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Chapter 41: Information

“We’ll speak! Whatever you want to ask, we’ll answer!”

Jiang Li was very satisfied with the attitude of the Twin Devils of the Thorn River.

This was how humans were. When they had nothing, they were not afraid of anything. However, when they had something, they would be afraid of losing it.

“Then, let’s talk about it first. What’s the matter with the birth of the demon in the Southern Seal Kingdom?”

Jiang Li asked the question that he wanted to know the most.

“You don’t know? Forget it… we actually don’t know much ourselves.”

“We only heard of this news. A cultivator witnessed a zombie demon, a zombie demon that was transformed from a Golden Core cultivator who died nearby.”

Wu Jiang was surprised by Jiang Li’s question, but he, who was plagued by pill poisoning, no longer had the mood to consider these trivial matters.

“A zombie demon transformed from a Golden Core cultivator! Is this news reliable?”

“Furthermore, such a terrifying demon has appeared. It’s one thing for you not to escape, but why do you dare to come over and join in the fun? Don’t tell me you’re here to eliminate the demon and defend the people.”

When Jiang Li asked these two questions, the Wu brothers instantly became even more depressed.

This fellow barely knew anything about the general knowledge of the cultivation world. He was an extremely young child, yet their Twin Devils of the Thorn River had actually fallen into the hands of such a newbie. It was truly heart-wrenching.

“The news was spread by the Immortal Ascension Pavilion. They have a good reputation. This kind of information can’t be faked.”

“They also provided evidence that there was indeed a Golden Core cultivator who died here 70 years ago. His body was never found.”

“As for why they came, aren’t the Zombie Cores transformed from a cultivator’s Golden Core and the treasures left behind by a Golden Core cultivator all things that can make us cultivators go crazy?”

As the saying goes, humans die for wealth and birds die for food.

The temptation of a Golden Core cultivator’s legacy was something that even high-level cultivators of the same level could not resist, let alone these bottom-tier cultivators.

Although the probability was very low, what if they found the treasure? Almost everyone came with this thought.

Even Jiang Li could not help but feel tempted after hearing this news.

“Looks like the scope of this news and influence is very wide. How many cultivators have arrived? Where are they gathered? How many sects and forces have arrived? Where are they?”

Jiang Li asked another long string of questions. In the end, he simply took out a panorama map of the royal family of the Southern Seal Kingdom and asked the two of them to draw while talking!

Transforming a zombie demon was not easy, and it was even harder for a Golden Core cultivator to become a zombie demon. This was also why those cultivators were searching for graves or Yin lands everywhere.

If not for the proper time and location, how could a Golden Core cultivator suddenly transform into a zombie demon?

“Wait a minute. If that’s the case, wouldn’t the prime suspect be him?”

Jiang Li looked at the map. Sure enough, although the cultivators were scattered around, they were basically all scattered along the “Mother River” that ran through the Southern Seal Kingdom.

“You’re right. The most likely lair of the zombie demon is in this Mother River.”

Wu Jiang’s eyes flickered. In the end, he did not conceal anything and told Jiang Li everything truthfully.

He felt that since he did not know much, this information might endanger Jiang Li and might help him take revenge.

“Moreover, a cultivator who specializes in Fengshui array formations calculated that once the corpse falls into this Mother River and is washed away by the river water, the final landing point will not be much different. It will be between these waters.”

“Right now, most of the cultivators are there. The cultivators of the sect each occupy a piece of water to fish it out, while rogue cultivators can only try their luck in the cracks.”

“I’ve said everything that needs to be said. You’re a sect cultivator anyway. If you want to, you can try it there.”

Jiang Li glanced at the map. Sure enough, he saw the name of Scripture Storage Valley on the four most spacious areas.

“Yes, you are very honest. An honest person needs to be rewarded. Now you are free.”

Wu Jiang and Wu He were overjoyed. Then, they felt a pain in their necks and fainted.

“I’ve already interrogated them, but this contract is really troublesome. I really can’t kill them like this.”

“But to let them off like this is letting them off too lightly.”

Previously, these two guys had wanted to kill him. With his petty personality, it was really hard to let them off just like that.

After thinking for a moment, Jiang Li controlled the black zombie and carefully sucked away the blood of the Twin Devils of the Thorn River until they were anemic. He then fed them two waste pills each before letting the matter rest.

After consuming a total of five waste pills, the accumulated pill toxins were extremely terrifying. It was enough to suppress their cultivation levels to the limit of nearly a hundred years.

Pill poisoning would even slowly corrode them, permanently damaging their spiritual roots and lifespan.

In the next hundred years, they would become sickly people worse than ordinary people.

It was hard to say if the little lifespan of two Qi Refinement cultivators could last them until the end of the effect.

Only then did Jiang Li finally nod in satisfaction. When he saw that it was about time, he put on a black robe for himself and the zombie again, one after the other, he rushed towards an unknown manor in the bustling capital city.

Previously, when they came out, they had deliberately said, “Return to the palace and gather”. That was just to fool people.

Their true meeting place was in this nameless manor.

As the saying went, homegrown flowers were not as fragrant as wild flowers. The current empress of the Southern Seal Kingdom was also very fierce. She did not allow the King to take in beauties and abandon governance.

However, this King was a lecher. More than ten concubines in the palace were not enough. He dug a tunnel from the ground to this manor and opened a crystal courtyard outside.

This made it convenient for Jiang Li and the others to secretly meet up.

When Jiang Li returned, the other three people had not arrived yet. It was unknown if they were seeking information or if they had already died under the obstruction of the malicious rogue cultivators.

In the manor, the other four companions had already arrived and were currently hiding in a house, waiting anxiously.

Jiang Li let the zombie hide in the corner and stand guard while he went back to report his safety.

Soon, four hours passed. The black zombie smelled a faint smell of blood.

It was the other three who were seriously injured. They supported each other as they walked back.

They were in a sorry state, but there were no pursuers behind them, which made the few people here heave a sigh of relief.

However, when the three of them returned and saw Jiang Li already sitting in the room leisurely eating fruits, their faces were filled with shock.

Just like Jiang Li, they were attacked by rogue cultivators. If not for the items from Yu Banxia’s family protecting them, and because he saved the other two people in time, they would have died.

However, Jiang Li was alone. He had actually broken through the obstruction and returned here safely!

He did not even look injured.

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