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Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 52 - Fish in Troubled Waters

Chapter 52: Fish in Troubled Waters

The Shu Mountain’s Five Elements Sword was a combination technique of the five elemental branches’ sword cultivators of Shu Mountain. It contained the profundity of the five elements combined, and the power of the five swords combined was boundless.

The sword cultivators of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak specialized in maximizing the attacking power of flying swords. After the five elements combined, the terrifying destructive power increased exponentially.

This was also one of the reasons why the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak was so powerful. Any five-person group could form this Five Elements Sword Formation after a few days of practice.

No one in the same cultivation level was their match. Even if one was a rank higher, it would be very difficult for them to withstand this terrifying sword formation.

The Golden Core zombie demon was caught by the Benevolent Travel Temple’s Dharma Master and Elder Weng Sanqi’s two puppets. It could not break free for some time!

Seeing the five flying swords leaving a five-colored rainbow in the air and arriving instantly, the Golden Core zombie demon suddenly let out a miserable cry!

Black fog rolled out from under its robe and instantly spread out, circulating in the air and forming a pitch-black sphere.

The five streaks of light that were about to hit the zombie demon suddenly slowed down and transformed into five sword lights that brushed past the black fog ball.

The sword cultivators of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak did not dare to take the risk of accidentally killing their comrades by attacking forcefully.

On one hand, it was due to their sense of justice, but more importantly, if they angered the Benevolent Travel Temple because of this and caused the two sects to fall out, then it would be troublesome.

However, because of this, Benevolent Travel Temple’s Le Kong got into trouble.

Originally, he could only block the Golden Core zombie demon for a breath or two by risking injuries. At this moment, the flying swords turned around and flew back, causing the pressure to intensify on Master Le Kong.

Amidst the rolling black fog, vigorous and deep screams were constantly emitted. It was hard to imagine what kind of cruel treatment Master Le Kong had suffered.

A moment later, a figure flew out of the black fog.

The surrounding cultivators were all shocked. They saw that the Golden Core zombie demon was holding onto a muscular arm. It was Master Le Kong’s right arm that was forcefully torn off!

His severed arm fell from the black fog. His body was covered in blood and no one knew if he was dead or alive. After being caught by Weng Sanqi’s puppet, he was quickly sent away for emergency treatment.

As for the Golden Core zombie demon, its closed eyes finally opened. The two eyeballs that should have existed inside had vanished, leaving only two terrifying holes as they stared in the direction of the five flying swords.

The flying swords of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak were extremely fast and powerful in attacking, but the attack pattern was similar to the fighter planes in Jiang Li’s previous life.

After each attack, it had to “return” and increase the buffer distance before it could unleash the maximum strength.

This would result in the Five Elements Sword Formation’s attack needing a considerable cooldown time for high-level cultivators.

At this moment, the Golden Core zombie demon stepped on thin air and rushed towards the direction where the five flying swords returned at high speed.

It seemed that this Golden Core zombie demon would instinctively deal with the greatest threat to it.

“Everyone! Stop it!” Someone gave the order.

It was the leading elder of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, which had the most people present. Dozens of artifacts with the power of the Foundation Establishment realm and more talismans of various colors flew out, expanding a spiritual qi net that could easily destroy the mountaintop and envelop the rising zombie demon.

However, this barrage of low-level attacks was scattered and chaotic, it was not worthy of the zombie demon’s attention.


The zombie demon slapped with its claws. Relying on the fact that its body was harder and its cultivation level was higher, it directly endured the attacks and broke through the interception net that enveloped it.

Its speed rose again as it chased after the fire attribute spirit sword.

Zombies were afraid of lightning and fire, and the considerably higher level zombie demon similarly did not like these two types of extremely positive attributes, so it chased after the fire flying sword relentlessly.

The fire attribute sword cultivator was also dumbfounded. He was only at the Foundation Establishment realm. The five of them had used the Five Elements Sword Formation together and could even sneak attack a Golden Core zombie demon.

Wasn’t it courting death to let him fight the zombie demon alone?

Therefore, he could only hook his fingers desperately in an attempt to let his precious flying sword escape the pursuit of the zombie demon.

However, things did not go as he wished. The flying sword’s speed was actually inferior to that of the zombie demon. It approached bit by bit, and as the zombie demon followed the flying sword, it was about to fly to the cloud they were hiding in.

“Senior Brother! Quickly change the direction of the flying sword!”

The other four sword cultivators watched anxiously and hurriedly reminded him. Unfortunately, he was too frazzled and could not see the truth. The fire-type sword cultivator only cared about controlling his flying sword to escape and did not think so much.

“What? What are you saying? Hurry up and help… Ah!”

The fire sword cultivator was anxious. A flying sword was everything to a sword cultivator. It was the most important thing in their lives. How could he give up so easily?

However, with this interruption, there was a sudden change. The fire sword cultivator suddenly hugged his head and knelt down. Huge mouthfuls of blood gushed out.

His Life-Bound Flying Sword had been severely damaged!

“Zombie Core! It’s the Zombie Core!”

Some cultivators cried out in alarm. It turned out that after the zombie demon approached the fire flying sword, it did not hesitate to use its strongest technique and spat out the Zombie Core, ruthlessly striking the flying sword.

