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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 28 Are You Dating James

Henry was shrewd and pretended not to have heard what she just said. He continued driving the car in a steady speed without any sign of slowing down. However, their earlier destination had changed.

John and Nina were now having an intimate moment with each other, and it would be better to drive to John"s villa.

Sensing that the car wasn"t slowing down one bit, Nina was annoyed and threw daggers at John with her eyes. "Tell him to stop right now."

But John chose to ignore Nina"s words and asked instead, "What do you mean with that sentence just now?"

"Which sentence are you referring to?" Nina had blabbered so much just now, and didn"t know which one he meant.

Feeling indignantly anxious, she no longer wanted to look at him and tried to push him away with all the strength she could muster.

After she had pushed him, there was now more space in the car all of a sudden.

John was eyeing the complacent look on her smug face. Had it not been for the fact that he had purposely withdrawn his strength and allowed her to push him away, was she really so naive as to believe that she could really shove him aside?

She really didn"t know how to be grateful and count her blessings.

But that was beside the point. What was more pressing was to get to the bottom of what she meant with what she had said just now. "What did you mean by saying "nothing bad happened to you and it was just a false alarm"?

What did the Zhang family do to you?" John stared at her with a serious face.

"Well, they hired some men to follow me, trying to kidnap me. Isn"t this what you wanted?" Nina sneered furiously, unwilling to take a look at John again.

Contrary to what she said, this was not his intention at all.

But right now, he was just as confused and didn"t know what he really wanted.

However, when John heard from Nina that the Zhang family had sent people to follow her with the intention of kidnapping her, he felt as if he was the one who had been violated. His cold eyes flashed with ferocity and coldness.

He didn"t even think of taking the initiative to fight back when Nina hit him with force before.

So how could the Zhang family have the audacity to kidnap her and harm her?

Did they think he was dead?

After a long pause, John could only utter two words. "I see."

Then, he asked Henry to stop the car and abruptly threw Nina on the side of the road. It was in the middle of nowhere.

Before she could make sense of what was happening, she was hit by the cold wind outside. The car had already disappeared, leaving her all alone.

Nina had asked John to stop earlier, but he had adamantly refused. Now, he just left her by herself in a desolate place.

This guy was really deliberately playing a mean trick on her.

Anyway, there was no sense in dwelling on him anymore. They would never see each other again in the future.

It took Nina a long time to get to her apartment safe and sound. She took a taxi which cost her hundreds of dollars. By the time she arrived home, it was already one o"clock in the morning. She was so tired she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

The sun was already shining when she woke up.

That morning, a professional course on criminal psychology was to be held. Normally, Professor Qin would be the one to take this class, but every two months, Professor Gu, the most well-known expert in criminal psychology, would come and lecture a class.

Professor Gu was a famous profile writer on criminal psychology. He had a lot of willing and capable disciples who were working with different criminal detection teams all over the country. Professor Gu was also Nina"s well-respected teacher and mentor.

Modesty aside, she was also the youngest disciple of Professor Gu. Compared with other disciples, she was not as good in academics and was now studying diligently and practicing hard at the same time.

Nina couldn"t afford to be absent in Professor Gu"s lesson. She was the first one to arrive at the designated classroom.

Nina took a seat in the first row. As soon as she took out her book on criminal psychology, she heard steady footsteps behind her.

"Nina." Although Professor Gu had gray hair and had a short stature, he was as strong as a bull and had a commanding presence. He sported a beard on his round face, and smiled kindly at Nina.

The way he looked at her was just like how a grandpa would look at his granddaughter with adoration.

Upon hearing his voice, Nina turned her body sideways and looked at him with respect in her eyes. She was as delighted as if she had seen a family member, and the unhappiness of yesterday had been instantly put at the back of her mind.

"Professor Gu, why have you arrived so early today?" Normally, Professor Gu would arrive just two minutes before the class started.

