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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 26 I Love My Husband

Nina knew she wasn"t going to be let off easily.

"What do you want me to do?" she replied coldly and sat upright. She didn"t even want to force a smile.

John didn"t exactly answer her; instead he told Henry, "Go to the hospital."

"Why are we going to the hospital?" Nina was confused. She held her hair back to reveal her gorgeous face. It didn"t matter what expression she had on, she was beautiful no matter the situation.

Although Henry was also confused, he still drove to the private hospital that the Shi family had invested in.

The car zoomed through the city on the way to the hospital. The wind rushed though Nina"s silky hair. John still refused to answer Nina"s question and just turned a cold shoulder to her.

He had no problem putting on a gleaming smile in the billiards room, but now he was as cold as ice. What happened?

He was the one who forced her to stay with him. Why was he upset?

Nina was so confused.

She had no problems with hospitals but she just hated being hospitalized.

John still refused to respond. They were almost at the hospital when she finally lost her patience and said, "Tell me why you want me to go to the hospital. If you don"t tell me, I"ll jump out of the car right now."

All of a sudden, she was readying herself to leap out.

It wasn"t the first time she did such a crazy thing. She had done a lot of life-risking acts to avoid her family tracking her in the past. In all honesty, there was a lot more pain than she cared to mention.

However, John was not budging. He wasn"t about to fall for this girl"s tricks.

He wasn"t a person to give in easily, and very few people could get him to even do that. There was nothing anyone could do to threaten him. To be fair, this was the first time someone put themselves in danger to threaten him.

Although Nina was an interesting girl in his eyes, it was not enough to make him care about her life or death.

Could she really even get out the window?

John couldn"t be bothered.

"Miss Lu, don"t do anything dangerous." Henry was nowhere near as calm. He was the one driving after all. If anything happened, he was the one that would be in trouble. He planned on getting Nina"s attention and then closing the window.

"Keep trying your tricks." Nina stared sharply at Henry in the rearview mirror. He was shocked to see her raising her hand to stop the window.

Henry quickly opened the window again. He wasn"t about to get in trouble for hurting Nina. These two were incredibly difficult to handle. Henry had never been so stressed out before.

Not to mention Sam, John"s father. Even though John was angry and didn"t care about Nina"s life, Sam surely did.

Since Henry was the one that told Sam about Nina and John"s relationship, Sam would check on their progress every night with Henry.

Sam told him not to tell John the truth for the time being and tried his best to bring them together. If they couldn"t fall in love with each other, it wouldn"t be too late to divorce.

Because of his matchmaking task, he decided to ask a question to ease the tension.

He thought John probably wanted to know the answer too.

"Miss Lu, is there someone you are in love with?"

Nina didn"t answer.

How pointless! It didn"t seem to have achieved the expected effect.

John suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Nina, intrigued.

Seeing that she seemed to be lost in thought, he could not help but sneer, "Are you still thinking about it? You must not like him very much then."

It seemed that John was a little jealous.

Nina tried to turn the tables. "Do you have someone you like?"

"No." He raised his voice suddenly, trying to hide his true feelings. Nina couldn"t tell, but Henry did.

"Why is he yelling?

I"m not deaf," she thought.

"I have," Nina said. She didn"t know why, but after hearing him say no, she felt u

ncomfortable. "I love my husband."


Is she provoking me?

So what if she has a husband? It was I who took her virginity," John thought.

They glared at each other like two warriors on the battlefield. It became some sort of staring contest in the end.

"Miss Lu, you are kidding, right?" Henry interjected. He seemed to be spending so much time with James recently that he had become much bolder now.

"I"m not kidding."

"She"s not kidding."

Nina and John spoke in unison and stared at Henry at the same time, waiting for his explanation. If he couldn"t find a suitable explanation, he was in a world of trouble.

Though not watching them, Henry could feel the burning gaze on his back. His body stiffened under the pressure.

"Miss Lu, you don"t even know who your husband is. Otherwise, you wouldn"t have said what you just said.


I really don"t know what"s wrong with them," Henry thought.

"May I know your husband"s name, Miss Lu?" Henry asked. As far as he knew, Nina had only seen Sam. She didn"t even know Sam"s surname, let alone her husband"s name.

Nina was stunned for a while, but tried to stay calm. "Why should I tell you?"

Henry smiled, "Miss Lu, are you on bad terms with your husband?"

"On bad terms? I don"t even know my husband!"

"Why do you think so?" Nina felt strange. She had only met Henry twice, but he already built up quite a judgment apparently.

The car ran steadily. Henry felt a whole lot more relaxed. He looked at Nina in the rearview mirror and said with a smile,

"You are not wearing the wedding ring."

There was not only no wedding ring on her finger, but also no ring mark on it.

Nina touched her ring finger on her right hand. He was right, there was no ring.

At the same time, John also glanced at her finger. Although she quickly hid her finger, it was clear that there was no ring.

Upon recalling the night they spent together, John couldn"t help but smile triumphantly. The dull feeling just now gradually disappeared.

It seemed that the marriage was in name only.

Seeing the subtle smile on John"s face, Henry breathed a sigh of relief. John would probably calm down now and all would be well.

"Why did you say you love you husband?" John looked at her with an evil smile. He was no longer confrontational with her, but rather inquisitive.

Nina"s mind raced and she remembered what he said before.

John was adamant that she stayed with him until he was happy. Only then he would let her go.

Nina knew that a lot of powerful men were rotten to the core. They had mistresses to feed their egos.

This man seemed to have a special quirk. He only chased married women.

Nina wasn"t going to fall for it and smiled, "Uncle, you don"t understand. I do love my husband. Even if there is something wrong with his brain, his body or his mind, I"ll always love him. I don"t care whether he would buy me a ring or not."

"What? You are hopeless." The smile on John"s face disappeared.

She was too ungrateful for his liking.

Nina hated how moody John was. She forced herself away from him and tried to sit as far away from him as possible.

The night wind blew Nina"s hair which calmed her down.

John"s blood, once again, boiled. He hated how calm Nina looked through all this.

With a cold smile on John"s face, he asked, "Didn"t you ask why we are going to the hospital?"

"Why?" Nina looked at him inquisitively.

No matter what he did, he couldn"t unsettle her.

As usual, John was craving a cigarette. But as soon as he picked up the cigarette, he seemed to think of something and put it away.

"You need to do some physical examinations at the hospital. I need to make sure that you aren"t pregnant with my child. I can"t have you badgering me in the future."

"Pregnant? With your child?" Nina blurted out through roaring laughter.

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