A Zombie Core transformed from a cultivator’s Golden Core was extremely terrifying.

The fire flying sword was heavily damaged. The flowing light that covered the sword completely disappeared and it could not fly anymore. It fell down powerlessly like a piece of scrap metal.

In the air, there was only one Zombie Core the size of an eyeball left.

“Quick! Quickly destroy its Zombie Core!”

The Zombie Core was the strongest thing in a zombie demon’s body, but at the same time, it was also their greatest weakness.

Once the Zombie Core was destroyed, even if the zombie demon’s body was intact, it would instantly die.

The other four flying swords were originally flying in the opposite direction and were not far from each other. At this moment, they seized the opportunity and did not escape. They turned around and stabbed towards the Zombie Core.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The sound of flying swords entering flesh could be heard. In the end, the flying swords still did not pierce the core. The zombie demon recalled the Zombie Core in an extremely short time and used its body to withstand the full brunt of the four flying swords.

With a gulp, the Zombie Core was swallowed by the zombie demon, and the opportunity to kill it was lost.

Four flying swords were ejected from its body, transforming into sword lights that flew towards the location of the five people from the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak.

“You guys leave first. I’ll stop it!”

As the flying sword went back, on a cloud artifact, the Five Elements Peak’s leading elder stepped out from the crowd and stood in front of the five disciples.

“Elder! We must stay and fight together!”

The disciples of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak had deep ties and could not easily part with one another.


However, under strict orders, they could only ride the sword light and escape.

The sword cultivator elder did not let them take the fire-attribute disciple away. This was because he was clearly the zombie demon’s target. Therefore, he chose to protect himself and let the other disciples escape.

Immovable Mountain! Thick Earth Sword Wall!

The sword behind the elder was unsheathed, forming a yellowish-brown sword wall that blocked at the front of the cloud artifact.

The flying zombie demon collided fiercely with the sword wall!


Amidst the intense collision, the fire sword cultivator disciple spat out another mouthful of blood.

With his Life-Bound Flying Sword suffering such damage, the fire-attribute sword cultivator had already lost half his life. He lay on the cloud artifact in the air, gasping for blood.

His eyes were blurry and he could barely see. However, a few breaths later, the voices of his senior brothers and junior brothers that surrounded him vanished.

Only the furious roars and gasps of the Uncle-Master of the Earth Element Peak beside him made him feel even more terrified.

He did not want to die yet! He had a top-grade fire attribute spiritual root and had been tested to possess an extremely powerful Sword Heart talent in the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak!

After joining Shu Mountain, he had been given high hopes by the sect. He was granted the flying sword Burning Rainbow, and had spent five years establishing his Sword Bone Dao Foundation. In the entire region of the Great Mountain, he was undoubtedly a prodigy!

One day! One day, he would stand at the peak of the cultivation world. How could he die here?!

However, boom!

The intense airflow made him sway.

The fire sword cultivator endured his injuries and looked up. His four senior brothers were shouting anxiously in the distant sky. The Uncle-Master of the Earth Element Peak spat out blood and was sent flying by the sinister claws.

In front of him, there was a pair of pale feet.

The Golden Core zombie demon was still unwilling to let him go!

His body was lifted up by a cold hand.


At this moment, the fire-attribute sword cultivator finally knew something… It turned out that the feeling of being bitten on the neck by the zombie demon was not that bad after all…

A few seconds later, the fangs of the Golden Core zombie demon loosened, and the fire sword cultivator’s corpse fell from the sky. The other sword cultivator disciples did not have time to catch the corpse. It fell into the river with a plop, causing a group of Yin Corpses to fight over it.

The power of a Golden Core zombie demon was beyond the expectations of all the cultivators present. In a short period of time, the Dharma Master of Benevolent Travel Temple fell to the ground. The fire-attribute sword cultivator of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak perished, and even the Earth Element Elder was heavily injured.

Although they were only Foundation Establishment sword cultivators, without the Fire Element Sword, their strongest attack, the Five Elements Sword Formation, was equivalent to being crippled.

If they were compared to a group fighting the boss, in just a short period of time, the tank and DPS in the team had all fallen. How could they fight this zombie demon next? They would probably have to risk their lives!

Hundreds of cultivators threw aside the overwhelming number of Yin Corpses and concentrated their attacks. Some rogue cultivators who were not welcomed in the first place fled when they saw that the situation was not good.

On the river, after the appearance of the Golden Core zombie demon, hundreds of cultivators were in a mess, suppressed by the demon until they could not raise their heads.

Below the river, the black zombie controlled by Jiang Li ran to the place where the coffin had fallen.

With the black zombie’s ability to sense Yin qi, even if this area was already dyed black by the Yin Corpses’ black blood, he could easily find his target.

First, he found the coffin lid. Then, he carried the coffin lid and found an intact coffin not far away.

After reassembling the coffin, the overflowing Yin qi immediately dissipated.

What a treasure! Jiang Li was very excited.

Although he had not seen much of the world and could not recognize the material of this coffin, a Golden Core cultivator lying inside and transforming into a zombie demon was enough for him to believe that this was a great treasure.

Then, with a clang, a blazing sword with a slightly curved blade fell.

Thump! Another white-robed sword cultivator’s corpse landed before the zombie as well.

Jiang Li: ???

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