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"Do you even know what shameless is, kid?" All of a sudden, John stood up and flicked the cigarette he was holding into the ashtray. Without another word, he approached Nina.

She looked small against his tall figure. He circled her into a corner. Nina clenched her fists and held her breath. There was no turning back now.

The unique smell the man had lingered at the tip of her nose. It itched till her whole face was red. She glared as roaring, "I"m not the kind of person you think I am!"

However, when he approached her just now, he knew that something was wrong. There was something about that fragrance that made him want to get closer to her.

It had broken through all his defenses.

Suddenly, his expression changed.

Due to the perfume, Nina"s body also softened against him. It was as if the perfume was playing them both along like puppets.

"It"s your smell! You set me up!" He held back his anger as blue veins encroached on his forehead. Without another thought, John picked her up, wanting nothing more than to get closer to her.

"No! I– hmph... Let go of me! I"m–I"m already–"

She was married.

Although she didn"t know who her husband was or what he looked like, she had already signed the wedding certificate, confirming their union.

However, John didn"t want to listen to any of her nonsense anymore. Without another word, he kissed her hard. As soon as his lips touched hers, his body tensed.

Sure enough, her lips tasted incredibly sweet.

"Let go..." Nina sobbed as she punched him on the chest.

She was a little strong, but the fragrance was much stronger and enhanced his arousal greatly.

John only found himself leaning in a bit more as he ravaged her completely.

Nina was so scared that her face had turned pale. His touch sent an electric current through her whole body, rendering her silent.

In a while, the skies before them turned bright, signaling that it was approaching day.

Nina felt sore all over her body. She blinked wearily as she twisted and turned. However, when she saw the man beside her, she almost ripped out a scream.


She gasped, covering her mouth. No, this couldn"t happen!

Thinking of her identity as a married woman, Nina"s hand trembled as she reached out for the table lamp beside her. All she wanted was to investigate the suicide cases. How the hell was she supposed to know that she had just walked into a devil"s room?

Her eyes flashed.

The birds tweeting outside calmed her in an instant and snapped her back into reality.

Knowing that she would jeopardize her own marriage, she quickly put on her clothes and turned around to leave, without even looking at the man sleeping soundly next to her.

Hopefully, they would never meet again.

When she walked out of the hotel, she could see that there were no reported incidents of a suicide given the lack of reporters and staff rushing about. She sighed in relief.

Nina returned home in a daze. The whole morning was spent washing herself down again and again until her entire skin was colored red.

It wasn"t terrible to hook up with a strange man. The only problem was that she was married!

Two years ago, she had signed a marriage certificate with a man she never even met.

In fact, she didn"t know his name, his height, his weight, his age, or anything!

If she hadn"t been so needy at that time, then she wouldn"t have dug her own grave!

Nina gritted her teeth, feeling very distressed.

"Damn it!" Suddenly, a thought crossed her mind. Scared, she rushed into her drawers and pulled out an agreement.

Trembling with fear, she leafed through the pages, remembering that there was a clause that was related to cheating... If she had an affair while the marriage was still valid, how much did she need to pay?

Turning it over, she froze.

It was as if she had just been struck by lightning. "Twenty million?" she shrieked.

Nina rubbed her eyes and took a closer look. The paper had it clearly written that she would owe twenty million dollars. In fact, it was followed by her signature and her fingerprin



She couldn"t escape it now.

"Twenty million." Nina"s hands trembled. She collapsed into the ground. All she wanted now was for the ground to swallow her up.

Where the hell was she going to find the money?

It wasn"t as if she wanted to cheat on her husband!

Finally, Nina made up her mind.

She gritted her teeth and her eyes narrowed coldly at the mirror.

She would never set eyes on the man again.

If Nina ever met him, then she would just buy him off.

If he refused, then she would threaten the hell out of him.

Once she dealt with this matter, she would fix up her divorce papers. At this point, there was nothing else she could do.

By then, she could finally get what she wanted – freedom. At this point, she could finally become a qualified psychological criminal profiler without a husband to draw her back.

Nina breathed a sigh of relief.

At ten o"clock in the morning, a man in a suit and leather shoes entered the presidential suite. He was around twenty-four. He wore golden framed glasses, and he had a briefcase in his hand.

The man was none other than Henry Ye. Not long ago, he had applied to be the president"s assistant for the Time Group. Although he got the job, this was actually the first time he would see the president of the Time Group – John Shi.

He was the youngest son of the Shi Family. It was said that he was the man who held the power over the Time Group. In fact, he was incredibly ruthless and held half of what Lexingport City owned.

When Henry Ye pushed the door open, he saw a tall man dressed in a bath towel coming out of the bathroom. John glanced at Henry Ye indifferently. "Clothes."

"Yes, Mr. John." Henry Ye immediately called someone to get him a suit.

As he did so, he glanced at the messy sofa and scattered clothes. In fact, he could even see a woman"s shoe on the sofa, and there were thin red scratches on his boss"s back.

It turned out his boss had enjoyed a special night.

Henry Ye pushed back his glasses.

Soon enough, the clothes were brought in.

At this time, John stood in front of the mirror. His black pants were vertical to his ankles, and he was wearing a white shirt. His collar was unbuttoned, revealing a bit of his skin.

When Henry Ye looked up, he could see a well-carved face and dark cold eyes.

John pressed his lips tightly and began to tidy up his hair. Looking at himself in the mirror, he smiled in satisfaction and proceeded to adjust bits and pieces of his clothing one at a time.

"He"s an incredibly narcissistic man, " Henry thought.

Seeing that John was dressed, Henry immediately straightened his back. "Mr. John, your father asked you to go home tonight."

"Arrange it."

"Okay. Anything else I can do for you, Mr. John?" he asked. "For example, should he investigate on the woman who came in that night?"

"Check all the details regarding the woman who came in last night. I want to know everything about her." John needed to find out the truth.

The reason why James had sent a woman over was because of her appearance, but John remembered her saying that she had received theoretical training.

Given that he had just come back, he needed to be cautious about these things.

Not long after, Henry finally found pieces of information about Nina, but it only filled out half a page.

John frowned.

It was weird how Henry could only find these information on all his social networks. After all, he was a hacker.

When Henry handed him the document, he swallowed nervously.

He had never been this anxious in holding confidential information.

"Nina is 20. She"s a sophomore in the Psychology Department of L University. There"s no information about her parents, and it seems that she"s an only child. She"s also married,"

he finished.

There was something about the woman"s name that struke Henry"s curiosity, but he just couldn"t tell what.

When John heard that she was married, his eyes widened. Thinking of the blood on the sheets, he couldn"t help but furrow his eyebrows. "Married? Is her husband impotent?"

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