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Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 781 - 781 Giant Jellyfish (1)

781 Giant Jellyfish (1)

Jiang Li called himself a Daoist.

That was because the cultivators of the ancient times did not only seek to become immortals like today. As long as it was beneficial to them, they would learn all methods available to them.

At that time, after the creation of the world, all things in the world awakened their intelligence and ran on the vast Primordial World.

Logically speaking, the path of cultivation in the future should have flourished.

However, because of the existence of the Dao Ancestor and Buddha, it directly established two basic paths of cultivation.

Under their preaching, all the Qi Refinement cultivators at that time cultivated either Buddhism or the Dao.

On the roadside, it was definitely right to call a person riding the clouds a Daoist or a Dharma Master.

Even the ghosts and demons in the mountain were the same.

They set up the incense table and worshiped the Three Pure Ones, the Dao Ancestor.

Or they could put on a kasaya and chant scriptures.


Since Jiang Li wanted to pretend to be the reincarnation of an Immortal or Buddha, he naturally had to be slightly more careful.

Of course, he could not miss such a basic thing.

“That immortal spiritual qi appeared in the place of the Sea Race.”

“Speaking of which, that should have been mine.”

Jiang Li touched the dragon horns on his head.

In the continent of the Nine Provinces, there was a high chance that he was the only True Dragon.

Even if there were others who were lucky enough to transform into dragons, the dragon blood was at least ten levels lower than him.

In theory, anything in the sea could be claimed to be his.

Of course, whether others acknowledged it was another question.

“Since it’s mine, your actions are more or less unreasonable.”

“However, since we’re all the same kind of people.”


“If the three of you really want to search together, it’s not impossible.”

“However, you should give me an explanation.”

When Jiang Li spoke, he used a gentle tone as if he was very easygoing.

However, the two of them did not dare to ignore his opinion as he flipped the Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd twice from time to time.

The three people opposite him opened their mouths.

They wanted to say that the three of them had already discovered that place for a few days.

They did not see this “master” appear.

From the looks of it, Daoist Nine Nether had clearly just run over from somewhere else.

Not to mention the issue of sequence, how did he become the owner just by having a pair of dragon horns?

He even brazenly asked them for benefits. He was more or less a little shameless.

However, they swallowed their words.


After all, in this world, strength was everything.

The three of them were not weak. Who in the current cultivation world would not give them some face?

However, their methods were useless against this Fellow Daoist Nine Nether!

They had no choice but to endure it.

“Well, that’s easy.”

“It’s natural to search for immortal qi in Fellow Daoist Nine Nether’s place.”

After stopping the bleeding, they thought for a moment and took out something.

They apologized for their previous rude behavior.

“Fellow Daoist Nine Nether, please take a look. This is a Hundred Plague Pill that I refined.”

“This pill contains a hundred traces of plague. As long as you melt them into the earth vein, they can corrode an area of 5,000 kilometers. You can use the earth qi to spread the plague for at least a hundred years.”

A pill sealed tightly with golden paper and wax.


This was what the Five Plague Daoist had given him.

It was not precious to him, but if it was used to harm people, such a small pill was really terrifying.

From the methods he had displayed just now, this plague was not only an ordinary thing that could eliminate mortals.

It was the kind of top-notch plague that could even affect Earth Immortals.

As long as one was thrown down, it would dye thousands of miles along the earth vein, thin and silent.

Any cultivator below the Earth Immortal realm would definitely not be spared.

If he was not careful, even an Earth Immortal would be affected.

When they discovered it, they would probably be dead wherever the plague passed.

Moreover, without a suitable method to remove it, they could not even purify it.

At the very least, he could only protect himself from the pus plague and had no good solution.

As long as they secretly threw one near any sect’s encampment, it would be the outcome of a thousand years of accumulation.


They did not even have a target for revenge.

He had to be careful of this guy.

Jiang Li decided that he could not let this fellow step foot in the Azure Cloud Continent.

“Fellow Daoist Nine Nether, this is the Mother-Child Heart Gu. Please accept it.”

“This Gu is the masterpiece of my meticulous nurturing. Fellow Daoist, you only need to refine the mother Gu and you can produce a child Gu every 49 days.”

“When using it, you only need to plant the child Gu into the body of the person you like. It can make them loyal to you.”

The granny handed over an ebony box.

Jiang Li did not open it directly in the seawater.

He gently tapped the box with his finger and used the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra to let him know what was in the box.

In the ebony box lay a strange Gu worm that looked like a spider but only had two long legs.

The abdomen of the Gu worm was bulging. As long as it was slowly nurtured, it could continuously produce many children Gu.


Although it was the Mother-Child Heart Gu, there were many children.

He could also unknowingly tamper with the emotions and will of the target and toy with the “beloved person”.

It was as sinister as the Nine Nether Earth Fruit.

However, the Nine Nether Earth Fruit was in the hands of the noble successor of the Human Emperor.

As for the Grass Lady, she had probably used this Gu to harm many young people.

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