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Dawning Skye

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Firewood

As Skye slowly opened her eyes, she found two enlarged, beautiful green ones staring back at her. Warm, strong arms wrapped around her, and begun to tenderly squeeze the life from her. Tidas’ scent mixed with the smell of Earth both comforted her, and reminded her of what had just happened. She craned her head as best she could to look at everyone around them.

Counting three other heads, she snuggled against Tidas’ chest in relief. He stroked her hair as he whispered about how worried he was, and how much he loved her. Skye felt like crying, but quite frankly; she didn’t even have the energy for that. Her whole body ached, she was slightly dizzy, and her stomach felt like it was eating itself.

“How do you feel, child?” Nicolas asked with concern.

“Well she couldn’t possibly feel good now, could she? Don’t ask stupid questions, Nic! Just give her the cup,” Maevis said in a scolding tone.

“So my concern is stupid?” Nicolas shot back as he struggled to hand Skye a human-sized cup Maevis had made filled with water.

“No; I said don’t ask stupid questions, you old dotard!” Maevis replied with snark.

They went back and forth a while until Petrie interrupted: “Awe, you two must be married..”


The two looked as though someone had slapped them. They glared at Petrie before saying in unison: “Gods NO!”

Skye couldn’t hold in her laughter any longer. She’d been listening to them while Tidas silently held her, and she sipped her water. He hadn’t said much, other than his sweet whispers in her ear. Skye wasn’t sure how long she’d been out, but the light no longer reached inside the forest. To the East, she could see the dark skies steadily creeping in.

Skye turned her head to look at Tidas before asking: “How are ye fairing?”

Tidas gave her a soft smile then replied: “I’m alright, but what about you?”

“Ima fine, so long as you are,” she replied softly with a small smile.

Tidas nodded his acknowledgment before saying; “Nicolas filled me in on most of it.. How long, Skye?”

Knowing what he meant; Skye said: “Since I was eleven. Genie taught me the basics, but Ima mostly self-taught.. Ima sorry I never told ye. I was gonna on me birthday, but ye left before then. And Genie told me not to tell anyone; even father. Only he and Peggy know.”


When Skye’s father had found her in his study when she was almost four, she thought her life was over. But instead, he had picked up the book she held, and read it to her. It was the first memory she had of her father being kind. They had turned it into a weekly habit. Her father would sit in his desk chair, while Skye sat on a small couch and listened.

When Lord Moonstone realized Skye was trying to read the words with him, he had decided to hire a tutor for her. It had cost him a pretty penny.. Teaching women wasn’t widely accepted in Alcon. So he had sent a letter to his friend in Sai; asking to send someone he trusted to teach his daughter.

When the tutor arrived, he introduced himself as Jin Laos. He had caused quite the stir in the lord’s village closest to the castle. Everything about him stuck out like a sore thumb; being from Sai. His clothes looked like a dress to the commoners. The spices he used to cook with smelled pungent and strange, and he constantly sang songs from his homeland. But the people of the village tolerated him, and soon; grew to adore him.

He became known as ‘Genie’ to everyone he interacted with. He had knowledge of medicines, farming, and was quite funny; once his speech developed a little. And, he had control over air. Some in the village thought magic users were evil in general, but none ever said as much to his face. It turned out to be a stroke of luck for Skye. When her womanly cycles started at the age of eleven; so did her magic. Only Genie, Peggy, and Skye knew of her power.

Her teacher had warned against telling anyone of her power, even her parents. If she valued having her freedom. Magic users were coveted for their power; especially Elementals. He had told her many stories of his youth over the years; cementing the thought with examples.


As Tidas listened to Skye, he realized how much easier it had been for him. He had been open about his powers from the start. Skilled Tankers lined the palace courtyards to train him. He had known Genie was an Air mage, but it’s hard to learn from someone outside your attribute set. The basic principles were the same, but one’s potential could always be stunted if not properly taught. Not that it seemed to be the case with Skye.

Not only did Skye have her water aspect, but now a Shaman aspect as well. Elementals were bound to their set magic because natural magic was different from physical attributes. Elementals communicated with the natural magic of the world with their own; through their element. Physical types likes Tankers, Manics, Tamers, and Shamans manipulated the magic that flowed naturally within their bodies, and/or other living creatures. Never had he Ever, heard of someone capable of doing both: Ever.

