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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 27 You Cant Do It

"Well, is there something wrong?" It had been more than twenty days since they had had sex. And she hadn"t taken any contraceptive pills. So he wanted her to go to the hospital for a checkup.

After all, he hated getting into unnecessary trouble the most.

Since Nina said she loved her husband, he thought it better for them to part ways.

Nina suddenly smiled. Her period just started two days ago. How could she be pregnant?

Although she had forgotten to take contraceptive pills the day after they had had sex, she had been paying attention to the possibility of getting pregnant all the while.

She was in tenterhooks and felt relieved only after her period had come.

"Uncle, you are too confident." Nina couldn"t help but teasingly laugh at him. "Before I came out this evening, I"d drunk a glass of brown sugar water."

"What does that have to do with me?" John couldn"t think of any connection between the two, and he sneered with annoyance.

Henry was slightly shaking his head. He was afraid that John would say something stupid again and lose face in front of Nina one more time.

If John were to find out in the future and blamed Henry for not telling him, Henry would probably lose his dear life. Hesitantly, he began to explain, "Mr. Shi, what Miss Lu means was that her aunt Flo has come to visit her recently."

"Who is that? Aunt Flo is not, in anyway, related to me," John once again answered with arrogance, still clueless as to what Henry meant to convey.

Nina couldn"t help but laugh out loud when she heard him.

Oh, how could this man be so cute?

In the past, her only impression of John was that he was arrogant and narcissistic, which made him all the more annoying. Now she realized that he was indeed a narcissist, but he was not aware that he was. What he just said unknowingly was really a little too cute.

If he also had a visit from Aunt Flo, she would really laugh her head off mirthlessly.

"No, Mr. Shi, what Miss Lu means to say is..." Henry was completely at a loss for words. What kind of person was John for him not to know about such things? He was dumbfounded and really had no idea how to make John understand the true meaning of what Nina said.

"All right, no more buts." John squinted at the naughtily smiling face of Nina and ordered, "Just go to the hospital."

"I really don"t need to go to the hospital. Stop the car now," Nina said and her face returned to its normal features. It wasn"t a big deal to make it a laughing matter while they were in the car, but it would not be a joke anymore if they made it to the hospital. John would probably be embarrassed to death if he knew about his blunder.

If that happened, he would definitely put the blame on her for everything.

"I said, go to the hospital," John kept on insisting on going to the hospital.

But Nina was feeling kind-hearted that day and wanted to save his face for once. With his insistence, she had no choice but to tell the truth bluntly.

"There is no way I can be pregnant," Nina gently explained to him with tenderness in her wet eyes, all the while smiling enchantingly.

John could not understand what she meant.

What was she trying to convey to him by smiling so smugly?

All of a sudden, it hit him and John"s eyes had a gloomy expression. His face darkened as he threateningly approached her. "Are you mocking me?"

"I..." Nina was stunned speechless. When did she mock him?

She was angry, but had an urge to laugh at his gaffe at the same time. To suppress her amusement, she turned her head away and didn"t bother to look at John anymore. She really couldn"t understand him at all, and she didn"t have the nerve to even look straight at him.

However, when John saw her behaving in such a manner, his feelings gradually changed. Why did he have a feeling that she was dismissing him? He roughly pinched her chin and abruptly turned her face to him. With a gloomy face, he firmly scolded, "Tell me the truth!"

Nina felt pain on her chin and found that she couldn"t get rid of his hand. She was furious and mocked him, "What makes you so confident in yourself?"

Was she spitefully implying that he couldn"t make her pregnant?

Was she now so brazen as to challenge a man"s dignity?

"Say that again if you dare!" He vigorously pinched her chin with more force until silent tears welled up in her stubborn eyes.

"Hasn"t anyone told you never to provoke a man"s dignity so easily? Or else..." he murmured seductively, his low voice like the sound of a melodious cello, magnetic and captivating.

He scrutinized her face, which was very close to his. Her tender skin, big, innocent, watery eyes, and kissable pink little mouth were all too eye-catching that all he could think of doing right then was to kiss her.

