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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam

Chapter 997: Collision between Super Mega Cannon Particle Cannon and Energy Shield

Why is the three-layer defensive energy shield of Akdilla's modified meteorite stronger than one layer.

The main reason is that once the first layer of defensive energy shield is broken in all directions or under human control, the nuclear energy engine that supplies the first layer of defensive energy shield will immediately transfer the supply energy to the second layer of defensive energy shield to strengthen defense.

If the second layer of defense energy shield is also broken, then the third layer of defense energy shield will be supplied with energy by three nuclear power engines, thereby obtaining a stronger defense force.

Inside Akdira's modified meteorite, three nuclear power engines are fully supplying enough energy for the third layer of defensive energy shield to reopen.

On the battlefield, Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan, the commander of the Tianyi Imperial Army, saw the Yiyi Cannon just now.

"Fortunately, we have kept the distance ahead, but if their super laser cannons are fired directly, how far is the effective distance? It is really impossible to estimate."

"General, the super Mega cannon particle cannon of the Argama battleship is ready at all times."

"Okay, launch the Super Mega Cannon Particle Cannon, dispatch Ms, Mobile Fortress and other troops to rush into the enemy's fall, and suppress it."

The super Mega cannon particle cannon under the deck of the Argama battleship fired, and a huge red beam blasted towards Akdilla to transform the meteorite.

Akdilla, who had lost the defensive energy shield, transformed the meteorite and was bombarded by the super Mega cannon particle cannon.

Thanks to Akdilla's transformation of the meteorite to carry out a round of surface and internal strengthening upgrades, coupled with the distance relationship, the power of the Super Mega Cannon Particle Cannon has been weakened.

As a result, the Super Mega Cannon Particle Cannon was not only unable to penetrate the Akdilla modified meteorite, but blasted into the interior only 500 meters away.

The big hole that was blown open was blocked by the gates of the internal facilities.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan frowned as he watched the superconducting remote camera capture the current situation of Akdilla's transformation of the meteorite.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan said to himself: "I really didn't expect the internal structure of this meteorite to be so strong in defense. It seems that there must be a few more Yagama warships."

Akdilla modified the meteorite, and was just bombarded by the super Mega cannon particle cannon, and there was a slight vibration inside.

The electromagnetic speed cannon of the Destroyer Shield II bombarded the surface of the meteorite in Akdilla, except for the surface layer, it only penetrated the outermost layers.

Moreover, the number of electromagnetic extreme-speed shells left by the destroyer of the Shield II destroyer was not much, and it was exhausted after firing five or six rounds.

Dikla looked at the report and said in his heart: "Thanks to a round of internal upgrades, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous."

"Drip." There was a file information prompt.

Dikla typed it out and looked at it, frowned and said: "It seems that we are going to get serious."

Dikla issued an order: "Order the whole army to guard with all your strength."

Akdilla modified the meteorite except for the direction where the wing-killing cannon was located, and all the warships of the Tianyi Imperial Army in other directions dispatched Ms and mobile fortress troops to rush towards the target.

Birgo III rushed to the forefront, and the Ms and mobile fortress troops covered by the Viper and various fighters advanced.

Akdilla transformed the meteorite into a hedgehog-like light beam defense turret, firing continuously, and the missile well fired one every few seconds.

Birgo III is the most mobile puppet produced by the Tianyi Empire Army. Planetary defenders can not only block energy weapons, but also solid weapons such as missiles and live ammunition.

There are more than 500 Birgo IIIs on site, with planetary defenders turned on, beam machine guns in the left hand and beam cannons in the right hand, rushing to the destination in the first place, covering other fellow fighters.

Use the beam weapon on hand to activate the point defense system and fire at the mobile ballistic separation high-explosive missile.

Behind Birgo III, Scabio, Viper, and various fighter planes used the cover of the planetary defenders to cooperate with Birgo III to shoot down those countless mobile ballistic separation high-explosive missiles.

Planetary defenders are not able to defend against all beam turrets. Some beam turrets with larger calibers and longer ranges, such as beam turrets with a caliber of 215mm or more, can penetrate planetary defenders with power.

More than 100 Birgo IIIs were destroyed at the muzzles of these large-caliber beam guns.

After Akdilla transformed the meteorite and lost its energy shield, many parts were attacked.

Many surface parts emitted fireworks. The destroyed defense turrets and missile silos were either destroyed by the warship's beam cannon, or by Ms or mobile fortress long-range weapons.

But Akdilla's modification of the surface of the meteorite is still like a hedgehog, firing beams and missiles all the time.

Some Tianyi Imperial Army Ms stepped on Akdilla to modify the surface of the meteorite, destroying the turrets and missile ports on the surface, especially those defensive turrets with rotation function, which were the focus of attack.

A pair of EX cannons of a G-First-DX Gundam destroyed two defensive turrets in one go, and the right-hand beam spear was ready to kill the other defensive turret.

An amethyst holy machine attacked G-First-DX Gundam, and the beam bombarded the back of G-First-DX Gundam.

Fortunately, the driver of G-First-DX Gundam is a new human being. The sense of crisis made him feel the sneak attack from behind.

Akdilla transformed the surface of the meteorite and opened the built-in gates in several places, and some amethyst holy machines were drilled out.

Fighting with the Ms of the Tianyi Imperial Army who landed on the surface of the modified meteorite in Akdilla.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan looked at the current situation, when the staff sent a report.

"The second Nyagama battleship has arrived on the battlefield. Its position is... and it can launch the Super Mega Cannon Particle Cannon at any time."

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan looked at the three-dimensional battlefield situation map. Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan originally wanted to shift the position of the Nyagama battleship, aiming at the big hole blasted by the meteorite in Akdilla before the first Nyagama battleship.

He planned to make the big hole that was blasted deeper, but the remote camera allowed him to discover the muzzle of Akdilla's super laser cannon that transformed the meteorite to gather energy.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan ordered the second Quasi-Agama battleship to fire the Super Mega Cannon Particle Cannon at Akdilla's modified Meteorite Super Laser Cannon.

The second Nyagama battleship fires the Super Mega Cannon Particle Cannon.

The red super Mega cannon particle cannon attacked the muzzle of the wing-killing cannon that Akdilla transformed the meteorite.

Originally related to the Minov particles, Akdilla's modified meteorite remote camera could not capture the remote situation at all, and had no idea that there were already two Quasi-Agama warships in the distance.

For the sake of safety, Akdila modified the meteorite commander and ordered three nuclear engines to supply the energy required by one of the energy protection shields. Once enough energy is obtained to open a part of the protection, it must be activated as soon as possible to protect the muzzle of the wing-killing gun. , the protection is not transferred to other positions until the wing-killing gun is fired.

Just at the moment when the super mega cannon particle cannon attacked, the energy protection shield opened at the same time.

The cannon and the shield collide, and the two energies confront each other.

For about ten seconds, cracks appeared on the shell of the protective shell, and the cracks also began to expand. The shape of the cracks spread to the entire shell of the protective shell like a spider web.

In about 20 seconds, when the energy of the Super Mega Cannon was exhausted, the energy shield shattered like glass at the same time.

Commander Akdilla transformed the meteorite. He didn't expect that if it was a second slower just now, once the muzzle of the wing-killing gun was bombarded by the super Mega cannon particle cannon, the terrifying energy would explode inside the meteorite. At that time, everyone inside would have to It's over.

The commander reached out and touched his forehead, covered in cold sweat.

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