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Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me

Chapter 11 The Song Family Is Defending Her

While holding a pillow, Isabella was curled up in her bed and crying. What she was really thinking about was that Albert would definitely dislike her if she was disfigured.

"Isabella, have a look. Maybe this is the girl behind the post."

"Post!" As soon as Isabella heard the word "post," she sat up and grabbed the phone. In the video, a girl was watching her being beaten and even taking photos with her phone.

At that moment, she was completely shocked. That girl...

"Nina..." It was Nina!

Maybe she had figured out what she had done, so she took revenge on Isabella.

It must be the case! Isabella grabbed her mother"s arm and yelled hoarsely, "Mom, it"s Nina. It must be her. It"s her who posted it."

Right now, all she could feel was anger. Her hands were trembling, like she wanted to pull Nina"s hair and slap her across her face.

"Nina?" Her name was quite familiar. And then Amelia remembered her daughter often mentioned a girl named Nina.

"It"s her!" With her eyebrows furrowed, Amelia blamed Isabella. "I have told you many times that you should stay away from this girl. She"s from the countryside and must be an opportunistic girl! Now you must feel regretful!"

"Mom, you still blame me at this time? Am I really your daughter?" Her eyes were filled with tears, and her already swollen face became more swollen as she cried.

As a mother, Amelia would make Nina pay for this insult.

"What you should do now is follow the doctor"s advice and have a good rest. Leave the rest to me and your father." A hint of cruelty flashed through Amelia"s eyes.

As a nobody, no one would notice if Nina was killed. Her disappearance would not be a big deal.

For two consecutive days, Nina felt a little uneasy, because John knew what she had done and had evidence.

And he even warned her that she would regret it.

She thought he would give the video to the Zhang family.

One rainy afternoon, she confirmed why she had been feeling uneasy. On her way home, she noticed that a car was following her from a distance.

In order to make sure if she was really being stalked, Nina walked along the crowded streets and deliberately made several turns. When she simply glanced at her back, she found out that the car was still following her.

In this case, she couldn"t go to a place with fewer people. But it rained today, and there were fewer people walking on the street.

Gradually, it started pouring, and there were fewer pedestrians. Nina could only turn into an alley which no car could enter. As expected, the car stopped and heavy footsteps followed behind her. By the sound of it, she figured she was being chased by two men.

Determined to get out of here, she walked faster until she threw her umbrella away and ran as fast as she could. The stalkers sped up and was about to catch up with her when she finally reached the end of the alley.

A Maserati braked to a halt in front of her.

"Nina." Albert got out of the car with an umbrella. He put his arm around Nina"s shoulder before they faced the two tall and sturdy men in suits who had arrived.

The two men didn"t expect that someone would suddenly appear. They didn"t know the background of the person, so they didn"t dare to take action.

"Fortunately, I met you." Although half of her body was wet and sticky, which made her uncomfortable, Nina still felt lucky.

After she wiped the rain off of her face, she looked up at Albert. His eyes, which were colder than the rain, were fixated on the two men.

But when he spoke to Nina, his voice was gentle. "Don"t worry. They won"t do anything to you as long as I"m here, unless they want to live a life worse than death."

"Who are you? Mind your own business. We just want to invite Miss Lu." Looking at the man in front of them, the two men swallowed in fear. Indeed, Albert was thinner compared to th

em, but there was something about him that made them unexpectedly timid.

"I don"t know who you are," Nina said. Obviously, the two men didn"t come to invite her, but to abduct her.

A faint smile tugged at the corner of Albert"s mouth, but his eyes were like thin and sharp blades.

"Go back and tell Mr. Zhang that this matter is over. His daughter deserved it. If he dares to take action again, I, Albert Song, will not let him go easily."

"It seems that the Zhang family know what I"ve done. But how?"

Nina guessed that it was John"s doing.

"The Song family?" One of the two men realized that they couldn"t offend the Song family, especially Albert. So they turned around and left in a hurry.

They went back to the Zhang family, dejected. They were inevitably scolded by Glenn Zhang and got dismissed right away.

Glenn Zhang told Amelia angrily, "Albert wants to protect Nina."

When she heard this, Amelia became more furious. She wanted to cut Nina into pieces! "This girl is really not easy to deal with. She even hooked up with Albert and took advantage of the Song family! No wonder she dared to bully my precious daughter so presumptuously!"

How dare Nina treat her dear Isabella like this! Nina had humiliated her daughter in front of everyone!

Nina deserved to die for what she had done!

"I don"t believe the Song family will really protect her. Even if Albert likes her, the Song family won"t like an orphan from the countryside!"

"Mom, Dad, what are you talking about? Who does Albert like?" When she heard her parents having a discussion, Isabella went downstairs.

Her swollen face had recovered in the past few days, but there were still some bruises. Aside from that, it seemed like nothing was too serious.

"Isabella, maybe we"ll let you down. I"m afraid we can"t hurt that girl." There was an unmistakable guilt in Glenn"s eyes.

Glaring at her father, Isabella shouted like a spoiled little kid. "Why can"t we hurt her? She"s just a nobody!" Didn"t he say that he could solve her problem with Nina?

Why couldn"t he now?

Amelia glared at her husband, feeling guilty that she was unable to avenge her daughter.

Adrian Song, Albert"s eldest brother, didn"t care about the family businesses at all. Now it was Albert who had the final say. The Song family would protect whoever he wanted to protect.

After hesitating for a while, Amelia finally came over to tell Isabella the truth.

"Isabella, Albert wants to protect that girl and asks us not to investigate this matter. You know..."

"Albert wants to protect her? Really?" "How could Albert want to protect Nina? Didn"t he know how miserable I am now?

My face was almost ruined!" Isabella thought.

Amelia knew that her daughter liked Albert, so she knew that her daughter must feeling sad now.

"Isabella, as you know, there are three powerful families in the city. The Shi family, the Ye family and the Song family. Even if the Fang family and the Zhang family unite, we can"t afford to offend them."

"Mom..." Isabella didn"t feel any better. She could not let herself be bullied like this. And she was unwilling to accept the fact that Albert would protect Nina.


She was from a rich family, while Nina was just a good for nothing person.

But she couldn"t afford to offend the three families. She knew that the three families were all powerful and rich. Provoking them meant destruction.

"In that case, you don"t have to worry about it. I"ll solve it myself." Right now, Isabella was certain about two things. It must be her who wrote the post, so she must be the one who hired people to beat her. She wouldn"t let Nina go.

And the fact that Albert wanted to protect her, had ignited her anger more.

"Well..." With a sad face, Amelia sighed and left. Since her daughter wasn"t hurt seriously, she decided to let it go.

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