Shepherds were magic users with multiple physical attributes. The highest ranked Shepherd Tidas had ever heard of was the King of the Sync Kingdom. From what he remembered; he had Tank, Tamer, and Manic. In all of their known history; never had there ever been, a Shepherd who used both kinds of magic.

‘Wait; wasn’t there an old story or something? I remember Genie telling us something along those lines... An old legend?’ Tidas tried to recall, but was interrupted.

“Well; that was a lovely story, but it’s nearly night. I think it best if we all camped together,” Petrie suggested; gesturing to the group.

“Father will be furious we missed dinner and never made it home,” Skye remarked as she looked up as Tidas.

Just as Skye said the last word; Tidas’ stomach let out a huge growl. Skye giggled at the vibration she felt from it, but then gave him an empathetic smile. She knew he hadn’t eaten all day, and must’ve been starving. When She tried to stand, Tidas immediately stood u with her, refusing to let go of her. She huffed with slight irritation, but then smiled at his affection for her.

Skye knew better than to argue with him over something so trivial. And she was freezing. 𝚒𝚗𝒏𝐫e𝒶𝙙. 𝒸o𝑚

The shredded dress Skye had on hardly covered her. Her legs were exposed up to her thighs, and her arms weren’t covered at all. Tidas looked at the scraps of cloth Skye had used to make bandages and a sling for his arm. She probably would’ve used her entire dress on him, had his wounds been any worse.

It made Tidas smile, although he was still irritated. Petrie looked at Skye with awe on occasion. Was it smart to let him live? He had first-hand knowledge of Skye’s powers. Although the prince had been told about how he saved Skye after she’d spared him, he still had doubts. Who was to say that he wouldn’t sell her out if he got desperate? Or threatened? Tidas’ face shifted to a glare as he looked at Petrie while he helped his future bride to Thoth.

The look did not go unnoticed by Petrie. The man quite honestly, scared him. Even with the others; the prince had held his own against them, until he had been poisoned. Petrie’s bone’s told him that this was the same Prince Tidas that gave Murdoc a good thrashing. He knew he had to leave a good impression on the prince. Or Skye would never be able to convince him to allow his family to hunt their lands. Even though the man knew Skye’d already said yes.

Deciding he should prove his value; Petrie volunteered to find firewood. When Tidas said that he wanted to accompany him, however; the nomad’s stomach contorted into a knot. Princes didn’t collect firewood; they ordered others to do it for them. The fact that Tidas so obviously had ulterior motives, made Petrie even more frightened. He looked to Nicolas and Mavis, but they were whispering amongst themselves. As soon as he’d positioned Skye and handed her a large basket, he nodded to Petrie to leave.

Realizing he had no other options; the weary nomad followed Tidas into the darkening woods. He was nervous and a little scared, but seriously doubted the prince would kill him. Threaten him; most definitely. But not hurt him.. he hoped. Lost in his thoughts; Petrie almost walked into Tidas as he stopped and asked, “Can you really be trusted, Nomad?”

Tidas turned to face Petrie as the man replied, “So long as I can trust ye to keep yer woman’s word.”

The two men stared at each other a moment before Tidas said, “Aye. Skye will make sure of it. She’s never been one to go back on her word, and neither am I.”

Petrie smiled a cheeky smile before saying; “Then I have no intentions to ruin me means of easy hunting. Food for years is Far better than a momentary gain. And me wee sister seems to eat more everyday.”

Tidas smiled approvingly, then patted him on the shoulder. Everything he had been told about Petrie from Nicolas seemed accurate. Over the years, Tidas had learned to never trust easily. But he also knew how strict the Nomadic Tribes were about their own codes of honor. To break the code was the same as deciding not to Be a nomad anymore. And based off of how he spoke of his family; Tidas knew the man had too much to lose versus the gain.

“I will help Skye speak to her father as well. He, himself got his start in life by saving my father, King Magnus. That should work to your favor with him. And you mentioned that your sister resembles Skye?” Tidas inquired; recalling him speak of her while Skye lay unconscious.

“Just her fiery spirit and ability to scare the soul from me body,” Petrie replied candidly.

Tidas laughed harder than he should’ve at Petrie’s comment. His body still ached, and he felt like he was literally starving now. But his joke had been too spot on. Skye could be down-right terrifying sometimes. Nostalgia began to fill his head, but his mirth disappeared as Petrie said: “That and her hair-Umm, well.. haha; used to, anyways.. D-Do ye think she’s noticed it yet?”

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