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Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 778 - 778 Attacked Again (2)

778 Attacked Again (2)

The merman king leaned on the ground with his golden trident and looked up at Jiang Li in disbelief.

How could a dragon with such a noble bloodline appear in this era?

Not to mention this era, even in ancient times, unless one was born extraordinary, it was almost impossible to attain this prestige with mortal blood.

At the very least, there had been no such precedent in the long ancient times.

Only Jiang Li, who had the Dragon Ruler inheritance left behind by the Xuanyuan Clan, could use a Heaven-rank Dragon Transformation Pill ten million times in a row.

Only then could he transform the dragon blood to this extent.

“Could it be that you’re the reincarnation of an ancient dragon!?”

“May I ask which Dragon King you are the reincarnation of?”

Before Jiang Li could say anything, the merman king suddenly seemed to have thought of something, and his expression suddenly changed.

The only reasonable explanation was this.

Unfortunately, he was wrong.

There were indeed experts from the Dragon Race who were barely surviving and had almost successfully reincarnated.

Unfortunately, one of them met Jiang Li.

Jiang Li did not answer.

He waved his hand and opened the fan shell. After glancing at him, he walked to the side.

“Give me a quiet room.”

After leaving the fan shell, the pressure of the deep sea was indeed useless against him.

Instead, even the most ordinary water flow spontaneously gathered around him like the most loyal soldier.

Jiang Li could naturally tell that this group of mermen had just experienced something.

This palace with a broken corner and a bloody aura was very obviously attacked.

However, he was not in the mood to care.

After using his dragon might to intimidate these fellows, he casually found a room and sealed the door. Jiang Li sat on the ground and immediately calmed his mind again.

The [Blood Gaze] was finally removed, but the other curses had yet to be removed.

Under the might of the dragon, the Sea Race was powerless. In fact, Jiang Li was currently strong on the outside but weak on the inside. His strength had been lost to an extremely exaggerated state.

Moreover, there were more than ten illusions in his mind at the same time that were interfering with his will. If it was anyone else, they would probably have a mental breakdown at this moment.

After concentrating, these troublesome and terrifying curses cast by the world’s will would disappear every five seconds.

As Jiang Li continuously removed the remaining negative statuses on his body, his aura began to rise continuously.

Hundreds of curses took Jiang Li more than half an hour to finally clean up, making him feel relaxed.

At this moment, his aura had naturally surpassed its original peak.

Under the terrifying torture of the world’s curse, Jiang Li’s mind, body, and spirit were continuously corroded and recovered repeatedly.

It allowed his body, soul, and spiritual qi to advance further in this process.

His Essence Soul was perfect, his body had reached the peak, and his spiritual qi could not advance further.

It could be considered a blessing in disguise.

This also meant that he could try to break through to the Earth Immortal realm.

Jiang Li was just about to return to the Back Yin Mountain and prepare to complete this breakthrough.

He discovered that the ground in his mental world was trembling.

After a slight check, he discovered that it was Ba Xia’s remnant soul carrying the Five Elements Peak. It had something to say.

With a thought, his Essence Soul appeared in front of Ba Xia.

“Haha, Jiang Li, your luck is really not bad.”

“Over there. There’s something you want.”

Something? What was it?

Jiang Li looked at Ba Xia’s wretched appearance and was only stunned.

However, he quickly realized what he was talking about.

Ba Xia’s remnant soul was suppressed in Jiang Li’s Sea of Consciousness by the permanent Spirit Summoning Technique.

He did not even have freedom himself, so it was very difficult for him to sense anything in the outside world.

In this world, what could Ba Xia sense that he could not?

It could only be immortal qi.

“You’re saying that there’s immortal qi nearby?”

Just as Ba Xia had said, Jiang Li, who had the Merit Golden Lotus above his head, was more than lucky.

Every time he went out and did not pick up anything, he would feel sorry for the few steps he took.

This time, he did not expect that the immortal qi that had just appeared would be encountered by him.

“Hahaha, it’s indeed the immortal spiritual qi.”

“How about it? Let’s make a deal.”

“As long as you let me out, I’ll help you find that immortal qi.”

“With the immortal qi, I might be able to recall the True Ancestor Nine Dragons Transformation!”

“As long as you let me go, I’ll teach you that Ancestral Dragon cultivation method! Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?”

Compared to the Earth Spirit of the Five Elements Peak, Ba Xia’s remnant soul had the arrogance of the Nine Sons of the Ancestral Dragon and was unwilling to surrender.

Previously, he was at most willing to hand over his tortoise shell in exchange for a better living environment.

Jiang Li could not make him submit as a follower.

Unless he became the Human Emperor, Ba Xia would not be able to lower his head out of pride.

Jiang Li did not have a good solution for this fellow.

This huge tortoise liked to be quiet and did not like to move. It could sleep for a hundred years straight.

The little time he was locked up was far from enough to make him submit.

“You better decide quickly. Someone else is coming outside.”

After saying that, Ba Xia lowered its head and stopped moving.

Jiang Li’s consciousness returned to the outside world. Sure enough, the sounds of battle sounded in his ears.

Even through the array formation he had set up, the sound was clearly audible.

“It’s getting closer.”

Soon, the entire Crystal Palace shook violently.

The entire palace was about to collapse.

Jiang Li was helpless. As a tyrant in the water who could occupy territory in the black sea, the merman race could still be bullied twice.

With a wave of his hand, he removed the restriction he had set up.

The few mermen who had been knocking outside the room immediately broke through the door and fell in.

It was the inexperienced merman princess from before, who looked extremely similar to her other sisters.

Jiang Li, who had a merman tribe under him, had more or less studied their exotic style and knew a little about this race.

From the shape of their tails, these princesses were clearly not married yet.

In their arms were two huge dragon horns and a pure white conch the size of a basin.

When they finally saw Jiang Li, they did not get up from the ground. Instead, they took the opportunity to kneel in front of Jiang Li and begged with tears in their eyes.

“Lord Reincarnation Dragon God, these are the True Dragon Horns of the Dragon King guarded by our race!”

“Now that you’ve reincarnated, we should return them to their original owner. Please accept them.”

“However, on account of the fact that the merman race has protected the dragon horns for generations, I beg you to leave with these merman children! Leave behind a bit of bloodline for our merman race!”

“Lord, please be merciful!”

On the mouth of the white conch, a dense number of small heads immediately appeared.

At a glance, there were more than a thousand.

It turned out that this was also a spatial artifact. Because a powerful enemy was attacking, they urgently put their young descendants inside and prepared to escape.

The few merman princesses did not ask Jiang Li to help them deal with the enemy. They only asked Jiang Li to bring those descendants away.

They even offered dragon horns that were clearly not ordinary with a humble attitude.

Of course, they still wanted to ask Jiang Li for help.

Moreover, Jiang Li believed that there would definitely not be only one such conch.

However, this matter concerned immortal qi. No matter what, he had to interfere.

“Get up and bring me to see who came.”

In fact, he did not need to move at all.

As soon as he finished speaking, a violent fluctuation swept over and directly sent the roof of the Crystal Palace flying.

He and the few merman princesses were exposed to the turbid seawater.

He looked up and saw the battle not far away.

There were not many enemies, only three.

However, all of them were powerful. Two of them were at the highest point of the current cultivation path of the cultivation world.

The last one was an expert at the Three Flowers Gathering realm.

This person’s cultivation was slightly inferior, but with a strange spherical artifact in hand, they were also qualified to enter the battle.

Jiang Li sensed an aura similar to Qiu Shui and the pipa woman on their bodies.

“The reincarnation of Immortals or Buddhas? They really have talent and strength that make people jealous.”

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