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Dawning Skye

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Beautiful Skye

Tidas had been standing outside Skye’s door for twenty minutes now. His patience was beginning to wear thin as his stomach ate at him from the inside. He swore he could smell food occasionally, whenever a breeze came in the hallway through the window. But the direction made no sense. That would mean the smell was coming from Skye’s courtyard. He was about to leave when Peggy opened the door.

“Lady Skye has had me inform the lord that ye will be breakin’ yer fast with yer bride to be in the courtyard. In an effort to know one another better before yer nuptials. She also had me inform him that yer luncheon will be spent together, after a wee ride. Ima to have a picnic at the ready for when ye depart. The lady awaits ye in her courtyard,” Peggy informed Tidas, her annoyance made plain in her tone and expression.

‘I knew I smelt food!’ Tidas thought to himself.

He had figured Skye would refuse to see him. That the reason he had been waiting so long was because Peggy was trying to talk her into seeing him. Never would he had guessed that she wanted to be alone with him.... ‘Is it a trap of some sort?’

Before Tidas could overthink, he nodded to Peggy in agreement. This brought great relief to Peggy, she was quite tired from running back and forth for the past fifteen minutes to coordinate her lady’s wishes. She had Not the patience or time to hold the prince’s hand. For she had yet to break her own fast as well.

Lord Moonstone had not been happy about his daughter’s ‘selfish’ request. Lady Lidia had soothed him, however; reminding him of their circumstances. She also directed the servants on which food to take. It had helped to speed up the dividing and shifting of the meal. Lord Moonstone had looked crestfallen when the plate of bacon was taken away, she’d amusingly noted.

Peggy stepped aside and bowed lightly to the prince. As he passed her, she adorned a knowing smile. She knew the lad was beyond nervous, but couldn’t help teasing him one last time.

..... 𝒊𝐧𝑛r𝑒𝗮𝐝. 𝐜𝑜𝑚

As Tidas entered the room, Peggy stated; “Keep yer hands full of food and silverware, me prince. Ye be less tempted to fill’em with anythin’ else that way..” then closed the door behind herself.

Tidas laughed at the old woman’s jab. He had earned her ridicule, and had no rebuttal to defend himself with. Standing in the same spot as where he had seen Skye before forced her heavenly image to appear. He instantly shook his head, trying to rid himself of the thought. ‘Stop acting like a damn animal; focus!’ he screamed inwardly.

Walking around the bed, Tidas went into the closet. Skye’s smell hit his senses hard. He quickened his pace, attempting to rush out to the courtyard. As his eyes adjusted to the light, Skye came into focus. Her demeanor made him quickly suck in a soft breath. Her long red hair shimmered in the sun, and her curls rippled slightly as the breeze played with them. Her skin was like porcelain; minus the few freckles that dotted the bridge of her nose. She sat at the fountain, staring into the pool.

Wearing the light blue dress that had been on her bed, Skye looked unreal. Like a perfectly painted sculpture. She turned her head to meet his eyes, feeling someone watching her. Tidas was staring at her with a slight gape in his mouth. His eyes were wider than normal too, making her fidget and hesitate slightly before she stood.

As soon as Skye did, Tidas slowly approached her with his hands behind his back in a gentlemanly manner. He feared he had already screwed up. She was as nervous as as foal away from it’s mother. There was no way she would spend the day with him if this was how it was going to be.

Suddenly, Peggy’s words from earlier popped into Tidas’ head. His younger self wouldn’t have tip toe around Skye. He would’ve picked at her. He would’ve kept at it until she let her fire show. Anger was easier than any other emotion for Skye. Standing only a few feet from her, he leaned down slightly and motioned her to step forward with his head. Skye took two hesitant steps closer to him, and awkwardly nodded for him to speak.

Tidas straightened his posture and smiled mockingly at his future wife before saying; “I saw you naked..”

Skye stared at him with her mouth gaping open. She couldn’t believe he’d said it, and with absolutely no tact. She’d hoped that he would act like it didn’t happen. That they would break their fast, then have a long ride with the wind between them. Then, maybe at the picnic, courage permitting; she would’ve mentioned Not to ever bring it up again. If he wanted to have a functioning marriage with her.

‘Out loud?! Ye idiot! What if a guard or a passerby heard ye?! Stupid as a horse’s arse!’ Skye’s internal monologue raged.

