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Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 779 - 779 Three Fellow Daoists (1)

779 Three Fellow Daoists (1)

On the other side, a group of sea demon kings was helping the merman king, Tutal, resist the attacks of the three uninvited guests.

Relying on the geographical advantage of fighting underwater and using the Demon Kings in the sea as cannon fodder, they could barely match each other and resist for a period of time.

However, Jiang Li frowned and turned to look elsewhere. He acutely noticed something wrong.

This sea area seemed to have become especially smelly since just now.

It was like a sewer filled with rats that had not been cleaned for a hundred years.

Looking around, there were a large number of sea demon corpses floating everywhere.

Under normal circumstances, one might think that they were killed by the aftershock of the battle between experts.

The group of people fighting over there was all at the peak of the current cultivation world.

It was easy to change the terrain.

It was not surprising that the collision would kill the weak sea beasts.

However, how long had it been since they died? Why were these corpses’ eyes bulging and their stomachs bulging? They floated in the crystal sea like balls and danced with the chaotic current.

Logically speaking, the body of a spiritual qi creature was powerful, so its decay would be even slower. Under the high pressure of the sea, corpses were even less likely to swell, forming an ugly giant view.

From the looks of it, it was possible that they had rotted for half a year.

But how long had it been?


It was as if they had reached some limit.

As a sea demon corpse exploded, all the nearby sea demons exploded.

What swelled up in the corpse balls was not gas, but disgusting and sticky poisonous pus.

Due to their battle, the undercurrents at the bottom of the sea surged.

The dark green pus poison spread out and swept towards the surrounding sea at an extremely fast speed.

The stench in the sea also increased.

Before it spread to the front, Jiang Li was already unable to endure it. He hurriedly wore a Nine Nether mask and isolated his mouth, nose, and orifices.

He gave one to each of the merman princesses so that they would not be poisoned to death here.

Wherever the dark green pus poison passed, the demons fell to the ground. Then, their stomachs bulged visibly.

It could be seen that before long, they would also become meatballs and explode, further increasing the range and concentration of the poison.

This kind of poison that could continuously spread would form an unstoppable vicious cycle if it was not handled properly.

It was only a matter of time before they destroyed all the creatures in the sea.

Those three guys had actually secretly placed such vicious things.

In order to break through the Crystal Palace, they did not hesitate to use poison to destroy a sea area.

Their thoughts and methods were too vicious.

Jiang Li tried to use appraisal on the pus.

[Pus Poison Plague]

The name that popped up was a plague.

So this was a biochemical weapon in the cultivation world.

It could replicate itself and quickly spread. It was extremely contagious and had an extremely high mortality rate. It was ten thousand times more terrifying than pure poison.

As the pus poison continued to spread, the Demon Kings in the sea began to be affected.

Even if they held their breaths, their bodies were still soaked in seawater.

The fragile eyes were quickly corroded.

Unknowingly, they discovered that their vision was getting worse and worse.

Everything began to blur.

Their eyes were red and accompanied by intense pain, making them instinctively want to dig out their eyeballs.

The toxins and spiritual qi microorganisms even penetrated their skin and mucus, infecting them.

After being infected by the plague, their strength was greatly reduced.

The three guys were not afraid at all in the plague.

One of them seemed to be in his element.

Strands of energy were absorbed by him from the pus poison.

Every time he attacked, the spiritual qi carried a dark green pus poison.

This made it even more difficult and dangerous.

Under this situation, the balance that was maintained with difficulty was broken.

The merman king could only retreat with his subordinates.

However, he did not see much of his own situation.

As the strongest person in the Crystal Palace, he naturally suffered the most intense targeted attacks.

His eyes bulged out of their sockets, and smelly poisonous blood continuously flowed out.

From time to time, it would beat twice, as if there were two nests of insects entrenched in the square formation behind the eyeball, excitedly searching for food to reproduce.

The terrible situation made his eyes that could originally see the entire crystal sea only see less than a thousand feet in front of him.

In a battle with experts, the ever-changing situation was far from enough.

Even he was already like this, and the other Demon Kings were all sick and poisoned.

The Demon Kings who felt despair indeed began to scatter and escape.

They could no longer care about the Crystal Palace and only cared about escaping.

Without the protection of his subordinates and with his vision severely restricted,

Tutal got careless and was touched behind him.

After a black light flashed past, Tutal’s tail was cut into two from the middle. The left and right sides separated like human legs. Some of the internal organs inside were washed away by the seawater and immediately flowed out weakly.

He was about to be heavily injured by this strike.

The person who ambushed him even dug out the merman pearl in Tutal’s tail.

First, he was poisoned, then he was heavily injured, and then the merman pearl was taken away. This made Tutal’s condition fall to rock bottom.

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