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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam

Chapter 995: lost heavily

After fighting for more than 5 hours, Akdilla changed the direction of the front end of the meteorite. With the reduction of the part fleet and more and more airframes being shot down, the ability to intercept the mobile drill missile became lower and lower.

More and more mobile drill missiles broke through the firepower net and hit the defensive energy shield.

Akdilla's modified meteorite's defense energy shield has three layers, and the defense power is stronger than one layer.

When more than 300 mobile drill missiles bombarded the first layer of the front end of the defensive energy shield, the turtle shell-like protective cover shattered like glass at the front end.

Nearly 200 mobile drill missiles exploded the moment they penetrated the defensive energy shield.

When the remaining less than 100 mobile drill missiles hit the second layer of defensive energy shields, their warheads exploded after a few seconds of energy exhaustion.

The second layer of energy protection cover hardly suffered any damage.

Faced with the Tianyi Imperial Army Fleet that was transformed by Akdilla to transform the meteorite, it was found that only 30% of the area of ??the first energy protection cover was pierced. Under supply, the broken area is in the process of repairing the broken protective cover.

In addition to conveying the current remotely captured video to their superiors, the fleet commanders who are confronting each other are also thinking about how to deal with this new type of energy protection shield.

"Contact with fellow forces in other encirclements to launch mobile drill missiles to destroy the energy shields in other parts." The commander issued instructions to the staff.

"It seems that the other party's commander has spotted some weaknesses in the defensive energy shield." Dikla sat in the cockpit of his aircraft, connected to the command room to watch the current battle situation.

"The defensive energy protection cover is a series of improvements made from the blueprint of the energy protection cover of the Scarlet Palace. As long as the nuclear energy engine supplying energy is uninterrupted, even the broken parts will be modified and restored to their original state."

"In the war that year, our energy shield really couldn't resist energy weapons like your Mega super particle cannon. For this reason, our scientists have been improving and improving the defense capability of the energy shield."

"Now our defensive energy shield is our strongest defensive shield, and it has three layers, and the defense power of one layer is better than that of one layer."

Dikla looked at the screen and Akdilla modified the current condition of the meteorite, and found that many red dots had returned to the mothership.

Dikla frowned, watching countless red dots leave the battlefield and return to the mothership, and then watched new red dots appear again.

Dikla snorted coldly, and said: "It seems that you want to fight a war of attrition with us, but unfortunately we don't want to fight a war of attrition with you. Our goal is not there, our goal is..." Dikla said to himself before he finished. .

"Dididi..." the voice sounded, Dikla frowned even deeper, and said, "What do these guys want to do? Doing so will also hit their own family members. Could it be that the cannon fodder they want to sacrifice is the former Dion Empire?"

All warships surrounding Akdira's modified meteorite fire mobile drill missiles.

The first wave of all-round mobile drill missile attacks directly exceeded tens of thousands.

The **** fleet and all the airframes opened fire with full force, and all warships in the **** fleet also launched mobile ballistic separation high-explosive missiles to intercept mobile drill missiles.

Many warships in the **** fleet have been destroyed. Although more than half of the warships are still able to fight, fighting for several hours consumes a lot of energy, and the mobile ballistic separation high-explosive missiles also consume a lot.

Ms and the mobile fortress drivers were already exhausted from hours of fighting, fighting in a high-intensity and mentally tense state, and the body was either damaged or lacked energy.

Missiles flew horizontally, light beams criss-crossed, and countless missiles collided and exploded, or were hit by the beams and turned into fireworks.

More than 90% of the tens of thousands of mobile drill missiles were shot down, but thousands of mobile drill missiles broke through the opponent's defensive firepower network and charged towards the target.

The goal is not Akdilla's modification of the meteorite, but Akdilla's modification of the meteorite's **** fleet, Ms and Mobile Fortress.

The remaining thousands of mobile drill missiles hit battleships, Ms and mobile fortresses.

Less than 60% of the original size of the **** fleet was left. In this wave of missile attacks, less than 10% of the number of battleships remained.

Many Ms and mobile fortresses were destroyed, and some of them were even attacked by MDs such as Birgo III and Viper after dodging the mobile drill missile, or attacked by fighters such as Space Overlord.

More than 90% of the MS and mobile fortresses of the **** fleet also turned into fireworks.

In Akdilla's transformation of the meteorite, Dikla and the commanders in the command room couldn't believe that not only the **** fleet suffered heavy losses, but many of the red dots on the radar were shot down by their own mobile drill missiles in the missile attack just now. ,

"I really didn't expect the Tianyi Imperial Army to dare to do such a cruel thing. It seems that these people who were sacrificed were from the former Dion Empire, and they were directly used as cannon fodder and consumables." Dikla said about the situation on the battlefield.

Dikla thought that the red dots destroyed by the mobile drill missile were all from the former Dion Empire, and he had to admire the vicious methods of the Tianyi Empire in his heart.

"It seems that later you will use the media to publicize that we shot down the former Dion Empire's Tianyi Imperial Army on the battlefield, so that everyone on Mars will hate our Dion Pirates." Dikla said what he thought in his heart. The other party is playing tricks.

In fact, all the Ms of the Sky Wing Empire Army and the pilots of the Mobile Fortress who were fighting on the battlefield returned to their respective motherships after receiving orders from their superiors.

Then, replace all Ms and mobile fortresses with Bilgo III and other Mds and fighters.

Because of the relationship between Minov particles, Akdilla's modified meteorites cannot see long-range battles clearly. It is their most advanced radar, which has a certain resistance to Minov particles.

It is still impossible to effectively and accurately grasp the type and model of the airframes fighting on the battlefield, etc.

The only thing you can control is the number of enemies.

Why didn't the commander launch a drill missile attack earlier, mainly because the opponent's state is still strong, and the number of MD and fighter planes brought in by the reinforcements is not enough.

Therefore, the commander decided to carry out round after round of attrition battles. Ms and the mobile fortress troops fought for at least an hour, and at most several hours, and then transferred back to the mothership for repairs.

As more and more reinforcements join the battlefield, the scale of the all-round encirclement will increase, and more and more Md and fighter planes will come to the battlefield.

The commander immediately replaces the Ms and mobile fortresses on the battlefield with all Mds and fighters controlled by Harrow or controlled by the Md system.

Therefore, those MDs and fighters that were mistakenly hit by mobile drill missiles will not cause any heartache to the commander, and the pilots will be more important than these airframes.

Attrition is attrition, as long as it can cause heavy losses to the already extremely tired enemy troops.

This tactic of the commander has achieved good results.

Because of the relationship between the Minov particles, Dikla and his group mistakenly believe that the original Dion Empire people are used as cannon fodder.

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