Tidas saw the flash of fury in her eyes. Just a wee bit more, and she would snap. He didn’t want his soon to be bride to be mad at him. But anger was better than fear or shame. Not missing a beat, he looked Skye in the eyes and said, “A bit thick, but you’ll do.”

“WHAT Did Ye Just Say To Me?!” Skye flipped.

The barb was the last straw. Skye’s eyes bulged with her indignation. The whole situation was infuriating to her.. ‘And he didn’t even apologize! And that comment: what the bloody hell?! What or Who was he even comparing me to? Ahhh! I outta scratch his eyes out! The Bastard!’

A sudden gleam from the fountain gave Skye an idea. Her face contorted into a vindictive smile. She turned to the fountain, scooped up some water with her hands, and flung it at the prince.

Tidas swiftly dodged Skye’s attack; seeing the obvious intent in her eyes. There was a small watering can where the path met the fountain ring. Tidas grabbed it, then turned back to Skye. Her face showed shock, but her eyes were laughing. She gave a small squeak and coy smile before running to the other side of the fountain.

A guard had poked his head in through the servant’s gate to see what the noise was about. He watched the lady and the prince chasing each other like children. Seeing their smiles as they ran caused him to do the same. He the quietly closed the gate behind himself. Leaving the young couple to themselves to enjoy their youthful antics.

Skye had raced around the fountain half a dozen times before she changed course. Running up to the table of food, she grabbed a large metal pitcher filled with chilled water. She stared at her prey with a playful gleam in her eyes before saying, “I will ruin ALL of this food, Tidas MacArthur, to get to you; if I have to.”

“Come now, sweetheart... Let’s not be rash...” Tidas pleaded as he cautiously walked up to the opposite side of the table where a chair sat.

Prince Tidas was torn. He wanted to continue their little game.. She was laughing and smiling as he’d chased her. Her blue eyes shined in the sunlight as her hair bounced around her heart-shaped face. He had been careful not to soak her dress. Only splashing near her feet, or flicking small amounts of the water at her face with his hand. He could have caught her in an instant, if he had wanted to...

Skye was breathing hard. Her hair was in disarray due to the water and wind. Her grip on the pitcher had to be supported by her other hand on the bottom. Knowing Tidas’ weakness for good food, she knew he would back down. It was the one thing she knew would never change, regardless of their age or time apart.

The fact that the prince was hesitating only helped to prove that Skye’s hunch was right. She didn’t really want to stop, but her dress was a massive pain to run in. Her hair whipped about, making it difficult to see; let alone aim and dodge. The chase would’ve ended on his terms if she didn’t end it here on hers.

It really was a hard choice for Tidas. He knew Skye was testing him, in her own way. She’d been like that ever since they were kids. She must’ve known that their game had no other ending but with her in his arms.

‘That is Still how this will end’, Tidas decided as he lowered his head before speaking loudly and clearly.

“I apologize for the incident earlier.. I knew it to be bad form to wait inside your room, but I couldn’t help it. Hearing the phrase ‘her nips’ from my fiancée had piqued my interest. I am truly sorry for frightening you.. That has never, nor will it ever be, my intention. I’m afraid that I’m very much like a cat, I’m told; when I’m curious,” Tidas raised his eyes to meet his Skye’s as he finished speaking.

Unable to help herself, Skye smiled at his cockiness. She was seeing the boy she once knew, and it put her at ease. The entire time, she had only been able to see the man he had grown to be. But deep down, he was still the boy. Skye shook her head as she smiled with a slight huff. She set the pitcher on the table, and asked, “Was the knowledge behind my words worth possibly dying over?”

Tidas moved faster than Skye could see. The second her hands were off of the pitcher, he had his arms around her. Tidas examined Skye’s face closely; looking for any sign of fear. First was shock, but that mixed with curiosity a second later. She looked from Tidas, to the other side of the table, and back again. Her mind unable to process his speed temporarily.

Skye didn’t even fight against him; she was too stunned. It wasn’t human to move that fast.... ‘Wait! No Way?!’

“Yer a magic user?!” Skye asked with utter shock on her face and in her voice.

Tidas wore a smug, but warm smile as he looked into Skye’s eyes and said, “Aye, my sweetheart. And for the record: a cat with good reflexes doesn’t get caught.. We do the catching..”

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