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Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 780 - 780 Three Fellow Daoists (2)

780 Three Fellow Daoists (2)

After getting ambushed, Tutal was casually slapped and smashed into the distant sea. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

Then, the three of them grabbed the jeweled golden trident that was sent flying high.

Jiang Li saw through their wary expressions.

It seemed that the three reincarnations of the Immortals and Buddhas who looked sincere and cooperative were not as united as they had imagined.

However, just as they were about to succeed, the three of them felt a dense sense of danger.

They could only give up on snatching the trident and separate to the sides.

As it turned out, they had made the right choice.

In the next moment, the entire sea was split into two.

The seawater on the left side and the seawater on the right side clearly separated a passageway, from the bottom of the sea to the surface.

The trident that was sent flying was swept up by a pitch-black chain and landed in Jiang Li’s hand.


One of the Dragon Imprisoning Locks was dragging the Netherworld fragment with the Yin Burial Coffin, and the other was wrapped around his waist.

After so many years, he was already used to having a chain around his waist.

He grabbed the golden trident and waved it twice.

He had just lost the Bloodthirsty Trident, so this new trident was quite handy.

“There’s no need for bloodshed. You don’t have to kill them all, right?”

“Such a vicious thing is harmful to the heavens. Why don’t you put it away first?”

After putting away the trident, Jiang Li held the Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd in one hand and stood alone in the field.

As for the three reincarnated experts, they surrounded him from three directions.

The halberd strike just now was indeed very powerful. They had clearly dodged it, but it had still left wounds on their bodies in some way.

However, this was not enough to scare them away.

“It’s fine to put away the plague. As long as you hand over the trident in your hand, we’ll leave immediately.”


When he heard this, Jiang Li understood in his heart. It turned out that they had attacked the Crystal Palace twice for the sake of this trident.

However, Jiang Li did not sense any immortal qi inside.

A weapon did not look like a place where immortal qi would be born.

Perhaps it was a place with immortal qi and could only be entered with this golden gem trident.

Ba Xia was unwilling to tell him where the immortal qi was, and Jiang Li’s two Hall Masters had been sent out by him to search for other immortal qi.

Perhaps he could ask these three guys.

“If you only want this trident, come back in three days. I’ll naturally give it to you.”

As he spoke, he even released a little of Ba Xia’s aura.

Ancient reincarnations had a certain ability to sense each other.

Sure enough, the expressions of the three reincarnations of the Immortals and Buddhas changed slightly.

They had already discovered Jiang Li’s ‘identity’.


If Jiang Li was an ordinary person and did not know about the appearance of the immortal qi, this condition could still be negotiated.

However, they did not want anyone to beat them to it.

They looked at the pair of dragon horns on Jiang Li’s head.

“So there is someone of our kind in the Sea Race.”

The kind they were talking about was naturally the reincarnation of an ancient Immortal or Buddha.

Perhaps they did not remember their true identities from ancient times, but that did not stop them from knowing their uniqueness.

With such a background, it was understandable that they did not treat the cultivators of the current cultivation world as their own.

It was just like how Qi Refinement cultivators did not treat mortals as their own.

“It seems that you know why we’re here.”

“There’s no need to say anything else.”

“Although we’re in the water, you’re only one person. There are three of us.”


“Moreover, it shouldn’t be so easy to unleash such power just now, right? How many times can you use it?”

“Why don’t you hand over the trident and become friends?”

Jiang Li noticed that the surrounding poison was continuously surrounding him.

Clearly, the so-called ‘our kind’ did not exist in their eyes at all. That would only make them more vigilant.

They could not wait to snatch it forcefully.

“I’ve never counted how many times I can use it, but it’s enough to deal with you.”

Jiang Li raised the halberd again. The power wrapped around it was extremely terrifying.

Without needing much time to accumulate strength, he directly brandished the halberd.

