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Chapter 71: Divine Punishment!

Sizzle! Sizzle!

A violent spiritual qi stimulation suddenly emitted from the black zombie’s body. The expression of the “parasite Guo An” changed drastically as he tore off the black zombie’s clothes. Underneath were densely packed three-colored talismans.

Triple-attribute wind, fire, and earth spirit talisman traps!

It was the talisman trap that the sect cultivators had placed on the corpses during the battle in the Mother River!

It was what Jiang Li had asked Yan Hong to purchase for him before leaving the sect.

This kind of thing was most suitable for making human bombs!

“Guo An” screamed in terror: “Stop! Kill us and you will die! Everyone will die!”

However, Jiang Li’s method of setting the talisman paper trap was still rusty. Once it was activated, there was no room for regret.

Moreover, he had no intention of listening to his enemy.

“So you guys feel fear too!”

He only had time to control the black zombie to say this last sentence before the terrifying spiritual qi exploded!

In the confined space, the power of the talisman trap was perfectly displayed.

Terrifying pressure and temperature erupted. In the underground cave, dozens of Scripture Storage Valley disciples died instantly!

If a Foundation Establishment cultivator were to defend with all their might, there was a chance that they could survive such an explosion.

However, the abandoned Foundation Establishment bodies had all their strength sucked dry. How could they withstand such power?

As for the disciples who had just replaced their bodies, they were only at the mid or late-stage Qi Refinement realm and had not established their Dao Foundation. They were unable to resist at all.

On the ground, Jiang Li, who had just arrived from afar, saw that the large tree on the ground was instantly blasted by the flames. A blast wave that carried a heatwave assaulted his face, and it roasted his hair until it curled up slightly.

He braved the heat and approached. The soil on the ground was still emitting a scorching temperature. Rain droplets the size of beans splattered on it and instantly vaporized.

At the spot where the tree disappeared, the originally sealed underground cave had its cover lifted, revealing the sky.

Although he had seen the explosion of such a talisman trap through the black zombie’s perspective, he still marveled at it with his own eyes. 𝑖𝗻𝙣𝐫e𝙖𝗱. 𝚌𝗼𝓂

It was a pity that the black zombie was really dead this time.

With a wave of his hand, the pitch-black chain flew out from nearby. It automatically circled around his body a few times before wrapping around Jiang Li’s waist.

On the chains were the last two full Soul Capturing Bags.

At that time, the probability of the black zombie exploding was too high, so Jiang Li naturally could not leave anything on it. After putting all the souls into the coffin, Jiang Li hurriedly jumped into the pit to search.

The inner sect disciples were all wealthy people. Although the explosion just now was fierce, the body of a Foundation Establishment cultivator was not that easy to destroy completely. Moreover, there was a high chance of getting the magic artifacts they used.

This was a considerable amount of wealth.

The self-destruction this time not only consumed the spirit talisman trap worth hundreds of spirit stones, but also destroyed the black zombie that Jiang Li had nurtured for a long time.

Of course, that black zombie’s combat ability was ordinary, and it was gradually unable to keep up with Jiang Li’s battle.

However, after the incident at the Mother River, Jiang Li had obtained quite a bit of Yin Corpse Blood. After injecting the Yin Corpse Blood into the black zombie’s body, it actually allowed its stiff body to become agile again.

Coupled with the Zombie Puppet Technique, the Five Senses Technique, and the cover of the Wood Armor Technique, it could already be used as a convenient puppet.

To be honest, he felt a little heartache to lose it just like that.

Facing such losses, if he did not plunder sufficient loot, it would be a huge setback to him.

When Jiang Li was searching for loot in the pit, a voice sounded above his head, “You sent the signal?”

Jiang Li raised his head and saw three sect elders rushing over together.

“Elders! The eleven traitors are all here!”

He held a tattered corpse in his hand. He stepped on the wall of the pit and easily jumped back to the ground.

He threw the corpse to the ground and cupped his hands to the three elders.

Perhaps due to the collision, a slightly deformed token immediately rolled out of the corpse.

The corpse’s white hair had already been completely burned away. The clothes on its body were severely damaged, and it could be vaguely seen that it was indeed white. At the chest area, there was a “Storage” word that was half burned away.

One of the elders raised his hand and the token landed in his hand.

The other two jumped down from the hole and chose a few intact corpses.

After a simple inspection, they confirmed that there were indeed a few traitors in the inner sect.

“You did well. Did you find Duan Shuang?” One of the elders asked.

Jiang Li cursed in his heart. If he really met that elder, how could he still be alive?

However, he did not show it on his face but replied humbly, “Elder, I didn’t find him…”


Jiang Li had yet to finish speaking when an extremely terrifying thunderclap suddenly resounded in the sky!

In the thick, dark clouds that had been churning for three days, countless lightning serpents slithered crazily, weaving a silver net that could light up the entire city.

Jiang Li’s face suddenly turned ghastly pale, and his vision was blurry while his limbs were powerless. A strand of silent terror suddenly enveloped him! It seemed like no matter where he was, he would be unable to escape death.

[Enshrouded by the Divine Punishment Lightning Tribulation Cloud. Added Status: Pressure of the Lightning Tribulation]

[Pressure of the Lightning Tribulation: All attributes lowered by 70%. Duration: 2 hours] (? +)

Jiang Li thought to himself: “Divine Punishment? Lightning Tribulation?!”

That guy said that he would die if he killed all of them! Was that what he meant?!

F*ck! But those guys practically massacred the entire city! Shouldn’t killing them be enforcing justice on behalf of the heavens? Why would there be a lightning tribulation?

Jiang Li looked at the two notifications and was stunned.

The three sect elders were also confused.

“Damn it! Lightning tribulation! It’s the Lightning tribulation!”

“That Duan Shuang bastard! Did he kill 10,000 people?! He actually triggered the lightning tribulation!”

“Fool! Such a huge lightning tribulation! How can only 10,000 people die!”

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I should have known! I should have known! This is the tribulation cloud of the lightning tribulation!”

“That guy tricked us! Who would have thought! Which tribulation cloud could condense for three days before striking? Damn it! Duan Shuang, you *^&@#$! What did you do!”

Under the envelopment of the tribulation clouds, the expressions of the three elders were rather ugly. As they conversed, they cursed with every sentence.

“Alright, alright, 500 disciples are still in the city! If all of them die, we will really become sinners! We must dismiss the disciples as soon as possible!”

“The tribulation hasn’t started yet. Once it begins, no one can escape!”

“Duan Shuang! Duan Shuang! Find him and kill him! The divine punishment will end if he dies!”

“Oh, right! Hey, what’s your name?”

The three elders scratched their heads anxiously. As they spoke, they finally recalled Jiang Li who was still at the side.

“Elder, my name is Jiang Li.”

Spiritual flames appeared on the elder’s hand. He pressed the slightly deformed inner sect disciple token in his palm a few times before raising his hand to throw it to Jiang Li.

After some thought, he took out a talisman from his pocket and threw it at Jiang Li.

“Jiang Li, you’re an inner sect disciple now!”

“This is my treasure! Take it and run! Don’t die!”

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