Unconsciously, John pressed his face close to hers, and his enticing lips slid across her wa

rm cheek. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, he could not tell.

The faint smell of his unique tobacco mixed with the sweet fragrance of mint went straight into Nina"s nostrils. John"s handsome face held a magical attraction that made her face get redder and redder as he got closer and closer.

At the most critical moment, she tilted her head and her lips barely touched John"s cold face. The brief contact made Nina tremble with anticipation.

Nina"s heart was inexplicably beating erratically.

A sporadic heartbeat could be clearly heard in the silence that followed.

However, she was not sure whose heartbeat it was that she was hearing.

" better stay away from me," Nina ordered as she reached out her hand and tried to push him with all her strength, but her attempt was futile. Her voice became provocatively softer. Rather than a real protest, it sounded more like a beautiful girl hiding in her lover"s arms and was acting like a spoiled child.

As soon as her voice came out, she herself was surprised and frightened by the coquetry she heard in her very own voice.

"If only you could be more obedient," John voiced out in a hoarse voice, with flames of desire burning in his abdomen. Like her, his eyes also had a distinct softness on their depth.

This unparalleled feeling was really wonderful to behold.

It was only when he was close to Nina that he would have such unpredictable yet extraordinarily wonderful emotions.

Nina had really opened the door to a new unchartered world for him that he wished to explore with her by his side.

The romantic atmosphere spread throughout the car, its effect lingering as it floated and filled the whole car. Fortunately, Henry was smart enough to have the foresight to know what would happen next, so he had discreetly raised the partition between the front and back seats and rolled up the window.

Without any audience, John lifted the hair on her forehead, ever so gently. "You just said that I couldn"t do it, so I want to prove myself to you otherwise."

Prove himself? Nina was in panic. She suddenly came to her senses and forcefully pushed John away with all her might.

When her hand got in contact with his chest, the scene of their first meeting appeared in her mind. Subconsciously, she withdrew her hand and was pliant.

"Are you afraid of me? I thought you were fearless,"

John taunted her. "You"ve been a very disobedient girl all this time, so I want to punish you a little."

"I"m not fearless. On the contrary, I"m very much afraid!" Nina"s heart beat even faster than before and she blurted out what initially came into her mind. She pulled out her hand in haste, and felt that the warmth still lingered.

She finally understood that John had a hidden rule that he adhered to. People who obeyed him would be prosperous, whereas the ones who rebelled against him would meet their early demise.

If she were to obey him blindly, everything would turn out fine. But if she contradicted him and went against him, he would spare her no mercy and bully her to the end.

Was she really going to obey him?

No, it was impossible.

If she obeyed him, she would be at his merciless disposal whenever and wherever he wanted. But if she chose not to obey him, she would, at the very least, be able to fight for a chance of survival.

Besides, never in the past had she done anything so stupid so as to give in to someone.

What was more, this man was unreliable and couldn"t be trusted. He had set her up and caused her big trouble.

She had thought that when Isabella maliciously framed her up and made her suffer unjustly from the public comments, she could just return it in the same way and made her suffer the same fate. From then on, she would have lived her own life and broken all relationship and connections with Isabella.

But because of his interference, Isabella now hated her to the core. Since the Zhang family had once hired people to kidnap her, such things were likely to happen again multiple times in the future.

Nina could not easily forgive and forget what John had done.

I"m on my period. That"s what girls have every month. Being on my period means that there is no chance of me being pregnant now. Don"t worry. I"m definitely not pregnant with your child. And even if I really want to have a child one day, it definitely will not be yours." Nina smirked, feeling smugly alienated and indifferent.

Seeing that there was anger brewing on John"s cold face, she didn"t feel an ounce of fear and continued bravely, "I now forgive you for exposing the video to the Zhang family. Fortunately, nothing bad happened to me. It was just a false alarm.

Now, I need to get out. Stop the car! Stop the car, please!" Nina raised her hand and rapped the side of the car anxiously.

She couldn"t wait to escape from John as soon as possible.

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