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Chapter 84: Golden Wind Jade Dew

“Your bone is broken? It’s a small matter. You can stand beside him. I’ll treat you together.”

The female cultivator from the Rejuvenation Hall glanced at Jiang Li’s palm and immediately saw what was going on. Body cultivators at the initial stages of fist cultivation would often break their own palms and bones.

After checking that the broken end of his palm was properly connected, she got Jiang Li to stand beside the heavily injured disciple.

Jiang Li looked at the appearance of the other party’s chest caving in and his entire body covered in blood, and then he looked at the reddened swelling on his right hand and realized that this was really a small matter.

Standing beside the disciple, the two female cultivators stood on the left and right side. Then, they formed hand seals and softly muttered spell techniques.

A ball of blue light representing Water-attribute spiritual qi and a ball of green light representing Wood-attribute spiritual qi blossomed in their hands.

Two meters away, an abundant aura of vitality assaulted his senses. 𝓲𝓷nr𝒆𝚊d. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

The disciples of the Rejuvenation Hall mainly cultivated healing spells, and they basically all had these two types of spiritual root attributes. Under normal circumstances, when the two of them cooperated, they could display even stronger healing effects.

They might not be able to resurrect the dead, but regenerating the body was extremely simple for them.

A moment later, the two spell techniques transformed into a gust of wind and rain that blew towards Jiang Li and the outer sect disciple.

Wood attribute spell technique, Golden Wind Technique!

Water attribute spell technique, Jade Dew Technique!

Specks of rain landed on Jiang Li’s face and hands as the golden wind blew. He only felt a refreshing comfort seep into his limbs and bones from the surface of his body.

Jiang Li could not help but close his eyes and quietly feel the surging vitality and dense life force that radiated from his body!

[Under the effect of the Golden Wind Technique and Jade Dew Technique. Added Status: Golden Wind Jade Dew.]

[Golden Wind Jade Dew: Regenerates 10 Health Points per second. Duration: 30 seconds] (? +)

The effects of spell techniques and medicinal pills were different. The effects of medicinal pills were lower but lasted longer.

The characteristics of the spell technique were immediate, but the effect did not last long.

To Jiang Li, the duration of the effect was not important. As long as the effect was strong enough, even if it was for a second, he could set it to unlimited duration with two taps.

[Golden Wind Jade Dew: Regenerates 10 Health Points per second. Duration: ∞] (?)

Just this status alone allowed Jiang Li’s recovery speed to increase by five times. When he went out in the future, he would really be fighting with people while drinking health potions constantly.

The fracture on his right palm was about to heal. In just a few seconds, the pain completely disappeared.

Looking at the outer sect disciple in front of him, the injuries on his body were also recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

His internal organs stopped bleeding, the wound automatically healed, his bones reconnected, and his chest heaved.

This magical change lasted for 30 seconds before it stopped.

The normal effect of the Golden Wind Jade Dew was to recover 10 health points per second for 30 seconds. After the effect ended, a total of 300 health points could be recovered.

Jiang Li cultivated both body and Qi, so the theoretical “health points” of ordinary outer sect disciples was definitely not higher than his.

With this combination of the recovery techniques, no matter what, they could still pull him back from his heavily injured and dying state. After that, the disciple could lie on the bed and slowly recuperate.

It would heal faster if they cast it again, but judging from the exhausted looks of the two female cultivators, the expenditure of these two spell techniques was clearly not small.

There were many other seriously injured people behind them. They naturally could not exhaust all their spiritual qi on one person.

“Thank you, Senior Sisters,” Jiang Li cupped his hands in thanks while his two senior sisters invited him to come often in the future.

After obtaining the [Golden Wind Jade Dew] status, Jiang Li’s entire body felt as if it was bathed in a spring breeze. He then left the Rejuvenation Hall with Elder He.

After returning to the Demon Vanquishing Hall, Elder He led him deeper into the hall. They finally stopped in front of a luxurious courtyard.

“This will be your home from now on. Consider it a first gift from your master.”

“There should be everything you need inside. If there’s anything else you require, find the Affairs Hall and get someone to send it to you.”

“Rest today and settle the outer sect matters that should be dealt with. Come find me tomorrow.”

After Elder He threw a key to Jiang Li, he left in a hurry. After all, he was the Head Elder, so there were still many things to do.

After Jiang Li sent his new master off, he sized up this courtyard.

This courtyard looked quite large. The specification was very luxurious. It did not look like a place where disciples should stay.

He took a closer look at the bottom of the wall. Indeed, there was a circle of complicated patterns engraved on it. There was actually a protective array formation in this courtyard. This made it much more impressive.

Jiang Li sized it up for a moment and noticed that there was a wooden plaque in an inconspicuous corner at the entrance of the courtyard. It was broken and thrown to the side.

Jiang Li went forward and picked up one of the pieces of the signboard that had been broken. On it was a large word, ‘Duan’.

There was even a clear 42-yard shoe print on it.

It was said that Duan Shuang was originally an elder of the Demon Vanquishing Hall. After he led all the disciples and fled, the courtyard in the sect was naturally taken back.

After all the suspicious and valuable things were moved away, this elder-level courtyard naturally became empty.

