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Chapter 59: A Long Lecture

[Smelling the Concentration Incense. Added Status: Focused Spirit.]

[Focused Spirit: The mind is at peace. Cultivation speed of spirit refinement cultivation methods will increase by 50%. Enlightenment will increase by 2 points. Duration: 60 minutes] (? +)

[Comprehending Dao in the broken Scripture Imparting Hall. Added Status: Slowly chanting the Great Carefree Bodhisattva Heart Sutra.]

[Slowly chanting the Great Carefree Bodhisattva Heart Sutra: Level of Completion (0/3000), Completion rises by 0.1 everyday. Duration: 2 hours] (? +)

A few notifications suddenly popped up on the interface, causing Jiang Li to temporarily break free from the trance of listening to the lecture.

After a moment of daze, he quickly opened the interface to check.

So this thing in front of him was the Concentration Incense. This was something that could not be bought even if one wanted to.

It could also assist in cultivating the spirit refinement cultivation method and increase one’s enlightenment. It was really useful.

Looking down, Jiang Li was stunned.

What did he see?

Great Carefree Bodhisattva Heart Sutra?

Was this the Bodhisattva that he knew of?

What… What was the situation in this world during ancient times? How could there be such powerful Buddhist figures?

Could it be a coincidence?

Perhaps it was just the same name?

That was possible.

However, just based on this name, he had really picked up a treasure this time.

If this was the cultivation method inheritance of that goddess, he would be extremely impressive.

Even if there were powerful enemies surrounding him, he would have 3000 avatars. Let’s see how many they could kill!

Jiang Li could not help but chuckle, and then his eyes glanced down.

Great Carefree Bodhisattva Heart Sutra (0/3000), 0.1 completion per day.

Eh… 0.1 a day?

This speed was too slow!

He… he had to roughly calculate. If he wanted to completely comprehend this Heart Sutra, even if he did not sleep or rest, he would at least need 30,000 days!

Was there any hope left?

Jiang Li counted with his fingers. Damn!

2 years and 70 days…

This was a little difficult.

The duration was only two hours.

In other words, if he wanted to complete this Heart Sutra without a cheat, not only would he need to spend 82 years and 70 days here…

With his comprehension ability, he also needed at least 720,000 medium-grade spirit stones, which was 72 million low-grade spirit stones… and this was under the condition that the Scripture Imparting Hall would not stop functioning.

Jiang Li could not help but gasp. 𝚒n𝚗r𝗲𝒂𝗱. c𝑜𝓶

Then, he decisively pressed both statuses to reach infinite duration.

2 years was fine. In the cultivation world, powerful figures could easily preach for hundreds or thousands of years. This was nothing surprising.

Although the status was already made permanent, Jiang Li still calmed his mind and immersed himself in comprehending and listening to the scripture.

However, he still had some mood for the outside world as he calculated the time.

Two hours later, the two medium-grade spirit stones were completely expended. The faint light in the hall gradually disappeared, and the Concentration Incense in front of him was immediately extinguished.

Jiang Li, who had noticed the changes in the outside world, decisively stopped listening to the lecture in order to avoid arousing Elder Li’s suspicion. He acted as if he was in a daze and was extremely unwilling to wake up, and he slowly opened his eyes.

He walked out of the door. Elder Li was still waiting there.

“How is it? What’s the name of the legacy you obtained? Record everything you remember into this jade slip.”

Jiang Li received the jade slip and nodded. He knew in his heart that this was the rule of the Scripture Hall. Generations of people continuously supported it. One day, they might be able to completely empty out the Scripture Hall.

He did not plan to lie. In these two hours, with his understanding, even if he obtained the help of the Concentration Incense, he would not remember much.

However, one thing was for certain, the level of this Heart Sutra was truly high. Jiang Li could sense that just by chanting a few words, it would already be of great help to him. It might even increase his mental spirit and enlightenment slightly.

He placed the jade slip on his forehead and sent in all the words he had noted down.

“Looked down and beheld that five Skandhas were all empty… and were saved from all suffering and difficulty.”

“All dharmas are marked with emptiness; they are neither produced nor destroyed, neither increase nor diminish… There is no suffering, its origin, cessation, and the path leading to the cessation of suffering; There is no cognition, no attainment and no non-attainment.”

A moment later, Elder Li took the jade slip and examined it. He was neither happy nor disappointed.

“Oh it’s this Heart Sutra. It’s not bad. The sect has already recorded it down. If you submit this content, you won’t be able to obtain any Contribution Points.”

“However, after you join the inner sect, you can apply to read all the contents of this scripture recorded by the sect. Those copies are not complete and cannot be cultivated. However, it will be very helpful if you are compatible with them.”

When Elder Li said this, Jiang Li was slightly surprised.

So, someone had already inherited this scripture before. It seemed like other than his cheat, there was nothing special as he had imagined.

After Jiang Li left the lecture hall, he could still continue to listen and comprehend the scripture. Although he was not interested in what Elder Li said about reading the version copied by his predecessors, he still displayed his pleasant surprise at the appropriate time.

After following Elder Li and slowly leaving the Scripture Hall, Jiang Li casually exchanged two more cultivation methods from the Scripture Storage Pavilion before returning to his outer sect hut in satisfaction.

Cultivating, reciting scriptures, cultivating, reciting scriptures… A few more days passed like this.

Jiang Li sat cross-legged on a meditation mat in the room. On the small table in front of him were more than ten bottles of different medicinal pills and porcelain bottles.

