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Chapter 63: Entering the City

They even wanted to hang him on the city gate to be dried and cured. How could Jiang Li let them off?

Gulp ~ Gulp ~

The sounds of gulping rose and fell. Jiang Li’s ruthlessness allowed these outer sect disciples who originally looked down on him to quickly understand one thing—this new person was not someone to be trifled with.

“Junior Brother Jiang Li, forgive others when possible. We’re all fellow disciples of the same sect. Isn’t Junior Brother’s actions a little too excessive?”

The three kneeling people bit their fingers and were about to write when suddenly, another person in the crowd stood up.

That person looked very honest, but the conceit in his eyes made people dislike him.

“Senior Brother, you are?”

Jiang Li’s expression was gentle, but it was obvious that the gentleness he put on was not so perfect. It only made people feel even more terrified.

“My name is Guo An. I’m a few years older than you. Everyone in the outer sect calls me Eldest Senior Brother!”

As Guo An spoke, he even displayed his late-stage Qi Refinement cultivation. Judging from his aura, he was indeed much stronger than the guy earlier.

But this person… was not only conceited, he was obviously narcissistic. Who would say that about themselves?

If he found a lackey with a loud voice to specially praise him from the side, it would not be so awkward.

“Oh? I’ve only heard that the Eldest Senior Brother of the sect, Chu Yunxuan, is the best amongst his peers. He’s peerlessly talented and wise!”

“I didn’t expect that there would be a Eldest Senior Brother in the outer sect as well. I’m sorry for my disrespect!”

It was unknown if Jiang Li was praising or mocking him, but in short, Guo An felt uncomfortable listening to him.

“Then, Outer Sect’s Eldest Senior Brother, why didn’t you, the Outer Sect’s Eldest Senior Brother, come out to uphold justice for me when I was bullied by the five of them?”

Jiang Li calling him ‘Outer Sect’s Eldest Senior Brother’ multiple times was completely intentional, but Guo An did not dare to really refute him on this point.

If he, Guo An, really dared to remove the outer sect in the title, he would be calling himself the Eldest Senior Brother of the Scripture Storage Valley.

Not to mention whether Chu Yunxuan would have any objections, none of the inner sect disciples would forgive him.

“Junior Brother has already killed two people in a row. Your mistake has already been made. If you still don’t stop…”

“If the sect elders find out, I’m afraid Junior Brother will have to make a trip to the Law Enforcement Hall.”

Gasp…!?These two sentences immediately made Jiang Li furious.

Such people actually existed, they actually appeared in front of him!

When it came to key questions, he would pretend not to hear them and not answer them directly. Instead, he would only say what he wanted others to hear.

He did not dare to really make a move against Jiang Li. This time, he even dared to use the sect as his excuse.

“Do the three of you want to die?!”

Jiang Li did not speak to him anymore. He tightened his grip on the necks of the three people on the ground, forcing them to quickly sign.

The three of them still wanted to make a final struggle and wait for that “Outer Sect’s Eldest Senior Brother” to stand up for them.

However, Guo An stood on the spot, not moving at all while he muttered nonsense to Jiang Li.

It was not until Jiang Li squeezed their necks that they signed the contract helplessly.

“Carry those two guys and follow me!”

Jiang Li stood up and directly walked towards the city gate. The outer sect disciples that were between him and Cloud Stream City all moved aside.

The three people on the ground were unwilling, but the contract had been signed. They did not even have the chance to resist.

They could only carry the corpses of his former companions and follow Jiang Li into the city.

“A new disciple is actually so ruthless!”

“He directly killed two of his fellow disciples! He’s simply lawless!”

“He’s not in the sect. If he was, he would have been executed by the Law Enforcement Hall!”

“Senior Brother Guo An, you must take action!”

“Yeah! Otherwise, us senior disciples will all lose face!”

As soon as Jiang Li left, many people gathered around Guo An. They spoke one after another, wanting this senior brother to make a decision.

Guo An’s expression constantly changed.

In terms of being the Outer Sect’s Eldest Senior Brother, he really did not title himself. However, after so many years, he had yet to enter the inner sect and had instead become the so-called “Eldest Senior Brother” in the outer sect. Speaking of which, it was really not necessarily a nice title to have, given the embarrassing connotation.

“Enough! What do you mean by losing face? Junior Brother Jiang Li is defending himself!”

“Although his attitude is bad, he is still our junior brother, a junior! We need to be more tolerant and loving. We can’t rely on our strength to bully him!”

“This matter ends here. If he does it again, I, Guo An, will definitely capture and kill him!”

Guo An decisively changed his mind, gaining the trust of his subordinates by shifting the topic. He received cheers immediately.

“Eldest Senior Brother is benevolent!”

“Eldest Senior Brother is wise!”

Over at Jiang Li’s side, after entering the city, he walked around aimlessly for a long time with his three new subordinates.

The three disciples did not dare ask further. They saw green light bloom on Jiang Li’s hand as he walked in front. A moment later, he threw three grayish-green wooden masks at them.

“Put on the mask!”

The three of them looked at each other. When they saw Jiang Li wear a mask himself, they also pressed the wooden mask on their faces.

Following that, Jiang Li stopped in front of an ordinary residence.

“The three of you wait at the door. I’ll go deal with the body.”

Jiang Li took the two corpses and entered the residence.

After a few breaths of time, plop, plop. After two heavy objects fell into the water, Jiang Li walked out from the residence. He clapped his hands, and it seemed like he had thrown the corpse into the well.

“Let’s go find an inn to stay at.”

Although the three of them had their complaints, they were unable to voice them out.

They could only take it that they had followed a new leader who was powerful but lacked wisdom. At this point, being able to keep their lives and return to the sect was already their greatest wish.

They walked back to the main road of Cloud Stream City. There were not many people on the streets, and they were all in a hurry.

As mortals, the residents here might not know much, but the huge ship flyings in the sky far away could directly tell them about the situation in Cloud Stream City.

Moreover, yesterday, a notice came from the city lord’s mansion to notify the entire city that twelve demons had infiltrated the city. If they discovered anything, they had to immediately report it!

There were also Immortal Masters in the city who came to capture the demons and everyone had to cooperate fully.

To the people, they did not need to know about the defection issue. Just the terms demon and Immortal Master were enough to let them understand what to do.

Jiang Li and the others moved into the most prosperous restaurant in the downtown area.

After that, Jiang Li ordered a large table of food and wine and asked someone to bring them to his room.

However, he did not let the three of them enjoy it. With a wave of his hand, he chased them out to collect information.

More and more food and wine were placed on the table behind him, but Jiang Li did not move. He only took out eight pairs of pitch-black chopsticks and placed them on the table.

With his back facing the table, he stood by the window of the inn’s house and looked at the beautiful city outside.

Strangely, behind him, the sounds of toasting and laughing soon sounded.

It was as if there were eight people eating heartily behind him!

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