This courtyard was the property of the Demon Vanquishing Hall. The sect would not reward him with such a thing.

Jiang Li was overwhelmed by the fact that the Demon Vanquishing Hall had arranged such a luxurious courtyard for him. It seemed that Elder He truly thought highly of his talent.

He went in and took a rough look. Other than the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and cultivation room, everything was arranged very neatly.

In the center of the courtyard was a small spirit field and a spirit spring pond. Although the spirit herbs and spiritual fish inside had been completely plundered, this spirit spring was already worth a considerable amount.

Jiang Li was very satisfied with his new residence. He found the core of the protective formation and embedded a medium-grade spirit stone into it. Then, he used the key to mark his residence, and the courtyard officially belonged to Jiang Li.

He turned and left the Demon Vanquishing Hall.

Jiang Li returned to the outer sect area and noticed that the entrance to his small building was already filled with people.

Among these people, he was familiar with some and had never seen the rest. There were at least a hundred outer sect disciples waiting at the entrance. It was obvious who they were waiting for.

A few sharp-eyed disciples noticed Jiang Li’s return and immediately approached him eagerly.

“Oh my, Senior Brother! Senior Brother Jiang Li is back!”

“I said long ago that among our batch, our senior brother is the strongest. Isn’t it easy for him to become an inner sect disciple?”

“What do you mean by ‘your batch’? In the entire outer sect, Senior Brother Jiang Li is clearly the strongest.”

“Senior Brother Jiang Li, this is a small token of my appreciation to show my respect. Senior Brother, don’t despise it.”

“There’s also mine. I had eyes but did not recognize Mount Tai. I offended Senior Brother in Cloud Stream City and nearly caused trouble to you. Senior Brother, please forgive me!”

“Senior Brother Jiang Li, Junior Sister is stupid and isn’t proficient in cultivation. Senior Brother, please teach me tonight.”

Jiang Li immediately felt a headache when he was surrounded by this group of people. However, one could not be rude to a smiling person. They had specially come to give him gifts, so Jiang Li could not chase them away.

He was originally prepared to decline politely because even if he became an inner sect disciple, it was impossible for him to have the mood to take care of outer sect disciples he did not know at all.

However, when he saw their worried gazes, Jiang Li still received them one by one.

After he received it, sure enough, these outer sect disciples revealed relieved and happy expressions.

Everyone praised him again, and they made it sound as if he was the savior of the world.

However, they were sensible and knew that they might disturb Jiang Li. After they delivered the gifts, they left successively, and only left behind boxes in Jiang Li’s original small room.

Only then did the room quiet down again. Jiang Li casually grabbed a few boxes and opened them.

Spiritual herbs, ores, sachets… Some even placed a spirit stone in a box. To outer sect disciples, this was considered a huge investment.

At this moment, the door of the hut opposite Jiang Li opened. Yan Hong’s round figure walked over from the hut opposite.

“Cough cough, Senior Brother Jiang Li, may I come in?”

Yan Hong pretended to cough twice. Under the smile on his round face, there was clearly a hint of worry.

He was worried that Jiang Li would no longer take a liking to this friend of his after his identity changed. After all, there was a difference in status between inner and outer sect disciples, and they were already accustomed to this in the sect.

“Alright, alright. Why are you still acting like this with me? Come on in.”

Seeing that Jiang Li was no different from before, Yan Hong finally relaxed and entered the house.

“Congratulations, Jiang Li. I didn’t expect you to really enter the inner sect so quickly. Compared to you, my high-grade spiritual root is really too useless.”

Yan Hong’s cultivation speed could not be considered to be slow. It was only when compared to Jiang Li that the gap between them was enormous.

This was the typical example of taking a test with a friend. If they failed, you would be upset, but if they got first place, you would be even more dejected.

“Don’t say that. I was just lucky. Without the talisman trap you bought for me, it’s hard to say how I would’ve ended up this time. I should be thanking you.”

Although the talisman trap was not a precious item, to be able to buy it in such a short time showed that Yan Hong must have spent a lot of his own spirit stones.

“Now that there are severe losses of outer sect disciples in the sect, the outer sect competition in the next few years should be much simpler. Don’t be anxious. Work harder and you should be able to enter the inner sect soon.”

Yan Hong’s talent in business was indeed good. Now that he had an inner sect disciple like him as his ‘backer’, he should be able to survive better in the trading area in the future.

He believed that Yan Hong would be able to use the spirit stones he obtained from doing business to raise his cultivation speed very soon. In the outer sect which had suffered heavy losses now, it was probably only a matter of time before he advanced through the outer sect competition.

Jiang Li chatted with him for a long time and even talked about Lu Qianqian and the others.

Their small outer sect group had originally been pulled together by Yu Banxia. Now that he was dead, they had basically lost contact with each other.

Furthermore, because of Yu Banxia’s betrayal, they had not been living well recently. They had basically cut off all contact with outsiders and only stayed in their rooms to cultivate.

Neither of them said anything regarding this.

Jiang Li actually wanted to know what Yu Banxia had encountered in the Southern Seal Kingdom. However, it was obviously not the time now, so he could only ask this question later.

Jiang Li thought for a moment before asking Yan Hong to help him purchase some things again, and then he left the sect.

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