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James felt an inexplicable restlessness all of a sudden.

"Uncle Jason..." With a sad, worried face, James walked forward with heavy steps. He silently begged Jason for help pitifully by making a signal with his right hand behind his back. Jason had always been nice to him. He wouldn"t refuse to help him, would he?

However, now that Jason couldn"t even protect himself, how could he help James now? Jason looked away instead, pretending not have seen anything.

Every step James took felt like he was walking on a blade, and his body was enveloped in cold sweat. Right after he had approached John, James knelt down in surrender. He held his thigh and wailed like a baby, albeit without any tears falling from his eyes. "Uncle John, I"m sorry. Blame it on me. It"s all my fault!"

James whimpered. He had always been a lawless dude. Even though he said that he would never kneel down to anybody, he was now kneeling in front of John. He was terrified of the fate he was about to suffer and the serious punishment that might be inflicted upon him.

"Uncle John, I"m really very sorry. Please, forgive me this time." "Don"t freeze my card. If I don"t have enough money, I will suffer a fate worse than death!

Don"t send me to school, please. That place is a prison trap for me, "

James fervently prayed in his head, hoping that John would spare him.

Without saying a word, John just let his nephew kneel on the floor. John"s anger was increasing more and more by each passing minute.

James" lamentation and screams lasted for about ten minutes. Since nobody spoke, only his whining could be heard inside the room. This further aggravated John"s bad mood and he became more and more furious. Meanwhile, panic and trepidation were eroding James" heart.

The clock kept on ticking.

Time passed by very slowly.

Having howled for a long time, James was about to lose his voice and his knees were almost too stiff to move.

But still, John kept his silence and didn"t respond at all. His mood didn"t improve and his face was even darker than before. What should James do to pacify him?

When faced with a critical situation, James always had a way of thinking for an easy way out. Suddenly, he came up with an idea on how to save his life.

He immediately stood up, bravely braced himself, and solemnly said, "Uncle John, who hit you? I"ll avenge you right away. I promise you, I"ll make her kneel down and apologize to you!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he regretted what he said though. This was not a good way to save himself.

Everyone in their family knew that John treasured saving his face the most. No one dared to provoke him or embarrass him, because they knew that he would definitely seek revenge even for the smallest grievance.

John sneered furiously. He looked terrible.

When he took out a cigarette, James instantaneously brought out a lighter as sign of respect and lit the cigarette for him. John leisurely breathed out a smoke, although his side face was still solemnly frozen.

This might be the calm before a storm!

At the moment, James felt like he was the cigarette between John"s fingers. He felt his butt burning in fear and he was almost being choked to death by the smoke.

"Uncle John, please..."

With a sullen look in his fiery eyes, John ordered, "Explain everything in detail. The woman in Four Seasons Garden Hotel. And the accident today." His words were brief and concise to the point, and he didn"t want to hear any nonsense.

"Yes," James answered ever obediently and breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

"You have been lonely all those years while staying abroad and I wanted to make you happy. The day you came back, I knew you were both physically and mentally exhausted. So, I sent you a beautiful woman to help you relax..."

"Is that why you chose a female college student?" John interrupted James impatiently, tightening his grip on the cigarette butt. The fire in his eyes was about to spurt out with rage.

"What? How is that possible?" After being stared at ferociously, James lowered his voice in confusion and explained, "I don"t have the guts to send you someone as young as a college student. I definitely picked out a girl who is about your age. Uncle John, I know you"re not the kind of person who is into younger girls. You wouldn"t allow me to send you a student."

What did he mean with younger girls? With a flick of his hand, the ashes on his cigarette fell on the white floor.

What James just said sounded more like sarcasm to h

is ears.

"Nonsense!" John couldn"t help but loudly shout out in denial, trying to hide his embarrassment.

James became more confused and asked himself, "Did I say something wrong?"

John threw away the half cigarette in his hand in disgust and continued with his probing. "What about Nina?"

"Huh? Who is Nina?" James got even more confused than he already was.

Jason, who was quietly watching the show in the corner, was stunned. Suddenly, he remembered the girl who had hit John just now. Wasn"t Nina the favored student of Professor Gu from the psychology department?

Professor Gu was a famous figure in the city and had made a name for himself. He led a group of the most outstanding students who made a lot of contributions to the police station by helping them solve crimes. Afterwards, these talents would be selected by various major cities and become indispensable members of the criminal investigation department. Nina, being his youngest student, was still in college.

Although she was still a student and was very young, Professor Gu preferred her the most. He would boast that she was gifted and if given the right teachings, she would definitely become an exceptional talent.

Another reason why Jason remembered Nina was also because of the recent headlines on the campus forum not so long ago.

Was it possible that the person who Nina sold her body to was none other than John himself?

But John didn"t seem to be the kind of person who would give money in exchange for that.

Jason tried to collect all the information on his mind, but he still couldn"t figure out how each dot was connected. There was nothing more he could do but wait and see, then.

"Uncle John, what Nina are you talking about? Who is she? The woman I sent you is named Frances, and she is 25 years old. I have made a background check on her. She is a virgin, but she is not a student."

"Frances? And she is not a student?" John frowned in concentration and tried to carefully think about the events of that day. He realized that something was wrong.

At the thought of Nina giving him a beating, John couldn"t help but roll his eyes in frustration. He repeatedly shook his head and tried to drive her image out of his mind. In a flash, he quickly changed the topic, "Then, explain what happened today. They said they were here to catch a man in the act of having an affair." John"s frown deepened. He clearly heard what they were saying at that time. Nina was dragged here to catch a man in the act of adultery. "Which girl have you cheated on recently?"

"What? There are so many girls around me. How will I know who that girl was?"

"You..." John stood up in anger, with every intent of slapping James to death. Contrary to his initial reaction, he tried to calm down and took a deep breath to suppress his anger. "The girl said she had known you through video chat."

James quickly recalled who she was. There was a time when he was extremely bored and hooked up with a girl on the Internet. She was a sophomore in L University. He didn"t expect that his foolishness would bring him nothing but disaster.

It was true that a love affair should never be taken lightly. One needed to be cautious, even if it was just a virtual relationship on the Internet.

"Uncle John, I will fix this and take care of it. I"ll be leaving now," James announced as he planned his escape. He turned around and was ready to leave. He really didn"t want to stay in this place for even a second longer.

"Has anyone allowed you to leave?" John hadn"t said yet that James could leave after he had explained everything.

James felt as if a group of crows flew over him, shrouding him in darkness. He obediently stepped back and stood respectfully while awaiting another brewing storm.

He was, after all, still too young and was simply naive.

"Uncle John, what else can I do for you?" At that time, James gathered his guts to smile apologetically. His heart, in actual fact, was very cold and terrified.

With a cunning smirk, John coerced him, "Go to the L University at eight o"clock tomorrow morning and attend classes."

"What?" James exclaimed. His heart sank to the bottom of the sea in despair.

"I"ll have all your credit cards cut off and I"ll only give you three thousand as living expenses every month."

With every word John uttered in a slow and orderly tone, James felt as if he was sentenced to life imprisonment instead!

James found it hard to accept his fate and was about to faint helplessly on the spot.

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