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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 14 You Deserve It

Subsequently, John"s whole body stiffened when he heard what she said, her delicate voice seemed to be enveloping him all around. His heart skipped a bit, as if it had been hit by something. He raised his eyes and saw a slim figure dragging a mass of unidentified object past him before it disappeared.

After a minute, John came to his senses and asked, "What did she just call me?"

Henry thought he was not talking to Jason and was asking him, so he answered right away, "Mr. Shi, Miss Lu just called you honey."

Yes, just now, Nina called John honey in an endearing, melodious way, which made him admire her courage very much.

Perhaps this was what one called fate. Even though the two were not aware that they were legally married, she still called him honey.

Then, the person on the other end of the line said, "Yes, she indeed called you honey."

With two people having heard the same as he did, he was sure that he didn"t mishear what Nina called him just now. This made John frown with feel conflicting emotions, and he couldn"t explain clearly how he felt at that moment.

He hated this feeling of uncertainty.

In effect, he got angry and his face turned cold. "Have I agreed to be her honey?"

How could she dare to call him honey so casually?

Did she think she could be his women so easily?

No way!

On her end, Nina was in a wishful daydream. She hoped that by calling him honey, he and his mistress would have a misunderstanding and quarrel with each other.

If that were to happen, she would gloat menacingly on his trouble, all the while standing watch on the sidelines.

Just the thought of the stunned look on John"s face a while ago made Nina feel victoriously complacent.

"Campus belle, are you okay?" Michelle had a feeling that the campus belle in front of her was not the real deal. It was already a bit out of the ordinary for her to smile, but the way she had caused trouble just now was way too strange.

The campus belle she usually saw on campus was a gentle and noble lady who seldom smiled and spoke only a few words.

So how could this person in front of her do such a mean thing?

It was only then that Nina realized that there was another person standing beside her. She immediately restrained herself and replied, "It"s okay, don"t worry. I"m fine."

"But how could you frame your uncle like that? Will you get scolded when you get home?" Up until that moment, Michelle was still under the impression that they were relatives. After all, it was highly possible because they were both good-looking.

"Don"t worry. I won"t," Nina reassured her with a smug smile. They didn"t live together anyway, so it didn"t matter at all.

If they were to meet again, there would never be a need to talk to each other anymore.

"Didn"t you say that you were here to catch someone in the act of adultery? Come on, hurry up," Nina prompted her as a reminder and walked forward.

"Okay, let"s go." Michelle nodded in agreement and walked in a hurry to follow Nina. She glanced at the room numbers on both sides but she wasn"t able to find the room that she was looking for.

Michelle was at a loss. As far as she could remember, it was on the twentieth floor.

"Why can"t I seem to find the room?" Michelle stopped in confusion and looked around worriedly.

Nina couldn"t stand watching her anymore. "What"s his name?"

"James Shi," Michelle replied dully and continued to look for the room on this floor. Nina could find no word to describe this confused and befuddled girl.

"Keep on looking for it. I need to go to the toilet for a while."


Nina told Michelle that she wanted to go to the toilet, but it was just an alibi. In fact, she just wanted to find a hidden place and used her watch. In less than half a minute, she found the check-in information of James.

When she came back, Michelle was still looking at the rooms randomly. She stepped forward to grab Michelle"s hand and dragged her towards the elevator.

"You have been searching for his room on the wrong floor," Nina criticized her. Michelle was so stupid that she couldn"t even get the right information.

Michelle was astonished. "Are you sure it was the wrong floor? But how did you know he"s not here, but on another floor?"

"Well, I just made a wild guess that he must be on another floor." Nina calmly pressed the elevator button which took them two floors up.

Looking so serene, Michelle felt for a moment that Nina was still the same campus belle who always had a quiet and otherworldly demeanor.

It was only when faced with that uncle of hers that she would behave like a normal person.

"Don"t be in a daze. Let"s go," Nina reminded her and took Michelle in front of the door to Room 2241. Nina assuredly raised her eyebrows slightly and said, "This is the room that James Shi booked."

"Really? Are you sure?" Michelle was dubious, uncertain if they were in front of the correct room.

"If you don"t beli

eve me, you can see for yourself by trying."

