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Chapter 54: Yin Burial Coffin

This coffin looked gray and inconspicuous. Touching it gave it a smooth and cold feeling on the rock surface, but one could see that there was a wooden pattern on the material used.

After leaving the water surface, water droplets quickly streaked across the surface of the coffin. It was as if water was placed on the surface of a non-stick pan. Soon, it became dry and clean.

“This divine artifact is awesome, it even has nano coating technology. Good stuff! Good stuff!”

This was the first time Jiang Li had picked up a magic artifact, so he naturally liked it no matter how he looked at it. No matter what special characteristics the coffin revealed, in his eyes, it was an extremely formidable and impressive display.

[Name: Unknown Coffin]

[Type: Dharma Artifact]

[Grade: Unknown]

[Note: Make a fortune with the coffin.]

He threw an appraisal over and did not obtain any useful information. However, this made Jiang Li feel even more delighted.

If it could not identify anything, it meant that the quality was not low.

After walking around the coffin twice, he reached out and picked it up to test its weight.

It seemed that the coffin was made of solid materials. Judging from the strength needed, it should weigh at least 500 kilograms.

However, what was this artifact used for? It could not be used to smash people or simply lie down and wait for death, right?

He just did not know if there would be any other changes after refining it.

As he thought this, Jiang Li pushed open the coffin lid and reached his hand into it to search.

A moment later, he took out the fire flying sword.

There was an obvious indentation on the flying sword’s body, and the entire sword body also showed a slight bend. Jiang Li tried to infuse spiritual qi into it but received no response.

However, a flying sword still was a flying sword. Even if it could not be used, the sharpness was undeniable. The edge of the blade was cold and shiny. It would not be a problem to use it to cut a rock.

Jiang Li flipped the sword over and used the tip of the flying sword to press against his palm. Then, he slashed forcefully, and a hole appeared. Blood instantly flowed out.

It was really difficult for mortal swords to break through his skin now. If he did not happen to find this thing, it would not be easy for him to drip some blood.

Jiang Li did not waste any time. His bloody hand quickly slapped the coffin.

As he muttered, blood kept flowing out. However, it did not flow to the ground like the river. Instead, it slowly filled the coffin and seeped into it along with the Yin-attribute spiritual qi.

[Yin Refinement Technique Level 4]

This was the third technique that Jiang Li had grasped.

The Yin Refinement Technique of the Yin-attribute was a support-type spell mainly used to refine artifacts and strengthen them!

Apart from having some innate fiendish characteristics, the chain that Jiang Li had been using all this time was under the effect of the Yin Refinement Technique.

Jiang Li had once caught two ghosts attracted by the Yin qi in the outer sect graveyard and used them as materials to refine the chains twice, allowing it to obtain the ability to change directions to a certain extent during the tossing process.

Otherwise, Jiang Li had never learned any whip technique before, so how could he use the chains to such an extent in a short period of time? After tossing them out, he could wrap whatever he wanted, and there was almost no failed attempt.

At this moment, Jiang Li was using his blood as the catalyst to refine this coffin for his own use.

In the beginning, because the coffin’s grade was not low, the refinement process was quite difficult.

However, the coffin might have been lonely because no one had entered it for a long time.

Or perhaps the material of the coffin was special, and it enjoyed the delicious taste of living human blood.

A moment later, the speed at which the blood and Yin qi seeped into the coffin suddenly increased. In a short while, the blood that was flowing out was completely absorbed. A suction force then acted on the wound on his right hand.

This was interesting. This thing could actually suck blood?

Jiang Li felt his hand tighten. The originally smooth coffin surface suddenly stuck to his palm. Under the suction force, blood flowed out at a speed several times faster than normal. This coffin seemed to want to suck his entire body dry!

[Bloodsucking Wood has come into contact with a wound. Added Status: Acute Blood Loss.]

[Acute Blood Loss: Lose 10 Health Points per second, accelerated blood loss, and the healing of the wound is slowed. Duration: 30 minutes] (? +)

Bloodsucking Wood? One could sense an ominous aura from this name.

Duration of 30 minutes? Every minute was 60 seconds, and 10 Health Points were lost every second. That was 18,000 Health Points, a total of six to seven times the upper limit of his current Health Points.

If he was stuck to it and could not break free, he would be sucked dry and end up like the fire attribute sword cultivator of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak.

However, since the status bar had already popped up, Jiang Li did not panic for the time being. Instead, he borrowed the characteristics of the Bloodsucking Wood to continuously let his blood and spiritual qi enter, accelerating the refinement process.

Two minutes later, Jiang Li’s face was pale as he got rid of the status. However, his palm was still stuck to the coffin and could not escape.

Ordinary humans would be on the verge of death after losing more than 30% of their blood. He was a cultivator who had spiritual qi to protect his body. He only needed 50% or less blood to maintain his life.

However, such a huge amount of blood loss still made him feel weak.

He could not care about this for the time being. With statuses helping to restore his blood vitality, this blood loss would recover in less than two days. The most important thing was to quickly refine this coffin.

The amount of blood invested had already far exceeded the requirements of the Yin Refinement Technique, so every time the bleeding status popped up, he would decisively cancel it.

Then, he threw in more Yin-attribute spiritual qi and continued to refine it.

The grade of this coffin was absolutely not only at the Yellow-rank, otherwise, the difficulty of refining it would not be so high!

Although Jiang Li had temporarily removed the blood loss status, the wound was still there after all. Every half a minute, the special feature of the coffin’s Bloodsucking Wood would cause him to start bleeding again.

He could only continuously remove the status before continuing to refine it.

At this moment, he realized that it did not even take five seconds for him to click on the minus button 30 times in a row. The clicking speed that he had trained hard in his previous life finally came in handy, saving him a lot of health points.

Half an hour later, Jiang Li released his right hand and fell to the ground, panting heavily.

The refinement of an artifact was too difficult. Not only did it almost suck him dry, but under the condition of Accelerated Qi Recovery, his spiritual qi was also almost completely sucked dry too.

Didn’t it say that two drops of blood would make a divine artifact recognize him as its master? Why was it that when it came to him, picking up an ownerless coffin could cause so much trouble?

Fortunately, it finally succeeded! Now, he could inspect it freely.

He immediately threw out another appraisal.

Appraisal was an unscientific skill. Half an hour ago, there was no information provided at all.

However, half an hour later, after the coffin was completely refined by Jiang Li, this thing was now considered to be Jiang Li’s own equipment. There would naturally be no difficulty in appraising it.

[Name: Yin Burial Coffin]

[Type: Dharma Artifact]

[Grade: High-Grade Profound-Rank]

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