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Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 58 - Great Carefree Bodhisattva Heart Sutra!

Chapter 58: Great Carefree Bodhisattva Heart Sutra!

Jiang Li was sizing up the dilapidated hall, thinking that no one would come and fix it.

Elder Li, who had been silent all this time, suddenly asked, “Kid, do you know why the Scripture Storage Valley is called the Scripture Storage Valley?”

“It’s because our sect has the largest Scripture Storage Pavilion in the Great Mountain Region and the most number of cultivation methods.”

This was what Weng Sanqi had told him when he had chosen to join the sect.

“Yeah, the Scripture Storage Pavilion. Do you know where the cultivation method manuals in our Scripture Storage Pavilion came from?”

Elder Li walked closer to the dilapidated hall and touched the missing corner of the door. He sighed.

This time, he did not wait for Jiang Li to answer and started talking.

This allowed Jiang Li to finally know some of the sect’s history and secrets.

When he first joined the sect, he knew that the Scripture Storage Valley was formed because of the appearance of an ancient ruin more than 200 years ago. Many rogue cultivators joined forces to occupy the ruin.

However, he had never known what that ruin was. Now, after hearing what Elder Li said, he knew that the foundation of their sect was the dilapidated hall in front of them.

After walking around the entire hall, one could see that there were a total of four doors.

On the four doors were respectively written with the words ‘Spirit’, ‘Dharma’, ‘Body’, and ‘Technique’. These four words represented the four Great Daos that cultivators cultivated. 𝐢𝗻𝑛𝓇𝚎𝚊𝘥. 𝙘o𝓂

As long as one entered one of the doors, they would be able to obtain a precious inheritance from the ancient times.

The most precious thing was that it was said that this Scripture Imparting Hall would impart the most suitable inheritance according to the aptitude of the disciples who entered. Even if the cultivation method was incomplete, it would still be extremely helpful to cultivators.

Wait… incomplete cultivation method?

Jiang Li suddenly recalled the ancient cultivation method, Deadwood Extraction Method, that was only incomplete in the Qi Refinement realm.

Could it be that the many incomplete ancient cultivation methods in the Scripture Storage Pavilion were all inherited from the sect’s elders?

Elder Li gave an affirmative answer to Jiang Li’s question.

This Scripture Imparting Hall was a ruin left behind by an ancient Immortal Sect many years ago. After being cleansed by time, its power was no longer as great as before.

Furthermore, it had been ravaged by the great battle when the ruin had appeared. It had suffered even more serious damage.

Moreover, the cultivation system of the ancient era was very different from now. It was difficult for them to repair it even if they wanted to. In order to prevent it from causing destruction again, they could only temporarily maintain the original state.

It was also because of this that the function of the Scripture Imparting Hall was severely damaged. What kind of inheritance one could obtain inside depended on their talent and opportunity.

Over the years, countless inner sect disciples and higher-ups of the sect had entered the Scripture Imparting Hall, and they were like ants moving house as they comprehended and copied down the ancient cultivation methods bit by bit. This was the reason why the Scripture Storage Pavilion had such a large number of incomplete ancient cultivation methods.

Coupled with the cultivation methods and spell techniques of many rogue cultivators, it formed the current number one Scripture Storage Pavilion of the Great Mountain Region.

After hearing Elder Li’s explanation, Jiang Li glanced at his pitiful enlightenment value that was still only 1.1, and he was obviously slightly depressed.

“Now, make a choice. Which of the four doors do you want to enter?”

Without a doubt, the four doors represented spirit refinement cultivation methods, qi cultivation methods, body cultivation methods, and Dao spell techniques.

Jiang Li pondered for a long time before finally speaking, “I want to enter the Spirit Scripture Hall.”

The reason was simple. He already had the Qi Refinement cultivation method and spell techniques, but the spirit refinement cultivation method was extremely precious and not something he could come into contact with at this moment.

There was still a chance for him to come to the Scripture Imparting Hall in the future. The most important thing now was to complete the huge shortcoming of spirit refinement.

“Mm, a smart choice. If you have good luck and comprehension, this inheritance might be able to increase your chances of reaching Foundation Establishment in the future.”

Elder Li’s reminder made Jiang Li understand a little. Even if he only gained one spirit refinement cultivation method, it would be extremely helpful to his breakthrough in cultivation.

“Then, I’ll have to trouble Elder Li.”

Elder Li took out two medium-grade spirit stones and embedded them in the grooves on both sides of the door of the Spirit Hall. He then took out the token from before and used a special technique to send out a spiritual light that shone on the door of the hall.

With a creak, the door slowly opened.

“Enter the main hall and sit cross-legged facing the stone tablet!”

“You only have two hours! Hurry up!”

The energy expenditure of this hall was truly huge. Just opening it for two hours required two medium-grade spirit stones.

Before Jiang Li could sigh with emotion, he hurriedly ran into the hall under Elder Li’s urging.

There was an empty space in front of him. In the middle of the hall was a pitch-black stone tablet that had been cut in half. It was very eye-catching.

What exactly did the cultivators of the past do in this Scripture Hall? Couldn’t they find a place with no one around to beat their brains out? Why did they have to beat up this rare ancient inheritance to such an extent?

Jiang Li had no choice but to forget about the complaints and concentrate before sitting down on a meditation mat before the stone tablet.

As he sat on the mat, this slight change in weight happened to activate a small array formation that had been set up beforehand.

The array formation lit up slightly. An incense burner was placed in front of the meditation mat, and a yellow joss stick automatically lit up.

“Amitabha, oh Goddess of Mercy. Please give me a super awesome cultivation method.” Sitting on the mat, Jiang Li prayed without rhyme or reason.

This time, though, his attempt at metaphysics seemed to have some effect.

Somehow, something warm enveloped him, and his consciousness gradually calmed down.

Something whispered in his ear. He did not hear or answer anything, but the voice seemed to know the answer.

A moment later, the voice spoke again.

It was still extremely soft and indistinct.

Jiang Li wanted to hear that voice clearly, but his brows furrowed deeper and deeper. However, he still did not obtain anything. His chest rose and fell, and his mood gradually became anxious and uneasy.

It was not until a wisp of fragrance entered his nose that his brows slowly relaxed and his mind quietly became empty and clear.

The whispers could finally be heard intermittently.

It was clearly just sections of words that were not connected, but each and every syllable sounded like thunder striking in his ears, enlightening him.

When every clear syllable sounded by his ear, Jiang Li felt as if he was about to achieve great enlightenment at any time.

Golden light, lotus, purple bamboo…?The worldly music was profound, turning into blurry images that made Jiang Li completely immersed.

It was as if the secret of the world was right before his eyes. As long as he took the first step forward, he would be able to grasp everything in his palm.

However, that feeling was also eternally unreachable.

Unknowingly, Jiang Li’s mind was completely immersed in this. His mouth was stammering, and it took much effort for him to read a few words with difficulty.

“Great… Carefree… Bodhisattva… Heart… Sutra!”

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