Overlord Halberd Technique! Chaotic Dance of Spring and Autumn!

The pitch-black Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd waved again, slashing horizontally and vertically, slashing diagonally!

The huge crystal sea was like a piece of tofu that was easily cut into countless pieces. It floated in the air for a long time and could not heal.


Relying on the power gathered by billions of humans, Jiang Li could unleash terrifying might that surpassed the Earth Immortal realm.

The three reincarnations of Immortals and Buddhas could only escape in a sorry state.

They hoped that this ancient figure with dragon horns would exhaust himself quickly.

However, in fact, Jiang Li did not need to expend his own strength to use the Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd.

Now, under Jiang Li’s rule, there were all the humans in the entire Prosperous Ox Continent and the Eastern Region of the Azure Cloud Continent.

Compared to his own strength, the power provided by the Human Faith Threads was far greater.

When using human power, he still had to control the output and not injure himself because he borrowed too much strength.

Under such circumstances, how could he be exhausted?

The three reincarnations of Immortals and Buddhas who had unknown origins could only display their abilities.

They used all kinds of divine arts and methods to desperately resist and dodge Jiang Li’s Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd.

However, the Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd was difficult to dodge and even harder to resist.


With every halberd strike, even if it did not hit them head-on, blood would always splash out from their bodies, leaving behind either long or short wounds.

Half an hour later, Jiang Li continued to attack them.

On the Human Emperor’s successor’s side, he still did not look tired at all.

The three of them could not take it anymore.

During this process, it was not that they did not fight seriously.

Instead, they had already attacked with their full strength. Moreover, the three of them had used no less than 800 plagues, toxins, and Gu worms on Jiang Li.

However, because their methods were obscure, they were not as bold as the Human Emperor’s Battle Halberd, so it seemed that they were only fleeing.

However, this was also the terrifying aspect of their methods.

Most of the time, the enemies who went against them would only realize that they were beyond saving after fighting them.

This time, they finally encountered a tough opponent.

They had already used all their methods, but the person in front of them did not react at all.

In theory, Jiang Li’s condition was equivalent to using the Heaven-rank treasure, the Seven-Colored Rainbow Spring, to bathe at all times.

How could those mysterious methods that had yet to reach the Immortal realm be useful?

“Wait a minute!”

“Friend, stop!”

All their methods were useless. Only then did they realize that the three of them could not do anything to this guy in front of them.

If this continued, they would definitely be the first to collapse.

They could only ask for a ceasefire.

On the other hand, Jiang Li was surprisingly easygoing. He did not brandish the raised halberd again.

He gestured at his surroundings.

One of the three immediately understood. After striking out two strange seals, the disgusting pus poison that filled the surrounding sea immediately retracted towards his fingertips.

Soon, the pus poison in the surrounding seawater disappeared completely.

Apart from the still turbid mud, there was no longer the dark green and smelly smell from before.

“My Daoist name is Five Plague. I apologize to you first.”

“This is Fellow Daoist Grass Lady, and this is Fellow Daoist Death Gate. May I know your name?”

Five Plague, Grass Lady, and Death Gate?

Jiang Li raised his brows.

Just from their names and their previous methods, he could roughly guess their origins.

Needless to say, Daoist Five Plague was most likely the reincarnation of the former God of Plague.

It was the same for the poison-wielding Daoist Death Gate. He was very likely the Death Gate Star in the Heavenly Cycle Constellation.

As for that Daoist Grass Lady, Jiang Li took a closer look and discovered that it was actually a female cultivator.

However, it was too vague, making it difficult to tell if she was male or female.

She was good at using Gu worms, and dozens of insects had collided with Jiang Li earlier.

Jiang Li had once heard that there was a special god in the ancient Miao Region called the Hundred Insect Mother.

This was probably her reincarnation.

These guys had actually gotten together and even complemented each other’s abilities.

“I am Nine Nether. Greetings, Fellow Daoists.”

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