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James really wasn"t a fan of the way John flirted with Nina.

However, he was thrilled when he realized that Henry wasn"t lying. John was a cruel man, but he was actually a different person with Nina.

If John had children with Nina, he"d have no time to keep an eye on him.

James decided he would do all he could to secure a happy and stress-free future. He snatched his uncle"s phone and handed it to Nina.

"Nina, take it!" This wasn"t as simple as it looked. He was essentially risking his life doing that.

As soon as Nina picked up the phone, she was a little flustered by the lingering warmth on it. But she still held it.

She had the phone so there was no reason not to look at it.

"James Shi!" John barked sharply, glaring at him with his fiery eyes.

The whole billiards room fell into silence. Nobody knew exactly what was about to happen, but everyone knew that it wasn"t going to be good for James.

James" legs became weak. He blurted out, "Aunt Nina, help me!"

The room fell into an eerie silence again. Nina froze. "Aunt Nina?"

John"s eyes narrowed. "Aunt Nina?"

The others were stunned. "Aunt Nina?"

Nina looked around and didn"t see any other woman around them.

Who was Aunt Nina then?

She looked into James" eyes and asked in disbelief, "Are you calling me?"

"Yes." James nodded. "Didn"t John say that only his wife can check his phone?"

Then he winked at her, hinting to look at the phone in her hand.

"Didn"t you snatch it and give me?" she asked.

"Isn"t it in your hand now?" he asked in return.

Nina didn"t say anything. She finally came to her senses and was about to throw the phone out of her hand.

How dare James set her up!

John quickly grabbed his phone. His anger receded and was replaced with a smug smile sprawled across his face.

This brat actually did the right thing.

"You shouldn"t throw my phone. I don"t think you can afford it." John casually put his phone away, staring at Nina.

James could finally breathe. It seemed like John finally calmed down.

Luckily the odds were in his favor today. Otherwise he might not even see another day!

John could easily destroy his life.

He needed to get out of there right now.

"Uncle John and Aunt Nina, have a good time. I have something to deal with, so I need to leave." He found his opportunity to make an escape and was about to rush off.

"What do you mean, James?" Nina was panicking. She just wanted to leave as well.

She didn"t want to stay with John any longer.

She already checked his phone and there was no video. She could let the whole thing go now.

"Well, Uncle, I"d better leave as well. See you next time. Oh, no. I hope we won"t see each other again." With an embarrassed smile, Nina turned around and was about to run away.

She wasn"t going to leave that easily, was she?

With a wave of his long arm, John grabbed her and flung her over his shoulder calmly. He didn"t realize that this was hardly acceptable in a public place like this.

"He always cares about his image, right?

But why is he acting like a womanizer?" she thought.

"Ahhh... Let go of me! You scumbag!" Nina screamed. Her face was bloodshot red as she squirmed for her life.

She never thought that it would come to this.

"Shut up!" With a darkened face, John struck her body, silencing her. He then threatened the others in the room, "

I don"t want anyone to know what happened today. Otherwise..."

"Yes, Mr. Shi. Don"t worry. We won"t say anything."

Feeling ashamed, Nina lifted her hands to her face to cover herself from all the glaring eyes.

She wasn"t expecting such an awful experience today.

Even Isabella failed to take her down today. But she was defeated by a man she barely knew.

Her body trembled with rage.

Nina"s silence unsettled John. "What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of me?"

He wasn"t far off. It seemed to be true to some degree.

Without saying anything more, John carried Nina to the private elevator, went straight to the garage, threw her into the back seat of his Rolls-Royce, and got into the car.

Sitting in the driver"s seat, Henry was shocked and took a deep breath.

If he didn"t breathe, he was going to pass out soon. This was all a bit too stressful for him.

How could John carry her to the car? Was he really that much of an animal?

Nina, however, said nothing. Her long hair draped over her face while she sat calmly with undulating breath.

It seemed that she had given up struggling.

John wasn"t having it though. He was getting quite annoyed and ordered, "Say something!"

The dim underground parking lot was packed full of cars. Nobody was around though, except for them.

There was dead silence in the car. A gust of cold wind blew in from the window.

The garage was so quiet that their own breathing was the only thing to be heard. Nina"s rage seemed to fill the tight space of the car. The tension was palpable.

Nina didn"t care what John had to say. She sat in the seat, brooding like a spoiled child. Her mind was filled with the feeling of John flinging her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

She never got that close to anyone except for her family, not even for a hug.

He was so despicable.

How dare he carry her!

She sat silent for what felt like an age.

There was an eerie silence in the car.

John wasn"t too bothered about her covering her face, but as the silence drew on, he became more uneasy.

A few minutes later, he asked, "Why are you angry?"

"Being carried like a bag would make anyone angry, right?"

Nina ignored him.

John was flabbergasted. He had no idea what to do. He wasn"t used to being so powerless.

He took out a cigarette and anxiously smoked it. Discomfort was written all over his face.

Nina used to at least put up a fight before, but this was completely new to him. He hated not knowing what she was thinking.

He was panicking more than he even realized.

With every puff of the cigarette, he thought about how to make her talk.

He finally came up with a plan.

Nina choked in the cloud of smoke. She cursed him over and over again in her head.

Hearing her choking, John quietly flicked the cigarette out the window.

He coldly said, "The video has been deleted."

Nina thought for a while.

What was he going to say next?

She lifted her hand up to remove the hair in front of her forehead, puckered her lips and blew the hair away. Her bright eyes stared intently onward.

"So we"re even?"

"Yes." There was a bitter taste left in John"s mouth.

His life used to be dull. Because of her, it became more interesting. But she was going to distance herself from him again.

He must do something.

"You have to do one thing first," he said.

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