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Dawning Skye

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: True Story

Skye stared at the tiny pouch in confusion and irritation. ‘What was in the pouch? Why was Tidas going to die?!’ She wanted to smack Petrie to end his antics.

The Nomad smiled at her like an idiot, waiting for her gratitude. He really was the most exasperating person she’d ever met. When Skye let out a sigh of irritation while cranking her arm up; his jovial, blasé attitude had stopped.

Putting his hands up defensively, Petrie explained; “Rickon was a twisted piece of work. He carries, or rather he carried: a blade, coated in poison. That way, even if his enemies got away from him, it would never be very far.”

Skye shivered.. If she hadn’t spared the man before her, Tidas would’ve been dead. Probably on their way back home; based upon the look of his condition now. Skye thanked the Gods that she’d seen the carving. If she hadn’t; Petrie would’ve been dead by now, and Tidas soon after. Not to mention what Rickon would’ve done to her.. the thought made Skye shiver again.

“Do ye know what to do with it?” Skye asked nervously. 𝒾𝐧𝚗𝙧𝙚𝐚d. 𝗰o𝓶

“Aye, I do. Ye put it on the wound, and the tongue. Rickon was playin’ with his blade one time, and the fool stabbed his own hand. He complained about how terrible this stuff tasted all bloody night,” Petrie grimaced at the memory as he held up the tiny pouch.

Skye’s face lit up with her smile. The Nomad really did think she was beautiful. He’d found out the hard way that proud women were troublesome.. Fun, but troublesome. Plus; it was plain to see where her heart was. ‘I can’t tell if that prince is damn lucky, or just damned..’ Petrie thought.


The two walked back over to the hollow within the strange tree. It gave Petrie an off feeling, causing him to be weary of the inanimate plant. It was the only willow tree in the area. It was also the biggest and oldest tree, from what little he knew of trees. It was almost unnatural for it to grow where it did, but he was no expert. And had no plans to stay longer than he had to.

Skye had left the branches pulled back for easier visibility. When Petrie came around the side, Tidas was in full view. His face was covered in sweat, and his shirt was soak through. His eyebrows were furrowed and he was taking short, shallow breaths. As Petrie looked the prince over, he realized that they were getting him the antidote just in time.

The two carefully removed Tidas from his hidy-hole, and laid him on the ground. Petrie opened the leather pouch, lightly sprinkled the powder on to the prince’s wound, then the rest onto his tongue. Skye used her power to bring clean water to Tidas’ mouth, and slowly directed little droplets mixed with the medicine down his throat. He swallowed it down, which was a good sign to Skye. She smiled warmly at the relieving thought of how hungry he’d be when he woke up.

It only took about ten minutes or so, for the medicine to start working. Tidas’ facial expression eased, and he stopped sweating so badly. Skye had ripped another piece of her dress off to wipe the remaining sweat from his brow. When he mumbled her name in his sleep, Skye’s cheeks flushed. Causing Petrie to laugh out loud.

Lightly smacking his shoulder; Skye smiled at Petrie before saying, “Alright; Ima be off on me way to find Thoth. He’ll most likely still be where ye ambushed us earlier. I should be back within the hour; ’twas not too far.”

“Aye, me lady. I’ll keep me eyes on yer Prince Charming here. None shall lay a hand on him, I swear. And I suppose I’ll do ye a kindness, and figure out a way for ye to bring him back home. Without havin’ to hoist him up, on top of that great beast ye ride,” the young nomad bowed with a flourish.

“That would be a great kindness, Petrie. I thank you, and swear on my own life that I will keep true to me word,” Skye finished with a deep curtsy.

While Petrie had been messing around with his bow, Skye’s curtsy had been spot on and elegant. Cleaned up and in a proper dress; the nomad could see the true Lady, Skye really was. The handful of nobles he’d met in his life were either pathetic and weak, or strong and cruel. But Skye had a quality about her that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. All he knew was that he admired her for it.

Skye grinned and nodded before turning on her heels, and leaving. She headed straight back the way they’d came; using the markers her and Tidas had made as children. She’d recognized one right before the nomads had ambushed them. The past two days had practically flipped her life upside down, and now she’d taken multiple lives on top of that.

