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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 13 He Likes Married Women

Then, Michelle got a stick from somewhere and sneaked into the hotel.

It didn"t take long for Nina to realize something. "I forgot to ask for her phone number, " she thought.

Nina was left without a choice but to follow her.

What she didn"t know was, as soon as she entered the hotel, John also stepped in.

Unexpectedly, Michelle ran quite fast. So Nina had a hard time finding her.

But she was determined to find Michelle, to know how to pay her back. Luckily, she found Michelle at the elevator.

"Hey! I forgot to ask your name and phone number."

When Michelle turned around, she was surprised to see Nina. "Oh? Why are you here?" Nina"s bare face made Michelle sigh inwardly.

"She is so beautiful. My heart beats fast when I see her."

"Why are you always staring at me?" It was the first time that Nina had seen a girl staring at her like this. But there was neither envy nor jealousy in her eyes.

Pointing at the elevator, Nina said, "Well, the elevator is going up now. You have to wait for the next one."

"What?" When Michelle came back to her senses, she saw that the elevator was already going up. There were more than twenty floors in the hotel, so it would take a while to wait for another one.

Shaking her head, Michelle looked at her with a smile. "What a beauty! You make me forget what I"m going to do."

Upon hearing this, Nina almost burst into laughter. But she held it back and just gave her a small smile. This girl was so cute, just like the rabbit she had raised before.

"Let"s wait for the next one then." Although Michelle seemed to be a little disappointed, she didn"t mind waiting for a little while.

"Did you just ask my name? My name is Michelle He. I"m from the information science department. But most people call me Mimi." And then she offered her hand for a handshake.

When she held Michelle"s hand, something suddenly came up in her mind. "Mimi? MiMiMichelle?"

"How did you know that?"

Well, it was just a wild guess.

She was just teasing her, but she didn"t expect that it was true.

Last time on the school forum, there was a person with the nickname "MiMiMichelle," who said that she wanted to check the poster"s IP for her, but she was insulted by many netizens.

What a coincidence!

Since she had nothing else to do, Nina decided to stay with Michelle. "Well, Mimi, in order to repay your kindness, I"ll go with you. You"re so thin. What if you get kicked out?"

In her mind, Nina thought this girl was so interesting.

After thinking for a while, Michelle stared at Nina with her bright eyes. "Do you know Taekwondo?"

The man she was going to deal with had practiced Taekwondo.

If she couldn"t make it right, she would be hurt.

"No, I don"t."

Afraid that her beautiful face would be injured, Michelle shook her head. "I"ve learned a little. You"d better not come with me since you don"t know Taekwondo."

Although she didn"t know Taekwondo, Nina had been practicing martial arts since childhood. Her parents had specially hired an instructor to teach her martial arts. That was why she was confident to say she would join Michelle. With a smile, she said, "It doesn"t matter."

She hadn"t become a great master, but she was capable of defeating several strong men.

Their eyes turned to the elevator when they heard its sound.

Finally, the elevator had arrived.

Without thinking too much, Michelle pulled Nina inside the elevator.

But when the elevator doors were about to close, a hand suddenly stretched in, which startled them.

"Excuse me, please wait for a moment."

The elevator doors opened again, and Henry"s face appeared. As usual, he was wearing his gold-rimmed glasses which made him look like a scholar.

His lips formed into a gentle smile when their eyes met.

"It"s you,

iss Lu..."

Needless to say, Nina was surprised. "Why are you here?"

Recalling the times she met John, she thought that wherever and whenever Henry appeared, John would definitely appear.

So, she was going to see him again.

Nina chuckled to herself.

It would be the second time.

That was great. She would say hello to him when they met later.

As long as they met one more time, John would delete the video. And then she would have nothing to worry about.

When Henry was about to speak, he heard John"s voice. "What happened?"

"It"s Miss Lu." For John to walk in, Henry had to step aside.

With his height and stoic face, John, who was wearing a black suit, gave off a sense of oppression.

As soon as he entered, Nina felt like the elevator was so small that she could hardly breathe.

"Hi. Nice to meet you again." Unconsciously, a faint smile appeared on John"s face.

"Good evening, Uncle." Her face flushed, but she managed to smile at him. "It"s the second time."

Seeing her stretching out two fingers, John suddenly had an urge to grab them.

"Yes, you are lucky." "You are lucky to meet me, " he thought.

Clueless about what was going on, Michelle only stared at them. Deep inside, she was relieved that the rumors were all false. Nina was easy to get along with, and she was not an orphan.

She scooted closer to Nina and whispered, "Your family has good genes. Your uncle is so handsome."

Stunned, Nina"s eyes turned to her. "My uncle?" And then she looked at John, whose face was gloomy again. He seemed to have heard what Michelle had just said.

"I am not..." "Her uncle." He didn"t finish.

Suddenly, a phone vibrated.

It interrupted his powerless explanation.

"Sir, it"s for you." When Henry handed the phone to John, Nina was able to see Jason Fu"s name on the screen.

"You dare to call me now that you"re home alone, huh?"

His voice was not as sharp as it had always been when he spoke. It was actually gentle.

On the phone, Jason Fu replied, "You know it. Your sister has watched a TV series with two handsome leading men. Now, she smiles meaningfully every time she sees two handsome men staying together. She always reminds me not to get too close to you."

What Nina could only hear was what John was saying. She couldn"t clearly understand the conversation, but because of his tone, she got curious.

This was a big blow to Nina. How could he be so gentle?


what did he just say?

The person on the other end of the line dare to call him while being alone at home?

Did he have an affair with a married woman?

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was possible.

She was curious about what they were talking about, although she didn"t know why she was so interested in gossip.

The moment she pricked up her ears, she heard something more shocking.

"That you must kept it secret that you are going to the hotel to meet me."

Her eyes widened in surprise. But soon she felt disgusted.

A married woman was coming to the hotel to meet him!

Was he a toy boy?

Nina had mixed emotions but ended up regretting that she eavesdropped.

At that moment, John couldn"t help but frown when he felt that someone was staring at him from his back. However, on the phone, Jason Fu had something important to tell him, so he couldn"t be distracted.

When the elevator stopped, Michelle spoke. "Here we are."

They had arrived at the twentieth floor. "Okay."

Nina gave her a nod but her eyes were still fixed on John"s back.

When Nina brushed past John, a naughty idea came to her mind. So she stopped and tiptoed to reach John"s ear.

"Honey, would you please stop the call?"

Her voice was melodious and euphemistic.

Everyone was shocked to hear what she had said. Jason Fu was shocked, too.

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