Some of these pills were bought from the sect’s Alchemy Hall.

Some were bought from the Immortal Ascension Hall by Yan Hong.

Some of them were additional gains from the previous mission.

Among them, there were some basic medicinal pills like Spring Rejuvenation Pills, Detoxification Pills, Inedia Pills, Stamina Pills, Vigor Pills, Golden Spear Pills, Beauty Pills, and so on. Jiang Li had already eaten quite a number of them since a long time ago.

(Satiety could recover stamina, but Inedia was naturally more effective.)

This also allowed him to obtain many buffs such as [Healing Rejuvenation], [Inedia], [Detoxification], [Strengthened Body], [Energy Burst], [Sturdy Force], [Unbreakable Golden Spear], and [Whitening & Moisturizing]…

All in all, they would allow his physical strength to recover faster, his health points to recover faster, reduce his need for sleep, and buff his various attributes to be stronger. It would also allow him to cultivate better… and at the same time, prepare his body in advance to satisfy female cultivators in the future.

The most effective one was the secret healing pill “Jade Bone Flesh Regeneration Pill” given by Benevolent Travel Temple’s disciple Zheng Yuan at that time.

The status brought about by this pill, [Jade Bone Flesh], was combined with the [Healing Rejuvenation] brought about by the Rejuvenation Pill.

Not only did it allow Jiang Li’s health points to finally recover every second, it also made his bones harder every time he was injured and healed.

However, there were also some medicinal pills that Jiang Li had yet to turn into permanent statuses.

Tendon Strengthening Pill, Body Tempering Pill, Organs Refinement Pill, and Bone Tempering Pill.

Among these four, two were medium-grade Yellow-rank and two were high-grade Yellow-rank. Both were Yellow-rank pills used to increase physical fitness and accelerate the cultivation of body cultivators.

It could be said that just by eating them, even if Jiang Li did not cultivate the Mountain Crushing Scripture, his body would slowly become stronger.

However, they all had one flaw. After consuming them, one’s entire body would feel soreness everywhere.

Most importantly, this kind of soreness was not especially intense. It was a normal reaction when his body was filled with energy and his body was strengthened.

It was just like how the [Manly Vigor] status would make Jiang Li’s blood flow to certain places from time to time. This was not a side effect and could not be eliminated directly.

It was fine for a day or two. Jiang Li could just practice the Mountain Crushing Scripture or something to expend the excess energy.

However, over a long time, the constant soreness would be really unbearable. Especially if Jiang Li took too many pills, he really would not be able to endure it without crashing into the wall every three minutes.

So he had no choice but to continue delaying until the person Yan Hong sent finally brought back what Jiang Li wanted.

Jiang Li then placed these bottles of medicinal pills on the table.

[Consumed the Mind Relaxation Painkiller Pill. Added Status: Mind Relaxation Painkiller]

[Mind Relaxation Painkiller: Relax the nerves, relieve pain, eliminate anxiety, and improve sleep. Duration: 6 hours] (? +)

[Overdose of Meridian Relaxation Pill. Added Status: Meridian Relaxation.]

[Meridian Relaxation: Stretch the muscles and bones, stimulate the blood, and clear the meridians. Duration: 6 hours] (? +)

These were two pills prescribed by a Lu family medical cultivator who often stayed in the Immortal Ascension Pavilion.

He could not take too many painkillers, which would cause his other senses to become less sensitive.

However, there was no such problem with the Meridian Relaxation Pill.

The Lu family’s medical practitioner said that he had eaten too many potent pills, causing his blood essence to be too strong and uncontrollable.

This kind of illness was commonly seen by second-generation heirs of sects who were too lazy to cultivate. It was not the first time he had seen it.

If he did not want to take medicine, he could cut open the blood vessel and let out some blood. It would also be very effective.

The reason why Jiang Li felt sore and painful was because his cultivation was insufficient, and the buffs were too great. If the excess blood essence was not circulated, it would cause bruising.

After eating this pill, it could help circulate blood essence and accelerate the absorption and strengthening of the body. Naturally, it was the right medicine for this situation.

However, he also said that eating this medicinal pill was only treating the symptoms but not the root cause. Strengthening his body and practicing the cultivation method was the best solution.

Jiang Li could only be speechless towards this. It was not like he had not cultivated before. He really could not cultivate more than what he already did.

Even the second-generation heirs of sects would definitely not be able to eat pills like him. What could he do if he did not stop eating them 24 hours a day?

Fortunately, the Lu family’s medical practitioners lived up to their reputation. The medicinal pills they gave were very effective.

After Jiang Li ate the four types of medicinal pills again, his body only felt warm and hot, as if someone was massaging his entire body. His blood flow was very comfortable. He no longer felt any pain or swelling.

[Strengthened Muscle], [Strong Body Tempering], [Five Elements Organ Tempering], [Hundred Tempering Bone Strengthening].

The statuses that benefited initial-stage body cultivators finally appeared.

“I finally ate all these bottles of pills. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to eat and sleep in peace if I didn’t have these good buffs with me.”

“I heard that the Lu family’s Spirit Moxibustion Technique is also top-notch. I need to get Qianqian to give me a full treatment someday. When the time comes, I’ll be able to retain the status. Wouldn’t I be profiting again?”

Jiang Li was very satisfied with the contents in the porcelain bottles. He sat in the room lazily and planned how to get Yu Banxia to agree to lend him his little girlfriend for some time.

Knock knock~

At this moment, someone knocked on the door of his room.

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