This was not the first time Skye had needed to defend herself. When she was eleven, a man had tried to take her from a marketplace in the nearest city. It was actually how she’d realized she had powers. Genie had taken her into Dragonhorn; the closest city to Moonstone Castle. It sits on the boarder between Skye’s father’s lands, and another lord named Reinbolt.

His family had served the king for many generations as a King’s Guardsmen. He had been the one to first see the potential in Skye’s father, and they had remained close friends ever since. They would often go hunting together; whenever Lord Reinbolt was healthy enough. The man does have ten years or so on her father; whom was no spring chicken himself.

Lord Moonstone had been visiting his neighbor at their favorite tavern; discussing business and court gossip. Skye had kept interrupting them with questions, so the lord had told Genie to take his daughter out and ‘teach her something’. Neither had been happy to be stuck indoors, so they’d gladly scurried off without any complaints.

Skye had been walking along: listening to his lecture on the flow of goods in and out of the town. She was only partially listening when a shiny, translucent, star-shaped stone caught her eye. Rainbow colors shimmered inside it as the sunlight bounced off of it. She’d stopped at the stall to examine the stone with awe.. The next thing she knew; everything was dark.

Someone had put a sack over Skye’s head, grabbed her, and started running. She tried to break free, but the man was too strong. He was muttering something about making a lot of money off of her, but that he was going to break her in first. Then something about how he loved the screams of virgins..

Skye’s panic reached a new level. She tried to scream, but the bag muffled her. She was jerked about violently and smacked in the head or face every time she fought back. Finally, she’d got her footing on the top of his thigh when she’d scrunched up her legs. Skye’d kicked off of him, then brought all the weight she could down onto his man-bits.

The creep instantly fell; sending Skye flying out of his arms. She landed hard on her shoulder, dislocating it in the process. She screamed in pain as she ripped the bag from her head. She looked around, but didn’t see anyone. And she didn’t recognize any of the buildings.

The man dry heaved several times as Skye cried out in agony for help. Once on his feet, the man walked up to Skye and kicked her in her stomach as she sat on the ground to shut her up. She skidded on the ground slightly, due to his force. Causing her to dry-heave; just as the man was b a moment ago. He circled her once before grabbing her by the hair and yanking her to her feet.

Skye’s fear was quickly turning to rage as this man beat her in broad daylight. She’d seen a couple shutters close as he’d kicked her earlier. No one cared what he was doing, or tried to stop it. Their indifference both shocked and infuriated her.

Suddenly, Skye felt a snap in her mind’s eye. A cool, refreshing sensation began to well up within her. Her arm screamed fire and torment as the man yelled and squeezed it. Telling her how badly she’d be punished for hurting her new master..

To this day, Skye still couldn’t figure out where the water had come from. She could clearly remember, however; the look on his face when she impaled him on a giant spike she’d made from water. But most of all; she remembered feeling no regrets for killing the man. For he would’ve done Far worse to her, and many more girls like her after.

Skye’s mind wandered to Genie as she continued walking through the forest. He had been the one to find her; completely panicked. She sobbed and wiped her wet, snotty face on his robes as her questioned her about what had happened. And who had saved her. When Skye admitted to the deed herself later that night, Genie hadn’t believe her at first. At least, not until she sprayed some water from a pitcher no one was touching directly into his face.

Skye giggled out loud at the memory as she walked along, but went on the defensive when she heard rustling in the forest around her. She stood frozen; listening for hooves or footsteps. But only woodland creatures could be heard. Skye exhaled with relief, but still felt like she was being watched. She quickened her pace, but tried to still look calm.

‘Could it be more nomads?! A huntsman? It could be regular bandits.. Arg! Ima so Sick of this.. I just wanted a damn picnic! Why does this shit keep happening?!’ Skye screamed internally.

Something shimmery in her peripheral vision caused Skye to swing her arm without thinking. When her hand actually made contact with something; she screamed, cringed, and ran a few steps away from it. She didn’t see what it was, so she assumed it must’ve been a large bug. As Skye slowly approached it, she temporarily stopped to take her shoe off to use as a weapon.

She cautiously tip toed up to the lifeless creature. Skye gasped with shock before placing her hand on her mouth and mumbling, “HOLY SHIT! It’s a bloody fairy!”

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