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Chapter 87: Slap

The demonic ape curled up on the ground, holding its left leg with a wail, looking pitiful and weak.

If it was not for its exaggerated size that was much taller than Jiang Li while lying down, and if it was not for the words?‘cunning and bloodthirsty’?clearly written in the column of appraisal, Jiang Li might have really fallen for its trick.

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock scraped the ground, producing a series of metallic sounds.

An expression appeared on the demonic ape’s hairy face, like it had succeeded in its scheme.

Although the demonic ape had been curled up and buried its face under its body, its ears were still focused on the outside.

It could clearly hear the clanging of the chains getting closer and closer to it. As long as the human was within ten meters of it, it was confident that it could instantly pounce on its prey and tear him into pieces.


At this moment, a rock the size of a human head flew over and shattered into countless pieces on the demonic ape’s body, flying in all directions.


The demonic ape let out a low growl, but it still refused to rise. It waited for the right moment.

Although it was painful to be hit by such a rock, as long as it did not hit a vital spot, it could not cause any actual damage. Only by continuing to show weakness would the foolish humans let down their guard.

The cunning ape prided itself on its wisdom.

However, after Jiang Li threw out that rock, not only did he not stop at all, he even smashed it down from all directions, causing the giant ape to howl in pain.

Although the battle between Jiang Li and the giant ape did not last for long, the situation was sufficiently intense. Especially when Jiang Li was smashed into the ground, many rocks were shattered, and these became his convenient “ammunition”.

If not for the fact that this ape was smart and protected its left leg well, Jiang Li would have smashed it there every time.

After a long time, the demonic ape felt its body tighten as if it was about to be buried by rocks.

That damned human, did he not know what compassion was? Under the stimulation of the pain, the fury in the demonic ape’s chest rose.


It could not tolerate this anymore!

The four-meter-tall cunning giant ape suddenly got up and rushed towards the rock to tear Jiang Li into pieces.

However, with a clang, the chains on its body tightened.

This demonic ape had actually been tied up by Jiang Li!

It turned out that Jiang Li had been circling around the ape just now. He relied on the rocks that he smashed to attract its attention and wrapped the Dragon Imprisoning Lock around it in circles.

Jiang Li had already played with chains for a long time, so his mastery of binding was quite good.

The originally loose chains instantly tightened under the ape’s struggles. Now, it was not easy to untie them.

Being bound by chains and having its left leg broken, not to mention tearing Jiang Li into pieces, even if the demonic ape wanted to stand up at this moment, it would be unable to do so.

Realizing that it was trapped, the demonic ape desperately tugged at the Dragon Imprisoning Lock on its body, attempting to use brute force to rip apart all the chains.

But the chain was different from the one he had broken.

It was called the Dragon Imprisoning Lock. It was a chain that even the dragon race could not break free from.

Although there might be some bragging involved, it was definitely not something that a mere minor ape demon could shake.

Taking advantage of the fact that the demonic ape was chained up and unable to move, Jiang Li approached it and slapped it on the head.

Jiang Li had noticed earlier that the demonic ape’s head was extremely stiff, and it was more than enough to be used to forge iron.

Therefore, if he wanted to deal an effective blow to it, he had to use “soft measures” to counter it.

He abandoned his fist and attacked with a palm that seemed to be harmless.


Jiang Li’s palm ruthlessly slapped the right ear hole of the ape. A stream of spiritual qi suddenly poured into the ape’s ear, shattering the thick eardrums. The ferocious spiritual qi rushed straight into the depths of the skull.

A line of blood flowed out from the ear hole of the Demonic Ape. The giant ape was stunned for a few seconds. By the time it reacted, Jiang Li’s round slap had already arrived.

With a crisp crack, Jiang Li’s dual-attribute Wood-Yin spiritual qi poured into the ape’s ears from the other side. The two spiritual qi collided with each other inside the ape’s skull. The ape’s skull was almost torn off.

The huge body finally crashed to the ground. Blood flowed out like a stream from both ears.

There was also some light yellow cerebral spinal fluid mixed in. It seemed that these two slaps were quite ruthless.

“Master, I won.” Jiang Li took two breaths before he cupped his hands and bowed to Elder He who was still standing indifferently on the iron cage.

“Well done. As your present, this Dragon Confinement Lock will be yours from now on.”

The first half of Elder He’s words came from the distant iron cage. When he spoke the second half, he had already appeared beside Jiang Li.

With a wave of his hand, he undid the Dragon Imprisoning Lock on the demonic ape’s and Jiang Li’s bodies. The thick chain that was originally 200 meters long quickly shortened and became thin. In the end, it became roughly 20 meters in length and landed in Jiang Li’s hands.

The chain was able to extend or shorten and become thicker or thinner. It was great!

“Thank you, Master!”

Jiang Li received the ordinary-looking Dragon Imprisoning Lock and hurriedly bowed to thank Elder He.

The strength of this chain was extremely shocking, and its grade was probably not low. In the future, he finally did not have to worry about his artifact being easily broken by others.

“Mm. Refine it properly when you get back. There are many ways to use it in your future cultivation.”

In other words, Jiang Li would have to undergo this kind of combat training often in the future. Moreover, he had to lock himself up with the chain.

Jiang Li could not help but grumble in his heart. Just by looking at the unsatisfied expression on his master’s face, he knew that his future opponent would probably find it harder and harder to deal with.

“Your strength is not bad. I’m very satisfied. You passed today’s test.”

“Now, dig out the demonic ape’s heart and bury the body in the ground over there.”

“After all, this ape lost its life for your cultivation practice. You should bury it yourself.”

Elder He made another request. The direction he pointed at was a smooth and hard rock ground.

He wanted Jiang Li to dig a grave on a rock.

Jiang Li’s face twitched, and then he looked left and right with an innocent expression!

“Master, where are the tools?”

Elder He glanced at him again and said with a smile, “As body cultivators, our hands and body are the best tools. If it’s not completed, you can forget about going back today.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he left behind an ice box before turning around and leaving. He took a few steps forward and vanished from Jiang Li’s field of vision.

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