"But how will I find out by trying?"

Nina rang the doorbell once, cleared her throat and said like a professional hotel clerk, "Hello, Mr. Shi. Room service."

"Wait a minute," a man"s deep voice answered from inside the room.

With a puffed-up satisfied smile, Nina leaned aside and waved her hand lazily, "Listen, I just called out "Mr. Shi" and he answered."

So the person inside the room could really be none other than James.

"Humph, bad guy, he is really cheating!" Michelle"s face suddenly turned pale with apparent anger.

From her bag, she took out a wooden stick which she had picked up earlier on the side of the road. Then, in preparation of her attack, she raised the stick above her head and stared at the door in front of her.

"Campus belle, please knock on the door. As soon as he comes out, I"ll beat him mercilessly with this stick," Michelle stated in a vicious tone.

Nina gazed at Michelle with a faint grin. Her bulging cheeks made her look like a dolphin, and her innocent look made her appear cute without any aggression.

In her current state, how would it be possible for Michelle to succeed in catching someone in the act of adultery?

Well, considering how Michelle had defended her earlier when she was verbally attacked, Nina decided to help her as a token of her appreciation and to return the favor.

"Okay," she agreed. She leaned her back against the wall and casually knocked on the door, her noble temperament visible in every movement that she made.

"Hello, Mr. Shi?"

Hearing Nina"s charming melodic voice, Michelle was caught in a trance, deeply fascinated by her charm again. She looked at Nina like an obsessed person.

Why did the campus belle look so beautiful even when she was just doing the simple act of knocking on the door?

After a short while, the door was opened with a creak.

Michelle was still mesmerized by Nina"s beauty and wasn"t thinking clearly. The stick she was waving remained in the air.

As soon as John opened the door, he saw a girl with a raised stick in front of him. He couldn"t help but frown and wonder what she was here for.

At a glance, he saw Nina standing beside and stared at her playfully.

At the same time, Nina met his mischievous gaze with shock showing on her face.

No one spoke for a moment.

What was happening?

All of a sudden, Nina stiffened and was staring at Michelle who was still rooted to the spot. She was still holding the stick in her hands, unable to move.

"What are you doing?" Nina reprimanded Michelle in a low impish voice and winked at her.

How could she have made a mistake at the most critical moment? Ugh!

"What? I..." It was already too late for Michelle to react.

She looked up at the tall and strong man standing in front of her, and she suddenly felt oppressed by the man"s strong aura.

This was definitely not James.

"Your husband is indeed nothing but a useless eunuch. Can"t you wait to get laid again?" John was still watching Nina with a roguish smirk, as if he was surveying an exquisite handcraft. As for whether he would buy it or not, it still remained to be discussed.

Faced with his provocation, Nina glared at the useless Michelle furiously and grabbed the stick in her hands on the spur of the moment.

If she summed up everything he had done, it was beyond the threshold of Nina"s endurance. It was this same guy who took her virginity. Furthermore, she was now in danger of paying twenty million because of him! To top it all, he even took a video as proof!

Nina was determined to take her revenge on him!

"What are you waiting for? Hit him!"

A hint of wrathful cruelty flashed through Nina"s eyes. She raised the stick in her hands, aimed it at John"s head to hit him with all the force she could muster without any hesitation.

Under the present circumstance, a murderous intent flashed across John"s eyes. Nina was shocked to the core by his deadly stare and couldn"t help but take a step back.


The stick broke into two pieces as it fell on John"s head. Somehow, a dizzy feeling came over him. He leaned down along the wall in pain, but he still maintained his elegant manner somehow.

He rubbed his painful head. His hatred was in full swing. Amidst his fury, he didn"t forget to criticize Nina.

"What a vicious woman!"

Never in his wildest imagination had he thought that she would dare to beat him up.

This was so embarrassing for him.

So far, this was the biggest embarrassment he had ever encountered in his entire life. "Nina Lu!"

John growled at Nina fiercely while intently staring at her.

"You deserve it!" Nina had never been afraid of him. When she saw him cheating on someone without any shame or remorse, she despised him inexplicably. "A married woman, a college student...How shameless!"

Nina didn"t expect that he would do such a dirty thing and could still maintain a serious face.

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