zhang family won"t go bankrupt that easily." Nina had investigated Isabella"s family background prior to today. Amelia was the only child and heiress of the Fang family. And Isabella was also the only child of Amelia.

As the only child, Isabella was destined to inherit the properties of both the Fang family and the Zhang family. Even without the Zhang family, there was still the Fang family to fall back on.

"What are you saying? Why is that?" The smile on Michelle"s face suddenly froze, and the smell of bread in her hand also smelt a bit foul.

"Although it is not good conduct to take pleasure in another person"s misfortune, Isabella deserves it. She is a bad person and she has bullied me, and even framed you. What"s more, she even defamed you with her post on the school forum, which resulted to people scolding you wrongfully," Michelle declared as she defended Nina like a tigress defending her cub. By now, Michelle had taken Nina under her wing as her best friend. Anyone who dared to bully Nina deserved nothing but bad luck.

Nina frowned. "How did you know?"

Just as Michelle was about to answer, James chimed in, "I told her, of course."

He raised his eyebrows towards the two girls, and sat next to them. Seeing a bottle of juice on the table, he rudely picked it up and took a sip from the unopened juice.

After that, he crossed her legs and said smugly, "Aunt... Senior, are you satisfied with the current situation the Zhang family is in?"

He had initially intended to call her Aunt Nina, but when he saw the stern warning in Nina"s eyes, he changed the way he addressed her.

Nina was glaring with unconcealed displeasure at James. How dare he call her Aunt Nina again! He had almost tricked her to death last night.

"And go get a drink for yourself," Nina berated him and took back the juice angrily without even throwing him a glance.

"Mr. Shi, why are you calling Nini "Senior"? Is it because she is your senior by one grade? If so, why aren"t you calling me "Senior" as well?" Michelle also took a sip from her juice, and stared at him with her questioning black eyes.

"You are younger than me. Why should I call you "Senior"? But Nina is different. No matter what, she will be superior to me in seniority in all aspects." James had been watching in the dark last night and saw how John carried Nina away.

A man was carrying a beautiful girl away. James could already assume what would happen next without giving it much thought.

Henry was indeed a wise man and had correctly predicted that Nina would be James" aunt sooner or later.

James was sure that John must have taken a big liking to Nina. Otherwise, he wouldn"t have dealt with the Zhang family without mercy and even gave a stern warn

ing to the Fang family.

Another big family in the city was about to disappear.

"James, if you can"t control your mouth and keep on talking nonsense, I"ll take a needle to sew it to shut you up." Nina fumed. What exactly did James want to imply by seniority?

Did he think she would not understand what he truly meant to say?

She swore she would never marry his proud and narcissistic uncle, unless she became blind.

James covered his mouth to stop himself from saying anything that he shouldn"t have said. He shook to beg for mercy. Although he looked repentant, he still thought he was right and had not said anything wrong at all.

"But you haven"t given me an answer yet. Are you satisfied with the predicament the Zhang family is in?" He asked her the same question again.

If she was not yet satisfied with how things were, he would go back and advise his uncle to do more things to make her satisfied.

Should that happen, John would have no time to keep an eye on him.

"What does that have to do with me? Wasn"t it you who came up with the idea of dealing with the Zhang family?" Although she had broken up her friendship with Isabella, she would only target the people she had gotten in conflict with, and would not do anything bad to their family.

James was at a loss. What did she mean?

"It was my uncle who targeted them, all because the Zhang family bullied you."

"Are you saying it was your uncle who did it?"


Nina frowned even more and asked suspiciously, "Why did he do that?"

She couldn"t agree with the reason provided by James. She would have given him more credibility if John had not played tricks on her previously. So why would someone as powerful as John target a whole family just to let her have her revenge?

Even the thought itself was simply inconceivable.

"You were not aware of that?" With an unbelievable look on his stunned face, James wondered if John had failed to win her heart over.

Last night, when James saw John carry her away, she had not shown any sign of resistance at all.

Nina seemed to be a willing party when she was carried away.

"What should I be aware of?" All she knew was that John had sent the video recording to the Zhang family, which in effect caused her a series of untoward incidents.

She had initially planned to give Isabella a dose of her own medicine and made her suffer the same public opinion as her. She had no more desire to continue being friends with her in the future, and wanted to cut all ties with her so as not to cause unnecessary trouble any longer.

But she had not expected that trouble would come looking for her in the end.

With one hand on his forehead, James couldn"t help but sigh with disappointment. This was the one time when his omnipotent uncle had rendered himself useless. Although he had done so many things, Nina wasn"t even aware of what he meant by doing so.

"What are you two talking about? What should Nini be aware of?" With her eyes staring wide open, Michelle tried her best to prick up her ears to eavesdrop on their conversation and blinked repeatedly with confusion.

She tried so hard to listen in, but she really couldn"t hear even a word of what they were taking about.

With his hands spread out, he shrugged in defeat and said helplessly, "The plain truth is that my uncle likes you! It"s as simple as that. Aren"t you aware of it?"

Nina was caught in surprise. She let out a cough involuntarily, and a mouthful of water was sprayed out of her mouth, landing right on James" black hair and handsome face.

The water made his hair on the forehead wet. He looked so pathetic with the water dripping on his face, like the rain on the eaves, drenching his face and tainting it with unsightly water marks.

James abruptly jumped up in shock and stared at Nina with bitterness and disgust and thought, "Aunt Nina, no matter how excited you are, you can"t..."

"I"m so sorry. Are you okay?" With an apologetic look on her face, Nina hurriedly took out a tissue from her bag and put it on his wet face. "Why did you have to tell such a joke for no reason? Here, wipe it by yourself."

At this moment, James rolled his eyes in a forlorn manner and looked at Nina with bitterness.

If it weren"t for the fact that she would be his aunt and her future child would be his niece or nephew, he would have retaliated and sprayed more water back.

Now, he couldn"t take any action against her and all he could do was wipe himself with the tissue. It was him who was sprayed water on, but it was also him who had to wipe it himself. So pitiful!

"Uncle John and Aunt Nina are destinied to be together. I"m always the one who suffers when I"m with either of them."

Suddenly, James caught a glimpse of a Bentley parked on the road outside. It looked like it was one of John"s three favorite cars.

The moment he saw it, the window slowly rolled down. As expected, the person in the driver"s seat was Henry.

So John must be here. James got excited.

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