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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 24 My Little Girl

"Woman? Who are you referring to?" It was not John who was confused, but the people around him.

"Mr. Song, are you kidding?" Everyone in Lexingport City knew that John had absolutely no interest in women.

They were all looking at John apprehensively to confirm whether it was true or not.

Putting one hand in the trouser pocket, John cast a brief glance at the billiards room and saw a familiar figure.

The person standing next to Nina was his nephew, James. He was holding a billiards stick in his hand while chatting with her with pleasure.

She seemed to be listening to his chatter attentively.

Seeing them, a hint of displeasure flashed through John"s eyes.

Every time she saw him, she would radiate an aura of unchecked hostility. Why was she showing her gentle and quiet side when she was with James?

Noticing the difference in John"s attitude, one of the men who were with him smiled meaningfully and suggested, "Since we are in the billiards room, why don"t we go in and have some fun?"

"Sure, why not," someone else echoed in agreement.

"According to Mr. Song, Mr. Shi"s woman is in the billiards room. I wonder if we will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her this time."

"Indeed, she"s truly blessed to have won Mr. Shi"s heart."

John gazed lovingly at Nina"s beautiful and elegant figure and smiled contentedly. She was truly really lucky and blessed indeed.

But she was not aware just how lucky she was.

"No, don"t go inside. You will scare my little girl." John didn"t notice how gentle his tone was.

All of a sudden, the bigwigs who had always thought that John was not interested in women at all were stunned speechless and caught surprised.

His little girl!

It turned out that John was turned on by this kind of woman.

No wonder John had thrown away all the women that they tried to send to him for the purpose of giving him pleasure.

What kind of beauty did this girl possess for her to be so highly favored and adored by John above so many women?

One by one, they all scrambled to take a look in the direction of the billiards room, but all they could see was the back of a woman. They didn"t even catch a glimpse of a side profile.

The news about John favoring a girl spread rapidly. Soon, everyone heard the news that John now had a young girlfriend. But they were baffled because no one knew how young the girl was.

"Since Mr. Shi has an important appointment tonight, let"s talk about the cooperation in detail another day," one of the men suggested. As soon as he bid their farewell, the other businessmen wisely followed suit.

John slowly turned around and quietly stood at the door of the luxurious billiards room.

When James caught sight of John, he immediately became excited and reported, "Nina, Look! My uncle is standing at the door."

He jumped for joy on seeing his uncle.

"Really?" Nina was a little surprised. It was all thanks to James" efforts.

Before she could say anything to thank him earnestly, James, who was as active as a playful monkey, was already standing in front of John. He shouted frantically, "Uncle John, come here. Let me introduce my beautiful schoolmate to you."

Nina turned around and only had to raise her head slightly. With his 1.9 meters height, she could easily see John even from a distance. He had thick black hair and eyes that were shining brightly under his dashing eyebrows; his thin lips were slightly pursed.

John leaned his head sideways and stared at Nina with affection clearly visible on his face.

He was wearing a tailor-made suit especially customized from Italy. A Cartier pen was inserted in the pocket of the left side of the suit. The blue watch on his left hand made him look even more dashing, elegant and noble.

He was born with an aristocratic sophistication that no man could surpass.

She had met him several times before, but she had not carefully sized him up until then. Nina eyed him up and down, and realized that he looked quite handsome after putting on a suit.

She looked down at his lower body which was covered by his suit. She clearly remembered that there were tantalizing ei

ght-pack abdominal muscles hidden beneath.

Suddenly, a terrible conclusion came to Nina"s mind. She preferred seeing his naked body!

For her, he was more attractive without any clothes on.

John noticed her bold gaze, but still kept silent and let her look as much as she wanted.

He had always known that he could attract the attention of any woman, and this girl in front of him was not an exception. In time, she would lose her soul to him.

"Your schoolmate? You are majoring in management and she is majoring in psychology. How did you know each other?" John asked James in a casual tone and unhurriedly strode towards Nina.

When he approached her, Nina came back to her senses. She took a step back and nodded in greeting. "Uncle."

Nina thought that as James" senior, she should call him Uncle as well.


He stopped in his tracks and looked at Nina with apparent confusion. He hadn"t heard her melodious voice for a full half month.

But why was she following James around and was even addressing him as Uncle? Did she now want to be his nephew"s wife?

Had she now chosen James over him just because she thought she was unable to get his love?

Being stared at by his scorching eyes, Nina was a little flustered. To cover up her embarrassment, she took the initiative to approach him and smiled sweetly. "Uncle, we meet again."

She took her time and didn"t forget to remind him, "This is the third time we"ve met, Uncle."

With that, she was hinting that he should fulfill his promise and delete the video recording.

She seemed to be too impatient to draw a line between them, but he planned not to satisfy her wishes.

"So?" he asked.

"What are you saying?" Nina"s expression instantly changed with annoyance. "Is he going to go back on his word?"

The sweet smile on her face disappeared in an instant, and was replaced by an aggressive smirk instead. Like a cat with sharp claws, she warned him, "So you should delete the video immediately and keep your promise to me. Otherwise, people will laugh at you."

Ever since she found out how sensitive John was about saving face and keeping his reputation intact, she knew what his weakness was. It all depended on how she could make use of it to her advantage.

On the other side, James approvingly gave a thumbs up to Nina without saying any words. No wonder she would be his aunt in the future. She was an equal match for his uncle as she had already known how to handle John"s weakness to her advantage.

On his end, John was getting more and more stunned and helpless. Now, she even had the guts to threaten him, which was making him lose face again.

John was worried that Nina would hate him because of what he did, so he wanted to show her his good side and be kind to her. But he couldn"t understand why she preferred to antagonize him instead of getting along well with him.

Why couldn"t she just beg him in a nice manner?

"I can delete the video recording if you wish." With a smile, John took out his phone and deleted the video recording of Nina hiring people to beat Isabella up. Since he really didn"t have any video recording of the night they spent together, he pretended that it was the video of that night.

He was so busy making love to her that night that he didn"t have the time to record any video.

Besides, he didn"t have such a lewd and perverted hobby.

Before Nina could clearly see if it was the video recording of that night, he had already pressed the delete button on his phone and even emptied the trash bin to remove all traces of the video recording.

"Let me check your phone." Nina didn"t have much trust in this man. She wouldn"t be rest assured unless she confirmed it with her very own eyes.

She held out her hand. Looking at her slender fingers, John found them alluring and a little titillating.

"Only my wife can check my phone. Are you my wife?" John raised his eyebrows teasingly. The mischievous grin on his lips indicated that he was making fun of her.

In actual truth, Nina really was his wife!

It was just that both of them were not aware of the fact and were both kept in the dark.

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