But today, there were still more than ten minutes left before the class star


"Don"t just stand there. Have a seat. I have something important to tell you in advance." Professor Gu smiled amicably and sat down next to her.

"Okay. Professor, what do you have to say to me?" Nina also sat down, turned her full attention on Professor Gu, and looked at him seriously.

He must have something vital to say about that case she was working on.

"Are you still paying attention to the suicide incident that occurred a few days ago? I have read your email analysis, and I was surprised." He expressed his approval on Nina"s analysis of the crime. After comparing the two suicide cases, there were indeed a lot of obscure similarities that could not be taken for granted.

Seeing how meticulous her analysis was, he felt a proud sense of accomplishment. It was as if his disciple had finally grown up and was ready to spread her wings.

"Although the police station has already closed the case, I hope you can still continue to investigate. You must not let the real criminal get away with it."

"Yes, I will. Thank you, Professor Gu." His words made Nina more determined to continue with the investigation.

Professor Gu took out a business card from his bag and handed it to Nina. He pointed at the name on the card and briefly introduced him. "Noah Ye is the leader of the criminal investigation team in the city. If you find enough evidence to support your theory, you can get in touch with him. Or you can tell him about your analysis now and let him investigate the suicide case again."

After saying that, Professor Gu raised his hand and tenderly patted Nina on the shoulder. Without any words, his actions indicated that he thought highly of her and was looking forward to her solving the case.

"I got it, Professor Gu," Nina assured him and put away the name card. After a short while, her classmates entered the classroom one after another. Professor Gu stood up and walked towards the platform.

Some students were talking and laughing with each other. From time to time, some of them seemed to mention Nina"s name with malice. But as soon as they saw Professor Gu standing on the platform, they shut up.

Strangely, there was not a single classmate who sat around Nina, and it seemed as if she was being avoided by everyone. During this period, someone even looked at Nina with disgust, while one looked at her with fear.

Nina didn"t pay any serious attention to it. After Professor Gu left the classroom, the classmates began to gossip.

"How could Nina be fine after what she has done? Is her heart black and made of stone?"

"I think so. Otherwise, how could she treat her good friend like that? Isabella is so pitiful for having a friend like her."

"Isabella was very unfortunate to have made friends with Nina. She has been slapped, and now her family is in dire trouble."

"It"s terrifying to think about it. I used to think Isabella was annoying, but now I think she is really pitiful. I didn"t expect that she would be hurt and stabbed in the back by her good friend."

Slowing down her steps, Nina carefully listened to the whispers around her. She was perplexed and had no idea where the rumors had stemmed from.

In the end, Michelle helped her fill in the missing info.

Michelle was deeply worried about her and warned her, "Nini, even if you want to slap Isabella that badly, can you please find a place where no one could see you next time? Well, someone saw you slapping her, and now they are talking badly about you."

It suddenly dawned on Nina that she had been seen by her classmates when she slapped Isabella in the campus.

But that was not the point. Why did someone mention that Isabella"s family was now in big trouble? What was going on?

"Do you have any idea what happened to Isabella"s family?" Nina looked at Michelle in confusion, her brows creased with a frown.

Michelle was shocked and asked in disbelief, "What? Are you for real? You are saying you really don"t know? Didn"t you let that scumbag... No, he is not a scumbag."

By then, Michelle had already made peace with James. He had already broken off the virtual relationship he had with her in the game. What was more, he also found her a teammate who was a legend to take her to the prize of the quest.

"I mean, James. Didn"t you ask him to punish the Zhang family for you?" All the while, Michelle thought that Nina was behind all these. After all, she was aware of Nina"s vindictive nature after having spent some time with her and she knew that Nina would take her revenge sooner or later.

Fortunately, she was on Nina"s side.

However, when she thought about how James was willing to offend and crush the whole Zhang family for Nina, Michelle couldn"t help but wonder with awe.

"Nini, are you dating James? But he is your junior schoolmate."

Nina was rendered speechless.

She wasn"t interested in any man who was younger than her.

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